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I hope @Garylineker is proud of the rhetoric that he’s encouraged,there is no comparison of this Government & that of the vile Nazis, or anything about the 1930s. This left wing nonsense has to stop, it’s offensive to many Jewish people & the likes of Steve Bray should be ashamed.

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Steve Bray and all those lefties who think this image is okay, are vile and unhinged. Just because you don’t like the fact the Conservatives are tackling illegal immigration, does not mean it’s acceptable to create pictures of the Home Secretary next to Auschwitz..

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What a beautiful endorsement from Steve Bray. Thank you Steve, you lovely man. 🎩.

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Steve Bray busy pumping out his noise pollution around college green. If I did this in my own flat I’d face action from the council..

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Steve Bray is just a man having his say. That’s illegal in Britain today, so before all your rights go away, you might want to have your say. They hate that they can confronted at all, the crooked bought Media won’t do it. But for now individuals like Steve can..

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. Below 👇 is Steve Bray anti Brexit protestor who has superimposed @SuellaBraverman MP on a photo of #Auschwitz . Suella whose husband is Jewish this is disgraceful and @snb19692 MUST APOLOGISE for invoking the #Holocaust for his own personal political purposes! Disgusting .….

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When as a remainer/rejoiner you think you have a just & moral cause because Steve Bray is in your corner. Still no apology from the ignorant, alcohol soaked prig, effectively encouraged by Lineker. How it started. How it’s going..

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Steve Bray deletes tweet comparing Rwana to Auschwitz after backlash. Who Pays Him?.


Not Steve Bray being a fucking fool? Steve BRAY? Nooooooo. Damn you social media, will you leave me no heroes!.

Utterly deranged to believe that deporting people is the same as genocide but we expect nothing less from Steve Bray. No wonder your wife left you..

That vile lefty Steve bray has subsequently taken the post down, what an horrible man he is..

It was Steve Bray playing MOTD for certain no one else has a sound system in Westminster except him..

Raddled old soak Steve Bray has really sh*t the bed today - and he’s hoping to persuade us to rejoin the EU 😂😂😂.

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FBPE and EU flag in bio - check Stands with the drunken boorish grifter, Steve Bray - check. Racist - check..

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Just gotta love Steve Bray @snb19692 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻♥️.

I’m actually playing this on repeat, dancing to the tune and laughing 😂 Oh, Steve Bray is just Legendary 🤣🫶🏼.

Fucking idiots 😂 This is exactly what we were saying about how the unjabbed/anti lockdown/masks groups were being treated. Hard to believe what we went through, yet completely ignored by the likes of Steve Bray..

Steve Bray Photo,Steve Bray Photo by Ed 😎,Ed 😎 on twitter tweets Steve Bray Photo

@LeeAndersonMP_ Steve Bray has been vile and abused the memories of millions of Jewish people with his anti Braverman rants and memes time someone took a close look at him and his money and his dealings ..

It was pretty naive of @Sarah_Montague to call Steve Bray a national treasure. She should know he actually harasses any #Brexit voting MP who has the temerity to step outside Parliament. He compromises free speech. He is a menace..

Steve Bray is a stone-cold national treasure. Remember when he played the Benny Hill theme tune at the Tory conference?.

@ArchRose90 I think Steve Bray needs to be careful. That image is very distasteful and suggests the Home Secretary considers what happened at Auschwitz was amusing. Some people may not be amused by this image..

@paulbristow79 Steve Bray is gaslighting. Very cruel Suella’s husband is Jewish and she has said that “my children are therefore directly descended from people who were murdered in gas chambers during the Holocaust.” “my husband’s family feels very keenly the impact of the Holocaust actually”.

@Trailer_Swift69 Bray is a lost soul. Steve Bray born in June 1969 and originally from Cardiff, South Wales. He moved home frequently while his father served at RAF bases in Germany. Before becoming involved in political activism, Bray himself served in the British Army and . . . lost the plot..

Those Imbeciles attacking Steve Bray who single handed has helped expose these crocked #ToryFascist for what they really. Now these #ToryFascistDictatorship have taken to Twitter to attack him. Right wing rejects with their Union Jack 🇬🇧 1st membership cards on show..

@EssexPR Steve Bray. Hero of Remainers. Brexiteers and Right Whingers hate him because he was absolutely correct- BREXIT IS A DISASTER.

@EssexPR Long my he Steve Bray carry on. STOPPPPPPP BREXITTTTT He was right about the Brexit Disaster 🤣.

@Rob_Kimbell It’s pleasing to see Steve Bray bothers you-shows he is doing something right..

@snb19692 Steve Bray is our hero!!! 👏👏👏 Oh yes, what about the car parking in the bus lane @theresecoffey; it hasn’t broken down, has it!.

Good old Steve Bray @snb19692, the dude never fails does he😂✊🏽.

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