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Luke Skywalker lost his lightsaber when he faced Darth Vader in Cloud City. In Star Wars #6, he ignites a new one:

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Kessel Run Transmissions ()

@OutlawNoah reaction to Star Wars: #TheCloneWars “The Bad Batch” is up on our channel:

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Wolfgang ()

Sub-zero of Mortal Kombat fame vs A Storm Trooper from Star Wars vs Spiderman from DC Universe Inside Hell in a cell.

Feminist of Naboo ()

Passa filme de Star Wars na globo e qual é o personagem que vira trend topics? ISSO MESMO! O ULTIMO ORGANA, SKYWALKER E SOLO BEN SOLO AKA KYLO REN!

Al Creed ()

@AndyNemmity Star Wars is a fun movie. Star Wars Fandom is a toxic cesspit. I do not blame you.

Kyle 🧐 ()

@beergnome1st homie just thought up star wars and now it exists But the homie also thought up Darth Smith and Darth Icky so we can fuck right off lol

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How realistic are #StarWars planets?

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¡HYPE! Pues parece que Disney podría finalmente mostrar nuevo contenido de Disney Plus el 5 de Marzo en la conferencia de invitados especiales. Ahí podrían presentarse cosas de Marvel y Star Wars.

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10 filmes para me conhecer 1. mamma mia 2. de volta para o futuro 3. Alice no país das maravilhas 4. Star Wars 5. into the woods 6. baby driver 6. teen Beach 8. Scott Pilgrim vs The world 9. spider man homecoming 10. kill bill

David Gadomski ()

@lastcrusadeleft I want to enjoy Star Wars again so badly, but this movie killed the happiness and hope that I had. 🥺 #SaveBenSolo

ً ()

pls help me choose what star wars ears to get🥺 ( poll below !!! )

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🍁 Un fan de Star Wars llegó a nivel leyenda con la réplica que construyó en su

Irmã do jorel ()

E meu porteiro q conversa todo dia cmg sobre star wars cara eu to mora do no lugar certo

Latino De Niro ()

@Andre_Maleronka ele tem umas fitas fodas. Tom Cruise faz mais bombas. Mas Missão Impossível é meu Star Wars, meu Avengers. Eu brincava de Missão Impossível quando era criança hahaha. Cada filme ele se supera na tentativa de morrer em tela. Um dia ele VAI morrer. Estarei com uma vela no Cinemark.

Hector Navarro ()

@JTEmoviethinks 2005: ‘Star Wars’ May Never Recover From The Damage Done By ‘Revenge Of The Sith’

Scorto ()

@SteffenHyperK Ich mochte das erste bis zur Mitte des Spiels, dann hat es seinen Reiz verloren und fand das zweite sehr sehr schlecht. In Sachen Star Wars Games war ich immer eher der KOTOR/Republic Commando/Jedi Knight/OG-Battlefront-Mensch

Becca Benjamin ()

Star Wars Celebration V, 2010, we were able to purchase our 4 day pass and a ticket to Disney’s Hollywood Studios for the Last Tour to Endor as a bundle/package deal. Not complaining, but it was more efficient to buy tickets all at once than separate intervals.

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Así será la gran caja de colección de #StarWars: la saga de Skywalker

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Jordi Netboy ()

@webbtertainment de las ultimas la que más me ha gustado es Rogue One que es una historia de Star Wars

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10 películas para conocerme mejor - El indomable Will Hunting - Coach Carter - Descubriendo al señor Forrester - Star Wars - - Primos - Braveheart - Bichos - Princesa Prometida - Coco

Justyne ()

Thankful my Dad got up at 6:30 with me to stand in line for a new Star Wars ride. Not thankful a million other dads and their kids decided to do the same thing haha

Talia ()

remember when jodie was just randomly in star wars and no one saw it coming and she didn’t announce it or promote it all cause same

Pads ()

yall can hate this scene because o kyle ron or whatever but just the fact that harrison came back to star wars already makes me happy :)

WestEndFi ()

@RagnarokTangler I feel you. Star Wars has eaten my brain again. For approximately the 6th time.

Bruni Pandaklops (favsperre)🐼 ()

So es gab Abstimmungen und deshalb nun #leak meiner ausgefallensten Schuhe Ich starte mit dem Adidas Samba in der Star Wars Edition mit Kollabo der jamaikanischen Bobmannschaft (2011)

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Jo ()

Do y’all realize how many cute fucking reylo edits I could make with bloopers of Adam and Daisy laughing in full costume!! Uhg my AUs are NEVER GOING TO REACH FULL POTENTIAL NOW fuck Star Wars

Rocío G. Rubio ()

Cada vez que leían un libro les otorgábamos un ‘midicloriano de sabiduría’, promoviendo la cooperación entre ellos” ✨STAR WORDS para fomentar la lectura en @comontpellier.

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Codz ()

Disney+ publie une chronologie complète de tous les films Star Wars

Natural born bimbo ()

different Star Wars periods have different aesthetics in my mind’s eye and young Luke is vapourware

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Rekkenze ()

@Gantes98 @outsider58362 Darth Vader and the rest of the star wars cast since they helped create a wide spread sensation?

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Luke Skywalker lost his lightsaber when he faced Darth Vader in Cloud City. In Star Wars #6, he ignites a new one:

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