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  • Happy Supervet Wednesday - Tonight we share the stories of Betsy, Rosie and Beau x #supervet https://t.co/LreF7GypGj.

    #Supervet twitter.
  • If you get it, count yourself one of the luckiest people in the world. Animal family members are infinitely more special than can ever be described x #supervet https://t.co/GEnEg5UtEr.

    #Supervet twitter.
  • Supervet is incredible, mans a literal gift.

  • Supervet is the best thing on telly donโ€™t @ me.

  • Seeing your girlfriend on an episode of Supervet is a proud moment.

  • #SuperVet - always ๐Ÿ˜ขand ๐Ÿ˜„What a fantastic show and props to @SupervetNF All animals deserve this much love.

  • watching #supervet with mummy always hits me for six! Thank God uncle Noel could get them all out of trouble this time. Soo exciting! Now permits me to nod off contentedly. Sweet dreams everyone! X https://t.co/5upN3jlRcp.

    #Supervet twitter.
  • Watching supervet makes me so emosh n honestly makes me want every dog in the world.

  • Night off watching @SupervetNF #SuperVet #NoelFitzpatrick & @IAmChrisRamsey #TCRS now watching @vetrichmondhill @thevetonthehill @drscottym #LoveOfAnimals #LoveOfComedy #MixedEmotionNight all the above are #Heroes in different ways..

  • Betsey is all โ€œI hate the super vet and everyone in this surgery and I will kill anyone who tries to heal me.โ€ #supervet.

  • Watching supervet and Iโ€™m gonna cry so much.

  • @mcginnroisin "DO I HAVE A SIGN THAT SAYS PRO BONO ON MY DOOR?! [Trashes desk.] Get the FUCK OUTTA HERE with your Silver Care Plan BULLSHIT!" - My favourite episode of #SuperVet..

  • Always lovely to see cats on #Supervet. People forget that the bonds between people and cats can be just as strong as the bond with dogs. https://t.co/f4qeZ3vXMU.

  • @LawSocietyFAS Will you have to sell your animal friend to pay for #familylaw legal costs? Probably as your animal friend will have no Home as that will have been lost as well along with your children and your dignity #Supervet @MoJGovUK.

  • The supervet gets me every time ๐Ÿ˜ข.

  • Got a slight obsession with The Supervet.

  • Simba watching his uncle Noel @SupervetNF #Supervet https://t.co/FzRjnSQpNB.

    #Supervet twitter.
  • Tortie cat on #Supervet called Betsy! My tortie was Betty. Missing her terribly... ๐Ÿ™.

  • I have a tortoiseshell called Betty. I need several stiff drinks before wrestling her to the ground for her flea drops #Supervet.

  • Watching some Supervet because even though Iโ€™ve met him and seen the real thing I still need a bit of uplifting Animal goodness.

  • Wow! Bionic Betsy #supervet https://t.co/8wtWrrKQ4H.