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24th June, 2008 Private Joe Whittaker, aged 20 from Stratford Upon Avon, a reservist with 4th Battalion The Parachute Regiment, was killed by an IED blast whilst on patrol in Sangin, Helmand Province, Afghanistan Lest we Forget this brave young man who gave his all 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 🇬🇧.

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First question for Shaedon Sharpe the in-person press conference at Barclays: Did you go to the Stratford, the Shakespeare festivals, any hockey?.

It appears that the constituents of Tiverton & Wakefield don’t agree with the BBC audience of Stratford Upon Avon and it’s not ‘time to move on from party gate’ and ‘leave Johnson alone he’s doing a good job in the Ukraine’. Oliver Dowden doesn’t think so either. It’s happening !.

Good Morning A Special Shout out to my youngest who Turns 18 Here she is Smashing it in a play in Stratford Upon I guess the worrying starts now 🙈🙈🙈 God help me #ProudDad.

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Judith from Stratford-upon-Avon (who owns three cars in one house) really believes T-Rex got fucked because he couldn’t hold an iPhone..

Eminent Facebook paleontologist, Laura from Stratford upon Avon, last night revealed that the real reason for the mass extinction event was Marxist dinosaurs clinging to outdated working practices and refusing to embrace technology.

@bbcquestiontime Here’s a question for the panel. Was tonight’s audience representative of Stratford-upon-Avon and if so, has there been an unusual amount of inbreeding in the area? Or did you just rig the audience with Tory voters as Fiona Bruce alluded to?.

Hey, we need some celebrities from London Okay. Bieber, was from Stratford, but he was born there so whatever. Gosling, for sure. Andrew Wiggins from London?.

#BBCQT - I thought the audience had to be representative of the host town. The lady who said she’d been a longtime Tory voter said she was a constituent of Rachel Maclean’s. Her constituency is Redditch. That’s not Stratford. Are they bringing Tories in from other areas?.

Do you love golden plated signs in a town centre but literally no investment elsewhere? Then Stratford-Upon-Avon is for you! #BBCQT.

Fiona Bruce: “I know there are a lot of Tory voters in here tonight” Fair enough for Stratford on Avon But last week in Question Time also stuffed the audience with Tories in Labour stronghold Newcastle #bbcqt.

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The Stratford Sessions from @WillPHarrison is what my kitchen is going to sound like while I make breakfast on Sunday mornings. Easy on the head, well crafted tunes. Perfect for a weekend morning..

I salute those tactical voters in Devon who would normally vote Labour. You’ve shown that huge Tory majorities mean nothing. Let’s get @nadhimzahawi out of my constituency here in Stratford because he thinks his 20k majority is untouchable. #UnfitForOffice.

@miffythegamer Someone gave birth to that thing. She may have replicated and given birth to others. There may be more of them in Stratford Upon a Cloud of Pure Lies.

Is Stratford a hotbed of right wing fascists, or is it just that the BBC went around rounding them up before question time?.

An actual rail worker on #bbcqt explains the situation with railways and how private companies run different systems so staff can’t be shared; explains how nationalisation would fix this problem and the audience laugh and jeer him 🙈 @MailOnline must sell well in Stratford.


Watching #bbcqt… remind me never to go to Stratford… more gammon than a butchers shop…..

Home for Sale in Stratford 94 DIXON Road #Stratford #RealEstate.

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@nadinebh_ @SoozUK Yea that was a pretty shit audience. I’ve been to Stratford Upon Avon and it felt a bit parochial..

I see Stratford didn’t cover itself in glory last night. This and Dinosaur Lady..

Dear @KensingtonRoyal Can I apply for a name change? I want Stratford to be known collectively as: ‘Stratford Upon a Cloud of Cuckoos’.

@SoProudScottish Stratford-upon-Avon is a big Tory she was just pointing out the obvious.

Please make it clear #bbcqt next time that this is was from Stratford on Avon and not Stratford in London. Hundred of foreign students of English literature make this mistake every year and assume Shakespeare came from North Africa..

#bbcqt Plazzy kecks and a pink mohican on a sexagenarian is not a good look. Is this edgy in Stratford?.

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I have eaten a Greggs sandwich just behind where Fiona is standing. 10/10 town Stratford is great.

@MargaretLatrei1 @CanadianChickie Ontario, Stratford. Family still in that area up through Toronto..

@ha5_02 I’m from Bradford👍 but I loveee Canary Wharf and linehouse basin the ducks there are cute and Stratford go to this place called steak out it’s sexccccc I’ve also been to Docklands.

The sunsets the last couple of nights have been gorgeous! The sun setting over Charlottetown last night coming from Stratford was just Taylor and I took the boys for an evening walk at Blooming Point Beach. The sunset after we got home was just perfect again 🌅.

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@Martin_Abrams She was spewing , she brought that letter all the way to Stratford !!! You could tell she was mulling it over all through the programme . Fiona Bruce had to ask her questions for her !!!.

@NoahPasternak i have a stratford hoodie and used to have pillow from london… my gma is an ontarian native…. COUNT YER DAYS.

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