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Alexa, show me a definition of narcissist personality disorder. #SuellaBravermanOut.

If she likes it that much then she should stay there! #SuellaBravermanOut.

#SuellaBravermanOut 👍🥳 agreement with Rwanda means any migrant arriving in the UK illegally can now be swiftly detained and deported to Rwanda irrespective of whether their claim was through asylum, the Human Rights Act including modern slavery laws or no claim at all..

#SuellaBravermanOut of control, Nothing about her one could like, Truly just the worst of fascist, Like the scum in that Third Reich! For she has more than bad intentions, And every day we hear the proof, Yes the sound of true blue evil, And never any hint of truth!.

Every day, I look at my neighbours and try to work out which of them voted for this travesty of an excuse for a human to be our local MP #SuellaBravermanOut #ToryCriminals.

#SuellaBravermanOut Photo,#SuellaBravermanOut Photo by ManWithNoPlan.,ManWithNoPlan. on twitter tweets #SuellaBravermanOut Photo

#SuellaBravermanOut in Rwanda sorting out the ILLEGAL SMALL Boat invasion & in process winding up the S/C/UM of woke anti-British left More power & powers to Suella.

#SuellaBravermanOut Photo,#SuellaBravermanOut Photo by Doll Master,Doll Master on twitter tweets #SuellaBravermanOut Photo

#SuellaBravermanOut The government should instruct thr Royal Navy to patrol the English coastline and turn the boats back to France..

#SuellaBravermanOut 🥳👍Migrant flights to Rwanda ‘by this summer’ Deal with African state will shut asylum system loopholes, insists Home Secretary.

#SuellaBravermanOut 👍🥳On visit to Kigali, Mrs Braverman expressed her determination to “move quickly” with deportation flights. She also indicated that the UK could be prepared to leave the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) if European judges block the legislation..

Suddenly, Obergruppenfuhrer Braverman seems to be extolling the virtues of Rwandan tourism and culture. Not much of a deterrent then, more an invitation to all and sundry to head for the nearest dinghy… I wish she’d make her mind up… #SuellaTours #SuellaBravermanOut.

#SuellaBravermanOut Photo,#SuellaBravermanOut Photo by MSS 💙 🏳️‍🌈🇪🇺,MSS 💙 🏳️‍🌈🇪🇺 on twitter tweets #SuellaBravermanOut Photo

No differences between #GiorgiaMeloni and #SuellaBravermanOut.

If you’re a Tory voter are you honestly okay with this? #SuellaBravermanOut #RwandaNotInMyName.

#SuellaBravermanOut Photo,#SuellaBravermanOut Photo by Paul Lamb,Paul Lamb on twitter tweets #SuellaBravermanOut Photo

@ScottBentonMP @SuellaBraverman Excellent bearing mind it’s not even legal. Smacks of desperation. That’s why SB wanted honest media absent and abasing rags there. Pictures taken showing her laughing insanely at last show her true character. #SuellaBravermanOut.

It always makes me laugh how the Rabid Left get so angry that they can’t contain themselves #SuellaBravermanOut.

@BillyVacant She has indeed but the pernicious weed will bring back onto herself. #SuellaBravermanOut #CruellaDeVile 🖤.

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