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NEW - Simon Case denies reports he sought a role for Carrie Johnson with the Cambridges’ Earthshot Prize; but admits he had an informal chat on her behalf, “as I would have done for anyone with relevant experience who was keen to get involved in charity work”..

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UPDATE: Simon Case has replied to Rayner, confirming a former member of the No10 team asked him about opportunities for Mrs Johnson with environmental charities..

Simon Case (Cabinet Secretary), Jason Knauff all worked under the Cambridges. These are the type of snakes and lying piece of shits Meghan & Harry had to deal with all to prop up Kate and William. Thank God they moved to Windsor but that wasn’t even enough 🇺🇸.

You don’t have to be the PM’s wife - UK’s busy Cabinet Secretary has time to help *anyone* with finding charity work. What a star..

Would love to hear from the (many) third sector people I know who Simon Case also had a chat with about Earthshot job….

Simon Case admits discussing work ‘opportunities’ for Carrie Johnson | Carrie Johnson | The Guardian.

Simon Case admits he had ‘informal talks’ about Royal Foundation role for Carrie Johnson.

Simon Case admits discussing work ‘opportunities’ for Carrie Johnson.


Simon Case admits discussing work ‘opportunities’ for Carrie Johnson.

@ThatCivilTweet I believe we have the right to expect that all Government Ministers, and particularly our PM should uphold high standards of integrity and probity. Not so, #JohnsonOut151.

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