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Roberta Flack did the definitive version of The First Time I Ever Saw Your else is a cheap imitation #STS70s.

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That was yet another superb @SSuburbs show, many thanks @alanread80. So many Cassidy, Four Seasons, ABBA, Roxy, Bowie, ohhhhh loads. #sts70s.

Thanks for another fabulous #sts70s @alanread80 and for @AndyRinN22 favourite five - have a great week everyone 😊❤.

I like this Meatloaf song because it reminds me of my baby brother because he got the words wrong. You took the words right out of my mouth Oh it must have been while you were kicking #sts70s.

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Ok groovers! Here’s a wee ‘You’ll never know how many friends you have until you have a lottery win!’ Have a great week! #sts70s.

@SSuburbs Thank you Alan and all. Had a fab listening time. See you next week. #sts70s.

It’s early 1978 I am 18 and just landed a job in the travel business. I am alone in a hotel room in Groningen, Holland and Meatloaf is providing the music #sts70s.

Another brilliant #sts70s - thank you so much @SSuburbs and @AndyRinN22 SOTN to ABBA, I think. Same time next week, everyone? (Or over on another hashtag soon!).

Well I absolutely love Meat Loaf and I don’t care who knows it eh @whiskiesmum ??This track is a stone wall classic! #sts70s.

@4ever_eighties @SSuburbs Arabesque on ZDF Disco This is before the group change when one of them was replaced by the singer Sandra (what happened to her LOL) #sts70s.

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For many years, this was from one of only two full episodes of Top of the Pops that were on YouTube. The thumbnail was ONJ looking directly into camera in a most hypnotic way #sts70s.

Double dose of Walk Around Slowly Until The Music Stops for you this week! #thankmelater #sts70s.

Congratulations on 50 shows @SSuburbs - another great show #sts70s - see you lot next week.

#sts70s 2nd hour SOTN Top Ten (2/3) Genesis Kate Bush Roxy Music Chic Roberta Flack Harry Chapin Diana Ross Bob Marley and the Wailers The Tubes Sham 69.

Maybe a little late, but wish to extend best wishes to @SSuburbs on reaching 50 shows as a fellow ahownthat hit the half century not long ago. Here’s to the next 50! #STS70s.

Thanks @SSuburbs Here is to 50 more shows. Have a great week all and see some of you on the other hashtag xx #STS70s.

@mseriesMMXIV Used to hear it a lot on Ken Bruce before his producer decided to get down with the kids #sts70s.

Roberta Flack did the definitive version of The First Time I Ever Saw Your else is a cheap imitation #STS70s.

Ah its Fall Arse Over Tit As @SSuburbs Switches The Bloody Lights Off time #STS70s.

For playlist purposes, last week I Want Your Love was my favourite song in the Top 40 on my first birthday. #sts70s.

@mseriesMMXIV @TheLainsuze Bernard (pronounced ber-NARD) was a class act. #STS70s.

‘The smell of burning leather as we hold eachother tight’ .... how romantic 😬 #STS70s.

Hello @SSuburbs I know I have request ed rather a lot, but maybe you might be kind enough to play Greased Lightening for me on a future #sts70s.

@bluejeanbaby01 One of the best disco songs. The 12 version is tremendous. #sts70s.

After the Ordeal by Genesis from the Selling England by the Pound LP on #sts70s great song from a great #ClassicAlbum.

#sts70s 1st hour SOTN Top Ten Genesis Neil Young Ringo Starr The Eagles Stevie Wonder Andrew Gold Sparks The Commodores The Sweet The Clash.

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