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I’ve been very skeptical of the “Long COVID” narrative, but I’m now convinced I too have it. Major symptoms: My net worth is effectively about 25% less My 4th grader is about 50% of where she should be in school My confidence in future of the USA is 75% less #stockmarketcrash.

“Market crash is coming and it’s gonna be very ugly” I said this on 5/27/22. Dow jones was at 33,212 on 5/27 Dow Today is at 29,655. Dow has already dropped 20% this year. And guess what hashtag is trending today? #stockmarketcrash.

The British pound has now fallen to $ - the lowest since 1985. #MiniBudget #stockmarketcrash.

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NIFTY was in TROUBLE 2 minutes silence for those gurus who do not know how it works. 🙏🙏 #stockmarketcrash.

The Dow is trading Below 30,000 Joe Biden has destroyed America in 18 months #stockmarketcrash.

Today the DOW goes under 30k. You can thank Joe Biden for that. #stockmarketcrash #BidensAmerica.

#stockmarketcrash ... again Stock market is a game for Psychology.

hello guys, good news for get 2 week FREE access of trading booster premium membership just do this thing:👇 1) subscribe YouTube channel 2) join our telegram channel 3) retweet this tweet & DM me #stockmarketcrash #Nifty.

Whoever has anything to do with the stock market needs to have a blood pressure machine #stockmarkets #stockmarketcrash.

The £100 income tax saving will be completely wiped by inflation because of the pound being the weakest it has been in 38 years #stockmarketcrash #budget.

I wish I could relive my #Chup #stockmarketcrash.

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#stockmarketcrash #stocks Economist Nouriel Roubini, who correctly predicted the 2008 financial crisis, sees a long and ugly recession in the US and globally occurring at the end of 2022 that could last all of 2023 and a sharp correction in the S&P 500.

It looks like the money markets have absolute confidence in the abilities of our new Chancellor and his #minibudget2022 😬 #stockmarketcrash.

We adopted this #cat a few days ago. He is just a wonderful animal. He is not eating so I am going to head out and buy a different brand. I will invest in some wet food. He is a pain when we eat so he clearly is healthy. Weather and #stockmarketcrash can only be watched..

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Petrol prices go up by £5 due to plummeting value of the pound #budget2022 #stockmarketcrash.

#RewriteTheCode Introducing new Armani Code Parfum Promoted by Armani beauty Business and finance · Trending #stockmarketcrash 3,767 Tweets.

This is on the heads of every single person who ever voted tory. You are culpable for the mess you have put yourselves in and trailed many of us with you. SHAME #stockmarketcrash.

#stockmarketcrash is trending and the pound has plummeted 😱 - oh whoops that #minibudget2022 hasn’t gone down very well 🫢😳😬 When’s the u turn coming? 🙄.

@trussliz @KwasiKwarteng And I guess your going to build another 40 hospitals and magic doctors and nurses from your Disneyworld to staff them too? #ThickLizzy #stockmarketcrash.

IS BAAR MARKET HAMARI WAJAH SE GIRA HAI, MARKET KE MAHA RAJA HAI !! 😊 #stockmarketcrash #stockmarkets.

Rupee at Lowest Looks like the #RecessionDepression is not too far now #stockmarketcrash.

वित्त मंत्री को तुरत प्रभाव से इस्तीफ़ा देना चाहिए। शर्म नाक है यह, निवेश की कमर तोड़ रखी हैं। आप आज चुप रहेंगे और यह सरकार सट्टे बाज़ी के खिलाफ़ कुछ नहीं करेंगी #वित्तमंत्रीइस्तीफ़ादो #stockmarketcrash.

Investors last experienced this level of gloom during the week of March 5, 2009. The stock market reached its lowest point of the financial crisis a few days later before turning and beginning the post-crisis bull #stockmarketcrash #StockMarket.

So Finally Black Friday Over Our Market participate global selloff Today with all Indices Crack Almost 2 to 3% each. USD INDEX TOUCH 112 Today And the same time INR Shootup historical Low Of All Time #stockmarketcrash #blackfriday.

Ek hi request logo sa seedha 12000 ka Target mat dena nifty 😂#stockmarketcrash.

Soon we will see $USD shortage and FED in a tough position to give Swap lines to other central banks Why? Simple, FED interest is too see $USD going up (it lowers inflation on imports!) But global financial stability will become a serious issue to balance #stockmarketcrash.

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#stockmarketcrash #stockmarkets What happens if you buy at market peaks? via @tradingqna @zerodhaonline.

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#stockmarketcrash ... again Stock market is a game for Psychology.

@MoreMirto @desertrose1969 There could be endless reasons … but today I believe it’s about the #minibudget2022 with subsequent #stockmarketcrash.

रुपया प्रचंड घसरणीला लागलेला आहे. महागाई वाढलेली आहे. जग मंदीच्या छायेत आहे. भारताचा शेअर बाजार जर अचानकपणे काही कारण नसताना दुप्पट आकाराने फुगलेला असेल तर तो नक्कीच फुगवटा असायला हवा. सामान्य गुंतवणूकदारांना समजवणार कोण? बळी त्यांचाच जाईल. #stockmarketcrash.

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