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I promoted some PPCs yesterday. One now has four times more followers. Keep an eye out for a #SocialistSunday list of PPCs in a bit. And if you want a shoutout, just ask!.

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@socialistsunday @bonnetti1 I sill vote Labour because you only get a decent caring society with Labour..

@socialistsunday @Pingachoo The only thing with this is its from the Telegraph. No paper has fallen so far so quickly..

Imagine a country where the economy worked for the people and not for a tiny elite. Imagine a country were people can raise healthy, happy families and not be crushed by debt. Imagine a country which honours it’s past and protects it’s future. Imagine. #SocialistSunday.

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Yes! If any of my followers are not following this bunch then they definitely should do! #SocialistSunday.

Make #SocialistSunday the day you follow @EmilyBlake4SWN.

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@LizaRadley7 @DMiliband am right! And long may it last #socialistSunday Blair the war criminal & David Miliband his sidekick will never be forgiven nor those days , along with those individuals, are over. 👍.

Women’s voices must not be silenced [email protected] Proud to have strong committed women like yourself in the #LabourSisterhood You will be a wonderful MP for Ashfield 🌹 #SocialistSunday.

#SocialistSunday Where is the money that has been saved creating misery to countless thousands who have lost their jobs, or been adversely affected by these cuts? Beginning to look like the Tories have got their hands in the till again given the debt has tripled. #GTTO.

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Ok everyone! Let’s have some #SocialistSunday love We’d love some more followers so please retweet for us & see if we can get our follower number up! Please follow @TivertonHoniton If you want more followers - tell us & we’ll make a list or you can use the hashtag yourselves.

On this fine #SocialistSunday, who wants to follow an artist who primarily works with socrealism aesthetic and won’t put any imperialist bs onto your feed.

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I absolutely stand by my Jewush comrades in the Labour party and promise that the Labour party will never accept policies that discriminate on the grounds of race or religion! Sololidarity #Jews4Jeremy #SocialistSunday.

I promoted some PPCs yesterday. One now has four times more followers. Keep an eye out for a #SocialistSunday list of PPCs in a bit. And if you want a shoutout, just ask!.

@socialistsunday It’s a good day when your birthday falls on #SocialistSunday 😀.

Super excited that we are going to have a Labour government in power by Christmas. Who else is happy about this?! #JC4PM #SocialistSunday.

I unfollowed some Labour MPs,I was disappointed with them using Media 2damage Labour/their lack of support4 Chris Williamson. A few Labour MPs (Tom Watson, Chuka Ummuna, Keir Starmer,Jess Philips blocked me because I politely criticised them #SocialistSunday Nevertheless #JC4PM.

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@socialistsunday Other than labour I think I could only ever vote green or independent..

Why oh why as humans are we stubborn enough to persue a political and economic theory that has butchered millions over the years. The 20th century were the testing grounds for socialism. Everytime it was exploited and failed miserably resulting in such hardship. #SocialistSunday.

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#SocialistSunday 43 lies, gaffes and scandals that make Boris Johnson unfit to be Prime Minister.

Some terrible polls for @UKLabour on @britainelects but wait. Polls are based on just 1-5K people in an electorate of 45M! The polls are then weighed by estimated turnout. Looks like pollsters assuming VERY low under-35 turnout. We need to make that not happen! #SocialistSunday.

The polls by the MSM are heavily biased. Therefore in the upcoming general election which Party will you vote for? Be sure to comment your reason why! #SocialistSunday.

@socialistsunday I follow all on the lists that i can, if following restrictions and bloody auto refresh allow it..

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