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It’s @MaverickSabre time!! ❤️❤️❤️ Don’t miss his and @JorjaSmith’s end of show performance today! #SundayBrunch.

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It is not ironic that Sunday is a great day for Domingo. #SundayBrunch ..

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Fluffy scrambled eggs with lox, sautéed onions, and a sprinkle of cheese. #SundayBrunch.

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My eye is hurty so #SundayBrunch it is. That won’t fix my eye, but it will fix my belly right now 😋 🥓🍳☕️.

@jimmycarr gets so much stick but he made what would have been a very boring #SundayBrunch bearable..

I need to get famous so I can go on #SundayBrunch eat shit and get pissed on live TV 🙌.

Somebody please gag @jimmycarr Nobody else can get a word in! Not funny and not doing my hangover any good! #SundayBrunch.

Not often there is a bigger arsehole on #SundayBrunch than @timlovejoy but @jimmycarr is doing a spectacular job of it.

🤣🤣🤣🤣 If your gonna buy new glasses just to #cheerstimcheetssimon at least wash the glasses first & remove the stickers #SundayBrunch.

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Yowser! @theciderologist on #SundayBrunch That is a serious moustache 👌🏻 Cider looks amazing too🙌🏻.

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It’s @MaverickSabre time!! ❤️❤️❤️ Don’t miss his and @JorjaSmith’s end of show performance today! #SundayBrunch.

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The 2 salad brothers clearly didn’t audition for #SundayBrunch - unless that was their audition. I wonder how that went for the producers?....

I could make up a rap song just keep singing “Wiggy Wiggy Wiggy Wiggy” and walking funny #sundaybrunch.

@mr_chambers_ I thought I was inside the Matrix for a moment #SundayBrunch.

Laughing bollox just tripped over the cable and almost took #SundayBrunch of.

This whole episode of #SundayBrunch is painful. The battle of the egos. Time to switch off and do something more interesting instead.

Where’s my bruised coriander? Oh I see it, right next to my battered Basil!! #ffs 🙄🙄 #SundayBrunch.

Not sure he realises it’s time to let it go. It’s a lost cause. #hairwatch. #SundayBrunch.

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For the love of Pete!!!! pay attention when using a you should be using a you are a chef!! lead by example #sundaybrunch.

How refreshing would it be if an interviewer said to an interviewee I watched your thing last night and actually I thought it was a load of fucking shite #SundayBrunch.

I wish Jessica Hynes and Simon Pegg had done a 3rd series of Spaced #SundayBrunch.

The wonderful @JefficaHoons is up next to talk about her brilliant new film #TheFight! 🥊🥊 #SundayBrunch.

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Listening to Tim asking questions about genes and fat is like listening to Cunk on Britain!.... #SundayBrunch.

This guy talking about genetics is really interesting. No, I mean it. I love this stuff. #SundayBrunch.

1970 something, I’m the little fella looking fly #SundayBrunch.

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The face u pull when asked if you want to try Simon Rimmer’s #SundayBrunch.

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