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Updated: September 16th, 2021 12:42 AM IST

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Bronson Rick Rex Bron Breakker Steiner Rechsteiner please come out and lay everyone out

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You know instead of arguing about the Rex Steiner name change you can simply no sell it and still call him Rex Steiner like I intend to do.

What more proof do you need that HHH is out than NXT 1st new star made is a Steiner

Remember when they called me perfects son Michael McGillicutty? The rename Breakker in about 3/4 years which will make us still ask the question everyone is asking now, why not just call him Rex Steiner? 😂 #nxt #Steiner

The girls soccer team grabbed their first win of the season last night in a win over WM 4-2! Macie Steiner and Amelia Roch scored for Sharpsville.

Il nuovo romanzo di Marco Steiner, collaboratore di Hugo Pratt

Rex Steiner is such a cool name and Bron Breakker sounds like a jobber from the early 90s Bron Breakker sounds like a guy who Goku defeated during the tournament in original Dragon Ball

@Steiner_7 @jfmoriche Hacia al final compara a Yolanda Diaz con Carmena. Es un cretino sin igual.



🚨Get your kids out of any school that does this. Traumatizing them and interrupting their natural development. Rudolph Steiner was so ahead of his time and the time to implement his edu is now. Fantastic curriculums here: @Waldorf_Home_Ed #homeschool

@iChooseExile @Ben_Steiner Foreign gang or foreigners gang? 🤷🏾‍♂️ might need to validate my translation 🥲

@GGonwrestling @anarfi_fp Man is dressed like his dad, commentary are calling him nicknames his dad used to be called yet you don’t wanna honour the legacy and call him Rex Steiner which is a sick name? Weird

What happened to calling him Rex Steiner!? HE’S A SECOND GENERATION STEINER, GIVE HIM THE SURNAME! #WWENXT

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@davidbix would love to do the vote for Hook but as a Rick Steiner fanatic and having seen him wrestle one (1) time now I am simply too legitimately excited about BRON BREAKKER

@ColossusNick Mind blown mate! So easy to call him Steiner and get so much hype around him.

@OwodunniShubby he should absolutely talk like scott steiner and call him a bald son of a bitch

Oh, and of course, change the stupid-ass name back to Rex Steiner, you absolute morons.

if you are a wrestling promoter and you have a guy that looks like this and his name is Rex Steiner, you should be able to make a billion dollars

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Rex Steiner >>> Bron Breakker. Seriously, who comes up with such a God-awful, eye-roll, reject of a comic book superhero’s secret identity name? “Bron Breakker”?!? Fuck outta here. #WWENXT

Oh this motherfucker actually Rick Steiner’s son & Scott Steiner’s nephew, ok

Steiner Photo,Steiner Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Bronson Rick Rex Bron Breakker Steiner Rechsteiner please come out and lay everyone out

@gregmparks Rick/Scott may own some trademarks around Steiner for use in Wrestling would be my guess.

@nodqdotcom What the hell is wrong with him using the name Steiner? Do they not want people to know he’s a second generation wrestler?

This show has Mandy Rose, The Artist FKA Rex Steiner, Ben Buchanan, I mean what else could you need?


This is the kind of psychotic shit this company does every single day. I’ll never understand it. Rex Steiner is a magnificent wrestling name w/ a link to his reality. Why not use it?

NXT just debuted Rick Steiner’s son and those motherfuckers really named him Bron Breakker? @6thYearSeniors @TheTLDPodcast #NXT

@pabst_benatar The only holiday I celebrate is the anniversary of August 9, 1999 when Hogan, Goldberg, and Sting were a tag team on WCW Nitro—defeating the team of Nash, Vicious, and Rick Steiner.

Bron Breakker!? What the hell was wrong with Rex Steiner!? That name was perfect. #WWENXT

We saw a lot of shades of Rick Steiner in his son Bron Breaker tonight. Loved all the in-ring stuff we saw from him. Would have liked for them to keep the Rex Steiner name though. #WWENXT

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