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Just your average playoff game. #PhilaUnite | #HereTheyCome.

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McCaffery: When most needed, best of Sixers was brought out by Nets.

The #Sixers saw Joel Embiid take the floor, Jimmy Butler leave it, and Mike Scott cash out in a wild Game 4 victory in Brooklyn..

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Its Past 2am I am off to catch some rest. I will waking up hopefully before my alarm clock. Take care everyone. I will drinking a 8oz water so my bowel will be clean. Have pleasant dreams. Way to go Spurs, and Sixers on your Victorys.

Ben Simmons walked into Barclays Center and quietened a crazy Nets crowd with a career best showing in Game 3. After leading the #Sixers to a dominant victory, one thing is crystal clear: Simmons is anything but average. Notes and analysis from Brooklyn:.

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4-1 on the day🔥🔥🔥🔥 this is just the start. NBA 🏀 Warriors (4u) ✔️ Sixers (3u) ✔️ MLB ⚾️ Rays (2u) ✖️ Dodgers ML (2u) ✔️ Nationals ML (2u) ✔️ Tomorrow is about to be an even better day👀 max incoming 🔒.

Just your average playoff game. #PhilaUnite | #HereTheyCome.

@therealmikekb This is how the Sixers will get it done. If the starters get their 20 each, we will be tough to beat.

Embiid (sore knee) sits, but Sixers take Game 3 – ESPN.

@KevinHart4real @sixers My daughter just asked me if bunnies could talk and I said in Secret Life of Pets they do 🤗.

Sixers derrota 131-115 a Nets y aventaja 2-1 en playoffs de la NBA -.

@KevinHart4real I havent seen you tweeting about our Sixers. I know your busy or maybe I just missed them. One.

Absolutely Ben is unstoppable when he cranks up his year. #Sixers #NBAPlayoffs2019.

@MrRainerG @JaredDudley619 Can’t wait to see us torch Boston in the conference finals and see you do something special..

@NBAplayoffs2019 I’m sorry any objective viewer would think the officials did a horrible job it was almost blatant league most really want Sixers to move on Nets miss there fair share of open shots that came about because they weren’t getting any calls driving to the basket.

@ajax2287 Thought you were on the Sixers bandwagon now? No time for silly sports.

@RyanKelly818 @sixers How are they gonna win a championship with no embiid, Simmons who can only lay up and dunk with no jump shot, and with a subpar bench? 🤔.

Jimmy Butler hits both free throws, extends the Sixers lead to 8 with 8:26 remaining.

@MSTDENIS As a #sixers fan, right now i agree. But i also wonder how the lakers let him go w the thought that lonzo ball is the future..

Meanwhile in Brooklyn, your Sixers lead the Nets by six with 8:36 to play. Series tied 1-1..

Caught the pass a foot behind the three point line, no dribble, dunk..

@sixers are trying to end @BrooklynNets home winning streak at the Barclay centre tonight in game 3 in 4th qrt.

@EasterwoodKeith @ChrisVernonShow 105-99 Sixers 8:36 in the 4th to go. We were ahead by 18 but this Monroe guy sucks and we need Embid back. 🙄.

Can’t blow a 16 pt lead fellas! Bad end to a great quarter, now u gon have to ball out, on the road, to finish this! Let’s goooo @sixers.

@FR_Sixers Brett Brown pourrait tenté un small ball avec Scott, Harris et Simmons sur le terrain pour venir le match..

Monroe is trending on Twitter because he is SO bad and I’d laugh if his -9 wasn’t dragging the Sixers down.

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