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#Sundaybrunch In News: The Most Popular Tweets | United Kingdom

Look at this line up!! Enjoy the show everyone 😁❤️ #SundayBrunch.

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Breakfast with my bride this am! Incredible spot! #sundaybrunch #thankfulforher.

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Had a seagull steal a bag of strawberries yesterday at the beach. Today this one plucked an apple off our tree when our dog wasn’t paying attention. Interesting animal feasting. #SundayBrunch #sundayfunday.

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#SundayBrunch 🥂 - Managing a brand is not really the same as managing a product. While on the surface they seem to share similar tasks, these are actually very different disciplines. Find out more in this article! #ProdMgmt.

@BBCLBicker @nknewsorg Trump is offering to build Trump hotels. Trump then explained to Kim how money laundering works. And Kim can keep building his nukes and missiles. #SundayBrunch.

#SundayBrunch Skillet eggs and vegetables on the deck this sunny Sunday morning #Foodies.

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Lammy wants to pour acid over so-called white supremacists, who are largely a confection from the left in order to push identity politics. #SundayBrunch.

We loved @ISEERIVERS playing the @ShanklyHotel rooftop was legendary #SundayBrunch.

How great has @tanfrance been!? More of him now as he joins @simonrim in the kitchen to cook pud! 😄 #SundayBrunch.

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It’s drinkypoos time with @sarah_kingsbury! This week we have ready to drink cocktails 🍹🍷🥃 #SundayBrunch #CheersTimCheersSimon.

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Love vinyl. Loved lying on me bed and reading the sleeves from back to front every single time I played them. On my list, one day, to get a turntable and get me some. #SundayBrunch.

#sundaybrunch Me cuddling my auntie iris’ baby alpaca with a fab quiff. Paula Withers x.

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Well if you stopped talking so much maybe Simon would of asked more questions #SundayBrunch.

When this Clodagh woman is on #Sundaybrunch it makes me want to become a #Nomad..

Shes off her tits on speed and horny to shag anything with a pulse #SundayBrunch.

Flipping floppy hair in the kitchen. 🤢 Even I put my hair back when cooking. #SundayBrunch.

Kudos to the director for gratuitous use of the overhead cam shot #SundayBrunch #SundayBrunch.

@timlovejoy Has Simon slept with Clodagh or does he just want to? The sexual tension is immense 😂 #Sundaybrunch.

Is tan France racist ? Surely white folk can wear braids too ! #SundayBrunch #strangecomment.

Makes a change for Lovejoy to ask if he can ask a stupid question, normally he just comes out with permission #SundayBrunch.

Mmm. A lady scientist. How much respect will be paid her. How much will be understood #SundayBrunch.

Will young so desperate to sell his shite ,he was on Gardeners World the other night ,i was hoping Nell And Nigel was gonna maul him #Sundaybrunch.

Totally agree with Will Young. A happy, rested person is much more productive than a tired, stressed one. Better quality work, better quality lives. It is important! #SundayBrunch.

Why is will young dressed as the milk tray man, in badly fitting clothes? #SundayBrunch.

Look at this line up!! Enjoy the show everyone 😁❤️ #SundayBrunch.

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Look who’s in the kitchen before we even get started! It’s ⁦@tanfrance⁩! Tune in at 9:30 to see what he’s been cooking 😁 #SundayBrunch.

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