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💿 Now Playing 💿 Lovejoy - Call Me What You Like Follow our playlist #SundayBrunch.

💿 Now Playing 💿 Tom A. Smith - Little Bits Follow our playlist #SundayBrunch.

Open your mouth when your singing then we might be able to understand what you’re mumbling to music… #SundayBrunch.

His mouth doesn’t move ???? No wonder I can’t understand a word he’s singing 🥴🤷‍♀️#SundayBrunch.

So crass. Can’t even watch him building profile and earning money off his DEAD brother. He’s only about money that one 🤑 Fuck #sundaybrunch.

#SundayBrunch is there a bridge over the Forth?? Is he fucking kidding me?? How else you gonna get across? Uneducated fucking twat!.

Sorry but that was bad and he’s making a living from this ventriloquist type music 🤷‍♀️#SundayBrunch.

💿 Now Playing 💿 Jayda G - Circle Back Around Follow our playlist #SundayBrunch.

A theory is that no channel 4 executive is awake this time on a Sunday morning to witness the horror #channel4 #sundaybrunch.

Jesus Christ Tim not knowing about the forth rail bridge and the two road bridges, what an ignorant aresehole @sundaybrunch @channel4 #sundaybrunch.

I NEED THIS TOP! Does anyone know where it’s from? Help a sister out @edibow pleeeeeeeeeease #SundayBrunch.

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I’m only watching #SundayBrunch for ATL but I’ve FOUND THE BANANA.

#sundaybrunch Photo,#sundaybrunch Photo by Martha // missing atl,Martha // missing atl on twitter tweets #sundaybrunch Photo

💿 Now Playing 💿 ELIZA ROSE – BETTER LOVE Follow our playlist #SundayBrunch.

I’ve been drawing people like Curtis for years. Usually in my local boozer… #SundayBrunch @SundayBrunchC4.

#sundaybrunch Photo,#sundaybrunch Photo by biroboyblog,biroboyblog on twitter tweets #sundaybrunch Photo

I have never laughed so much! Did someone bet him it’s impossible to sing with your mouth closed? If so, he won! #SundayBrunch.

He’s relaxed into performing now - because I’m starting to make out actual words rather than mumbling. #SundayBrunch.

This is some top level filling. And I’m not talking about the dessert. #SundayBrunch.

Eff off with Disney + 😤 Why can’t us poor people watch it 🏔️ #sundaybrunch ⛰️.

I love #SundayBrunch but Tim and Simon always talk over the guests on the show. You’d think Tim with all his years of socceram, something for the weekend and channel bee he would know to let people talk..

💿 Now Playing 💿 FLOWEROVLOVE – LOVE YOU Follow our playlist #SundayBrunch.

Just what tv needs, another ‘reality show’ full of irritating people where a lot of it is probably set up. #SundayBrunch.


Is there a prerequisite for the “cheers Tim, cheers Simon” folk to be white and middle class? If so they’re nailing the brief. #SundayBrunch.

💿 Now Playing 💿 EAVES WILDER – ARE YOU DIAGNOSED? Follow our playlist #SundayBrunch.

Sunday Brunch doesn’t care about the time change ❤️🐓 #DaylightSaving #sundaybrunch.

#sundaybrunch Photo,#sundaybrunch Photo by The Iron Rooster,The Iron Rooster on twitter tweets #sundaybrunch Photo

I completely adore your passion for cooking and love eating your super-delicious food💓✨️ #sundaybrunch.

Two weeks in a row now with a musical number at the end involving someone playing piano live. Well done #SundayBrunch..

I’m getting type-2 diabetes just watching Rimmer making that ganache. #SundayBrunch.

Hilarious #MysteryBanana moment on #SundayBrunch this morning 😂 Stage hand walked into shot to collect it!!.

@AllTimeLow on #SundayBrunch. I repeat #AllTimeLow on Sunday Brunch @Channel4 👏🏽 👏🏽 👏🏽 Please tour London again soon!.

Hoping that some kind person records Sunday Brunch so I can watch it again and again #SundayBrunch.

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