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CONIFA are delighted to announce that Western Sahara FA has received the single Wild Card entry for the CONIFA World Football Cup 2020. See you in Somaliland!.

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Somaliland: Xuska 28-guurada 18 May Oo Ka Socota Barxada Loo Qorsheeyay Ee Hargeysa Toos U Daawo.

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SOMALILAND HAA NOOLATO 💚☁️❤️💚☁️❤️💚☁️❤️💚☁️❤️💚☁️❤️💚☁️❤️💚☁️❤️💚☁️❤️.

28 years and counting Inshallah ❤️☁️💚 Happy Independence Day to the Republic of Somaliland‼️ SOMALILAND HA NOLAATO OO ALLOW DHOWR ❤️💚❤️💚❤️.

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The independent day of Somaliland @28yearsSomalilnd #GoforwadSomaliland.

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the best thing about Somaliland is Somaliland. We da best..

The peace the freedom and the democracy we enjoying was earned by the blood of our patriots & their sacrifice just to give us a better life and more different what they had at that time. you will always be in our hearts. #18may2019 #Somaliland.

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All jokes aside Somaliland ha noolato ever single one of us hopes and prays for peace and prosperity for ALL Somalis I love alll my somali HALA WASHO WA 18 MAY ❤️💭💚❤️💭💚❤️💭💚❤️💭💚.

My cousins sisters uncles wife’s cousin is from somaliland does that mean I.

my mcm is a lander so in all due respect, happy May 18 somaliland ha noolato ❤️💭💚.

@awolinaaa @hanafbaby I’m not even 😓 it’s not even only Somaliland kids, our entire people as a whole are always rebelling, it starting to seem like every other guy wants to rule the country..

Somalia is one,The world knows that and there is no scintilla of doubt in that and in these regard there is nothing called Somaliland independence day in any chapter of history. Secondly,we exist in a civilized world where history cannot be altered nor reversed..

Happy Independence Day Somaliland! Somaliland Allahow Dhowr! 💚☁️❤️ 💚☁️❤️ 💚☁️❤️ 💚☁️❤️ 💚☁️❤️ 💚☁️❤️ 💚☁️❤️.

Somaliland happy Independence for those who don’t know Jack about what happened read this then tell me that we don’t deserve our independence!.

Voorbereidings is afgehandel vir Somaliland se 28ste onafhanklikheidsvieringe vandag. Somaliland het in 1991 van die res van Somalië weggebreek, maar streef steeds na.

@awolinaaa @hanafbaby I don’t think I have a hateful agenda. The sunnah is to not rebel or break away from the jamaca. Somaliland has been trying to do that for a while..

Happy Independence Day to Somaliland and all my lander homies!! Stay up ❤️⚪️💚.

Somaliland 18 may Waa malin ay tashaaden umad wllo ah oo ay ku taashaden inaay ku midoban oo ay si nabada oo siman ugu wada nolada somaliland.

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@warsame_jr1 @StoneShadowX Well as I said they have right to self determination, if Monaco is 21km2 and has among th3 highest GDP per capita why not Somaliland. I think they have a right to have there country.

Happy 18 May somaliland Allah almighty bless you whenever we our.

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@Samaalegeneral @StoneShadowX Meaning somaliland will be left with waqoyi galbeed and togdeer only? And this will be roughly the size of Djibouti. They will have nothing to lose btw and this will also be a peaceful divorce like the one they are demanding from somalia.

Happy independence day #somaliland. I have also joined in your struggles for self rule quest, may ALLAH help you on that..

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I hope you realize that the secession of somaliland is not the problem but a symptom of political failure in our state. I never believe that our country should be divided but we have to understand our brothers complaints..

# Happy Independence Day , that’s 28 years of stability. Mogadishu should take some lessons!.

Tomorrow is May 18th. The day my Country Somaliland will celebrate it’s independence from Somalia. Somaliland is a beacon of hope and in 28 years has gone from strength to strength. Please get to know Africa’s best kept secret #Somaliland here 👇. Cc @ZacGoldsmith.

CONIFA are delighted to announce that Western Sahara FA has received the single Wild Card entry for the CONIFA World Football Cup 2020. See you in Somaliland!.

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