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There’s good Star Wars on TV and good Star Wars on console and everyone seems to agree for once. Maybe I can finally talk about Star Wars at parties again without wanting to die..

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alguém: oq é star wars? minha mãe: NÃO meu pai: NÃO meus amigos: NÃO o mundo todo: NÃO eu: *respiro fundo e olho para o céu*: HÁ MUITO TEMPO, NUMA GALÁXIA MUITO, MUITO.

chaque jour qui passe nous rapproche de Noël, certes, mais ça nous rapproche surtout de la sortie de Star Wars IX ❤️.

Acabo de ver un artículo que dice que The Mandalorian se acerca más a ser el Star Wars de siempre que las últimas películas y sospecho que se debe al hecho de que aún no han salido personajes femeninos..

star wars rebels has such an influence on jedi fallen order in many aspects and i dont think it could exist or be half as good with out it, i hope this prompts people who havent seen it to watch the show after playing the game.

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Played the first couple of hours of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Game looks great, but damn, they didn’t have any qualms about biting Uncharted 2’s style in that opening, did they? “But see, our train is a SPACE train! With lightsabers! And a less charismatic protagonist!”.

Check out Star Wars Porg Juniors Mini Bi-Fold Wallet Womens Cute Creature Porgs Bioworld #Bioworld via @eBay.

This has been a big week for Star Wars. Resistance Reborn gave us _____ and_____. The Mandalorian _____ for_____ the_____and_____asset which_____. Jedi Fallen Order gave gaming fans_____they wanted for_____. If this keeps up, The Rise of Skywalker will _____ _____ _____..

The moment I became entirely disillusioned with spoiler wariness is when someone got mad at me for saying that Rey in the new Star Wars has a white outfit rather than grey.

I guess Yaddle’s complete departure from the STAR WARS series after PHANTOM MENACE gives us a sobering view on the Jedi Council’s approach to maternity leave..

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Finally subscribed to Disney+ so I can watch Star Wars 24/7. Just kidding. I’m not a nerd. 🤪.

I watched all of the Auralnauts Star Wars episodes this week. The CBS audio mix there was just like that, but less funny..

Going to Stream Pokemon Sword In 30min. Got a RDR2 Video Coming out after that. Then Star Wars at 6PM EST. Lots of things happening today..

« Star Wars : Jedi Fallen Order », jeu vidéo touche-à-tout pour les longues soirées d’hiver.

Still Twitch streaming Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order! Come join the fun! [15:05].

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OMG ITS TOO PRECIOUS!! 😍I may not be big on star OMG MY HEART!! @VoiceOfMalzar @TheGoddamnGir.

Yoo considering to get the new star wars game since I am a fan and the combat looks kinda clean 👀👀.

Star Wars Fallen Order is the best star wars game in the last decade. The combat is smooth, & the game is filled with lore that will make any lover of star wars weep. Playing it on extra hard and it is HARD, lemme tell you.

Check out my broadcast from my PlayStation 4! #PS4live (STAR WARS Jedi: Fallen Order™) live at.

Star Wars ジェダイ:フォールン・オーダーさっさと終わらせてポケモンしたい @YouTubeさんから 久々の配信.

Alright, I got the new Star Wars game from Redbox. Time to fire it up. See ya later..

Dear @DisneyPlusHelp, I have sampled your free week and it is pretty impressive. But a suggestion: give us a version of the original Star Wars movies with only minimal “messing around.” There are some things in the originals that just need to be cleaned.

There’s good Star Wars on TV and good Star Wars on console and everyone seems to agree for once. Maybe I can finally talk about Star Wars at parties again without wanting to die..

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Today on #GnSFreePlay, join @JoeyRassool as he checks out #jedifallenorder! It’s Star Wars, you’ll watch it. Live now on !.

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NOS VEMOS A LAS 20:00 h EN DIRECTO (Hora Española) Jugaremos al nuevo Star Wars y al nuevo TERMINATOR! Hoy nos los vamos a pasar muuuuy bien!!.

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