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You can be sure Govts roadmap to lifting #COVID19 restrictions will be largely driven by nationwide elections on May 6. Johnson will be keen to open pubs & restaurants before Nicola Sturgeon .... with an announcement just before polling day to boost the #Conservatives campaign.

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Michael McAvoy
Michael McAvoy ()

Is Nicola Sturgeon on the TV this weekend. Surely she will want to refute Salmond’s claims?

Fraser Nelson
Fraser Nelson ()

Salmond has a point: the redacted parts identify no one. But they do contain accusations Sturgeon doesn’t want to answer.

Steven Barker
Steven Barker ()

@fergiemac1 @Douglas4Moray Hey who are you supporting? Salmond, who even the tories are supporting or Sturgeon?

susan wilson
Susan wilson ()

@RevRichardColes Nicola Sturgeon did say she acknowledged the Easter dates and it may be earlier opening dates by a few days

Dylan Keenan
Dylan Keenan ()

@devisridhar @TWJSciNat Are you seriously considering continue to work with nicola sturgeon ?

Phil Arthur
Phil Arthur ()

Are we in England really interested what Sturgeon in Scotland states but, every night on BBC we are forced to listen to the mighty Nicola, who really cares? Fly the EU if you wish Mrs Sturgeon but rather childish. Good luck and I pity the majority of sensible Scots.

Guido Fawkes
Guido Fawkes ()

Redaction Hides Salmonds Accusation Sturgeon Lied to Parliament

Sturgeon Photo,Sturgeon Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Philip Read
Philip Read ()

Salmond’s Damning Evidence Against Sturgeon Explained via @guidofawkes

Zander West
Zander West ()

Brace yourself for all the positivity of end in sight to this lockdown from Boris to be totally destroyed by Sturgeon today as she continues her power trip over us. Cant stand listening to that woman anymore

Daily Express
Daily Express ()

Really!? Nicola Sturgeon accused of walking out of Boris call for TV briefing

Craig4Glasgow ()

@Janela_X @admt62 Yousaf wants to be on Team Sturgeon. So his bill has to be viewed through that prism. He had to assume that there was a problem, and that it needed new legislation to fix it. After all, how else could he try out for the team? He has floundered hopelessly around from the start.

North British Executive
North British Executive ()

So @NicolaSturgeon hung up on a nationwide Covid call, with the PM and other devolved leaders, to do her daily PPB - where she rolls her eyes and picks her nose. Sturgeon, Salmond, the SNP - they are all laughing at us. Time to go. #ResignSturgeon

Les Calderwood
Les Calderwood ()

Sturgeon “There isn’t a shred of evidence “ *Strange grinding ,shredding like noises coming from a dimly lit back office 🗄📁🗑at Holyrood 👈🏻

Matey Hopkins
Matey Hopkins ()

@ScottBa38410706 @GMB Oh please. If he held people to account he’d treat everyone equally. He is up Sturgeon’s arse. If you want to see someone holding people to account, watch Andrew Neil or Andrew Marr. They dissect, rather than shout over

Iain SM
Iain SM ()

When Nippy Sturgeon says there’s not a shred of evidence, does she mean she’s shredded the evidence?

Kirsty Fraser
Kirsty Fraser ()

A levels system isn’t going to work if Nicola Sturgeon keeps places like Edinburgh at the same level as Glasgow again even with massively varying covid rates

Lara ()

Sturgeon has to give us dates, its what we need, because this perpetual lockdown with no end in sight is what is destroying our mental health, not to mention the damage the uncertainty is doing to whole sectors of our economy. She won’t though.

Gill Greenshields 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇪🇺🟥.
Gill Greenshields 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇪🇺🟥. ()

@IndigoFast @aitchbee2000 Exactly so why is Sturgeon crapping herself?? If one of her lying acolytes falls, they may well bring the rest down including her.

Alf Switzer
Alf Switzer ()

It is a very uncomfortable, and unconvincing Sturgeon we see in this clip. Her days, and her liberty certainly appear to be numbered.


I’m still not sure wtf is going on with sturgeon and salmond but what I do know is it’s embarrassing! I’m proud to Scottish, as I am British and the people running our country are a laughing stock.

brian Mcclurg
Brian Mcclurg ()


Olicanarama ()

Covid in Scotland: Plan to ease lockdown restrictions to be unveiled < The mayor of Scotland, Sturgeon, to try to sound like she is relevant in a region where there are less people than Yorkshire! #covid19 #scotland

1mat steiner #vaccinate #justalittlelonger
1mat steiner #vaccinate #justalittlelonger ()

Salmon disappearing, sturgeon in decline - was that item about fish or SNP? @BBCr4today #r4today

Joe ()

@PeterAdamSmith Sturgeon is dragging this out to keep herself in a job. Where is the evidence, at least No10 show evidence at their briefings. We get a power driven dictator @NicolaSturgeon that makes 2 points that last 45mins & by that time everyone has switched off. Anyway, roll on June 21!

John Fisher
John Fisher ()

Salmond’s Damning Evidence Against Sturgeon Explained via @guidofawkes

Oor Lorna
Oor Lorna ()

@msm_monitor I do think the Sturgeon issue will have a great impact on the Holyrood election. The thing is *Sturgeon* believes she can damage Salmond and by extension the SNP’s electoral prospects. That’s the issue I have. She sees the party & Indy as acceptable collateral damage.

Scotia 💜🤍💚 #womenwontwheest
Scotia 💜🤍💚 #womenwontwheest ()

Nicola Sturgeon stating that Alex Salmond can’t produce evidence to prove he was the focus of malicious attempt to destroy him and take him out of politics. That’s because she’s had her henchmen do everything in their power to prevent the truth from being exposed!! #WeSeeYou

Ronnie Johnstone
Ronnie Johnstone ()

@FoyChris There is no way Sturgeon is just going to follow Westminster. She will do her usual, make it a wee bit different , by different I mean worse!!

CharlieBoab ()

The good news for Sturgeon is that by going by the examples of the current Home Secretary or Health Secretary one can break the ministerial code without any consequences #r4today

Anna Soubry
Anna Soubry ()

You can be sure Govts roadmap to lifting #COVID19 restrictions will be largely driven by nationwide elections on May 6. Johnson will be keen to open pubs & restaurants before Nicola Sturgeon .... with an announcement just before polling day to boost the #Conservatives campaign.

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