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ONE NIL TO THE ARSENAL! ⚽️ Tony and Katya are #Strictly goals! @TonyAdams @Mrs_katjones.

Canes, cartwheels and an incredible Quickstep from Richie and Giovanni! ✨ #Strictly @richie_anderson @pernicegiovann1.

And just like our celebs have been ✨Strictlified!✨ #Strictly.

The Wave, The Standing Still Moonwalk, The Shear The Our #Strictly stars have some *interesting* moves in their dance lockers already 👀.

I am strictly a degenerate for the remainder of the season. No more emotional investment..

Did you all enjoy strictly,, who did you love the most ? I thought so many of them could take this title even at week 1, who will it be. ??@bbcstrictly.

#Strictly Photo,#Strictly Photo by Shirley Ballas,Shirley Ballas on twitter tweets #Strictly Photo

artwork matters so much, theres literally no way in hell im listening to whatever this is, strictly based off this video. idc how good it may be.

Uttar Pradesh CM #YogiAdityanath has asked police and district administration officials to deal with people trying to spread chaos strictly amid festivities..

My main issue with targeting is it’s strictly geared towards punishing defensive players. Especially when ball carrier/catcher lowers their helmet and/or body.

And we’re off! Strictly Come Dancing 2022 #strictlycomedancing.

#Strictly Photo,#Strictly Photo by Dave AC,Dave AC on twitter tweets #Strictly Photo

@amerix Never entertain disrespect. Whether online or offline. Whether from men or women. Strictly enforce your boundaries. Disrespectful and abusive people exude negative energy to derail and distract you..

Monte having these conversations about Taylor when her conversations are strictly game. He is so down bad for her it’s embarrassing 🙄 #BB24.

@AhmedKhabeer_ Hinduism allow 👍 But In islam Worshipping other than Allha is Haram strictly prohibited and punishable So what do Others also stop worshiping just bocz its prohibited in 😬.

@Canc3dia @ThatEricAlper Strictly a 1970s song (1975) but would be a hit in any decade!.

the way she eats the category every week though. The opulence. The luxury. The glamour. #scd #strictly.

#Strictly Photo,#Strictly Photo by Ariadne 🦋,Ariadne 🦋 on twitter tweets #Strictly Photo

There’s no way China starts WW3. Initiating global armed conflict is strictly a European tradition 🤌.

I actually can’t bear to think about what’s going on in this country at the moment. It’s just hideous and bleak. Thank god for strictly & home manicures, it’s a bright spot at least!.

Anytime you take your opponent lightly this is what happens Canes Fans. It’s not the coaches but strictly on the players. Their mindset has to change.

ㅤ disclaimer ! the media( s ) used are from pinterest and other social media platforms. strictly for roleplaying purposes only ! ㅤ.

Just got home from work strictly do I watch it now or in the morning and either do you still want my thoughts??.

Yeah, the Strictly trailer thing is a bust. A shame, I think there was merit in doing something for the 23rd of the next three months consecutively. #doctorwho.

@chunty_cops @albolt76 I don’t watch much tv at all but I love Strictly. The dancing is amazing..

This was definitely my second favourite dance they did (my favourite being the obvious) #Strictly.

@swagjesusfan I feel as if such adjectives should be strictly reserved for oreos of unconventional flavours , feel free to prove me wrong though..


Thought jay was announcing he’s going on strictly there for a minute.

@CameronYardeJnr And such an (accidental) golden opportunity this time following the Strictly launch. Ghosts succeeds despite the BBC schedulers, not because of them..

@basvanheur @GLandsbergis Im strictly talkin about Russia & its neighbours. Not saying the thought process is correct but I get their fear. Having Russia as a neighbour when ure en ex soviet state must add a lot of fear/pressure. U have responsibility 2 asylum skrs yes but also 2the survival of ur country.

We love to see the ladies happy when they get to Strictly 2K! Atlanta is about to be lit! SATURDAY October 8th 9:00PM-3:00AM at @TheWxllxm. Get ticket at #Strictly2K.

#Strictly Photo,#Strictly Photo by Strictly2K - Throwback Music Fest,Strictly2K - Throwback Music Fest on twitter tweets #Strictly Photo

#patsabuyUPDATES All Memories of 2021 DVDs and Digicodes have arrived! Other arrived items: - Memo 2019 and 2020 DVDs - Proof Merch (2nd PO) DOP: October 1, 2022 Strictly no extensions. All late payments will incur a late fee of Php 20 per day PER ITEM. ☺️ Thank you!.

tyler west for week one, and an american smooth, that was rlly good. the lift was great ! i felt that at some points he wasn’t doing enough, but overall quite good 6/10 #strictly.

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