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HMMMM--wait for it--um, geez, what could it be?? Oh they are all accomplished, independent thinking black women. #PiersMorgan.

Good Morning folks. Hope you all have a great day ✊️💚☘️ #SocialistSunday ✊️.

#SocialistSunday Photo,#SocialistSunday Photo by ☘Teresa Clarke☘,☘Teresa Clarke☘ on twitter tweets #SocialistSunday Photo

#SocialistSunday More proof that the Tories want us to return to a feudal society. The rich man in his castle the poor man at his gate.

#SocialistSunday Even in the irrational world of military conflict, it seems bizarre that removing children from the battle field appears to have become a war crime..

#SocialistSunday So the big-time crooks running the Tory party want to crack down on small-time crime! Hmm. Wake up all..

But I was taught capitalism is the most efficient and scientific systems for allocating capital and resources. 😂 #SocialistSunday #CapitalismKills.

Happy #SocialistSunday Keep fighting the good fight!✊✌️.

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@socialistsunday Genuine question for all you socialists. How do you justify this?.

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One of the more inventive signs from yesterday’s march #SocialistSunday follow others, network and grow the movement.

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@jonesy__nb__ @socialistsunday Followed you, hopefully you will follow back please. Together we can achieve more make a difference&shall overcome some day 💪🏿 🗽 #SolidarityForever 🤝🏿✊🏿✊🏿🔥🔥.

@jones226 @socialistsunday Profound message, thanks. Followed you hopefully you will follow back please. #SolidarityForever 🤝🏿✊🏿✊🏿🔥🔥.

Social, economic and environmental justice, democracy and peace are the foundations of a fair and sustainable society. We need immediate action to address the climate crisis and inequality. Together, we can transform society and create a fairer and greener world. #SocialistSunday.

@prog_alli_asap @socialistsunday Followed you hopefully you will follow back please. #EnoughIsEnough.

@socialistsunday Wonder why they don’t go after prince nonce Andrew . Let’s all talk about him shall we !!!! And the £12/£15 million of of tax payers hush money. let’s talk about Tory corruption, homelessness, energy crisis , empty shelves, increased food prices etc shitty Brexit !!!.

@OcisaCorbyn @socialistsunday Followed you hopefully you will follow back please. #SolidarityForever 🤝🏿✊🏿✊🏿🔥🔥.

If you hate the Tory monsters as much as I do then I want to follow you. Give me a follow. I always follow back like minded people. #SocialistSunday.

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@socialistsunday Hello, comrades. I am new here and I am looking to connect with fellow socialists..

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