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This piece from August, which accused Sunak of “desperate” warnings about what Truss policies could do to the £, is doing the rounds among Conservative MPs, I’m told. Tory source: Those who only backed Liz for their career are quickly realising the consequences of their actions”.

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EXC: Rishi Sunak will not attend Conservative Party conference. He’ll be in Yorkshire instead. Ally says former chancellor will give Truss all the space she needs to own the moment.

Truss’ Govt confirms they won’t raise benefits in line with inflation this autumn despite Sunak promising it when Chancellor But if you’re rich, here’s some more cash Do they not realise that’s the poorest of our citizens they’re targeting? Is this some kind of Tory class war?.

Rishi Sunak keeping a dignified silence. He warned Liz Truss of this to her face. She didn’t listen. And nor did enough Tory party members. The rest of us are left to foot the bill. The sooner the country finally votes the Tories out of power, the better..

Liz Truss, 25 July 2022, when warned by Rishi Sunak that her plans would make inflation worse and mortgage rates soar and lose them the next election: ‘I don’t believe in this negative, declinist language’ ‘I have lots of economists that are backing my plans’.

3/ In June, Rishi Sunak gave households on universal credit £1,200 a year for fuel bills. But he’d already taken £1,000 a year from them, whilst benefits rose by just as inflation hit 10%. Once the October fuel bills land, this will leave them £1,450 a year worse off..

Remember that Conservative Party members chose Liz Truss over Rishi Sunak… … because many felt that Rishi had “betrayed” Boris Johnson. And they still thought Boris Johnson was great..

Jon Craig
Jon Craig

Tory “big beasts” appear to be boycotting next week’s party conference. Rishi Sunak, David Davis, Sajid Javid & Mel Stride all confirm they’re not going..

This article is doing the rounds among Sunak-supporting Tory MPs….

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“There will be a run on sterling. The gilts market will be in free fall. The FTSE will tumble as global investors take fright and sell off every form of British assets.” - @RishiSunak in August 2022.

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Two year Government borrowing gilt rates has shot up 30 basis points to less than this morning… a huge move today. was on Tuesday, was when Truss took lead over Sunak in August.

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“There’ll be a run on markets will be in free might take only a few days, or the govt might stagger through until the end of Sept, but before long Truss & Kwarteng will be forced to call in the is, at least, according to Sunak” @spectator, Aug.

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Today’s measures mean that the richest tenth of households, who were set to lose around £3,500 a year (3%) on average by 2025-26 under Johnson and Sunak’s plans, will now gain around £700 a year (1%) on average. #minibudget.

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Just in case you’re confused, this absolute clusterfuck does *not* mean Sunak would have been a good PM..

Rishi Sunak said it was fairytale economics. That was one thing he got right | Will Hutton.

sunak barıştırmak BİLİR MİSİN? kısırlaştırma öğrenme #ücretlishow #whatsappshow görüntülüshow türbanlı show cam yuhalanma.

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This. And how can 132 signed up Sunak supporters in Parliament sit back and watch it happen?.

@ManchinEnjoyer @cityafreaks There’s rumblings of Tories wanting to sack Truss already, but that wouldn’t necessarily cause an election. And who would they select? Sunak? Boris?.


As the leadership campaign went on, @RishiSunak made some ominous forecasts about the tax-cutting policies favored by Truss..

@cityafreaks Yeah and I’m not sure Sunak could reverse what Truss has done in a credible way. People get sick of this after a while (horrific newspaper headline related).

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I wonder if Ladbrokes is taking bets for having Johnson and Sunak back at No 10 and No 11 respectively by Christmas?.

@Helen_Whately During the last three years you have failed to engage with the #Excluded community along with constituents. Make no mistake this disgraceful injustice needs to be addressed fully if you stand any chance at the GE or face being removed from power as Sunak was. #OfficialEUA.

As the hand-wringing over the economic shambles continues you can’t say Rishi Sunak didn’t warn us all about the dangers of Trussonomics - he called this chaos weeks ago…...

@uk_sf_writer If anyone destroys the Conservative party it’s going be the resentful Sunak supporters or those without a spine, the career before country lot.

For a second I thought Boris Johnson & Rishi Sunak dropped a music video because I know she isn’t blaming Stormzy for the cost of living crisis..

Tory party. I hardly ever tweet party politics, but God save us! Shockingly incompetent, then, as well as immoral. And why did they not choose Rishi Sunak, so obviously a better leader? Because those who voted were racist..

Here we are again, claimants are scapegoats. a lot of people [in the social security] sector are talking about the possibility of the govt trying to save by not uprating benefits in line with inflation as Sunak promised #CostOfLivingCrisis.

If Liz Truss can’t survive a no confidence vote then who would conservatives pick to replace her? Sunak maybe? Or would they just go with some other friend of hers?.

The pensioners triple lock is apparently now ‘under consideration’ by the pensions minister despite Rishi Sunak promising it would be restored next year. Never trust politicians🙄.

It’s a measure of how devastating the first two weeks of a Truss premiership have been that even most Tories are wishing they’d voted for Sunak. I have no doubt that was racism. He would have been awful in his own way but at least we would have avoided this car crash. #GTTO.

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