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So Ukraine win Eurovision with the sympathy vote. I feel sorry for the contestant from Moldova who lost his neck in a boating accident and has elastic bands for vocal cords. He twanged “What’s a guy got to do to win this?”.

Racism is not a mental illness - it is a excuse people use to humanize racists, creating sympathy for them. It redirects the pain & suffering of the victims towards the perpetrator. The racism continues unchallenged..

Allow me to reiterate… I have no sympathy for the inept, insecure, murderous white boy that believes this country is owed to him..

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@Johninpompano Lee Anderson will, if he keeps playing his hand this badly, shortly find that real facts trump opinions in a court. Which might just leave him with a big bill for damages and an enormous life ruining legal bill to cover. No sympathy whatsoever..

@bros_ufo you and your family have my deepest sympathy and condolences, 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽.

I’m definitely of two minds with the #Eurovision results. On one hand, Ukraine winning via phone votes sends a big message to Russia that all of Europe stands with them. That being said, I’ve personally never been a fan of things winning via sympathy vote either.

@AStraussian I do feel genuine sympathy for Native Americans, especially ones in the US, but like my ethnic group was born in the US. Like the US and Americas are the only place my people exist. And it’s more wrong to try imposing ourselves on people back in Africa..

@donwinslow @EliseStefanik And why does she lack the “I” in the statement beginning. Freudian slip, no use of i shows she is lying and doesn’t share any empathy or sympathy.

One more tragedy caused by racism and an out of control gun industry. Make no mistake, this is exactly what the Right wants. Our movements are our only hope to stop them. But for now, my deepest sympathy and solidarity goes out to the people of Buffalo..

No but seriously… America is just ass backwards. I’m heated. He took advantage of his practice & of those women at their lowest… and showed no sympathy..

@richardosman I predicted the winner before it even started. Was always going to be the sympathy vote. Beat UK this time, and in 2014, Australia..

@HashUrTag I blv the govt is not taking any action against IK on purpose. Any such measure will only help IK gain sympathy and support. They are letting IKs narrative die itself and slowly. Govt is focussing more on countering economic challenges..

@Wtf1Queen She wants sympathy because Nader treats her badly. After lying about him she actually wants sympathy. Unreal..

@italktoomuch_2 Along with being made the hero or victim in their stories, pathological liars tend to tell lies that seem to be geared at gaining admiration, sympathy, or acceptance by others. A pathological liar tells lies and stories that fall somewhere between conscious lying and delusion lol.

@householdactual Thanks I wasn’t seeking sympathy. It’s my burden, but people that don’t honor their parents are missing out..

Are time zone sympathy pains a thing?? Like you on one side of the world and your friend is on the other side and one of you say tired and it’s just be all YEAH SAME ME TOO Let’s sleep now.

@AkriPasta @iamsrk Could have whatsApp her too but phir emotional sympathy kaise milti Suhana ko.

@BrayshawHelmet Never really had any sympathy, 7 players going clubbing because they’re not in form kinda ruins that.

@lester2k1 Behaving like they’re in a different universe. False sympathy or what not, why can’t they just celebrate their win an not be a sore winner. Then again, when you say “may your children grow like the candidates you voted for” they go ballistic..

@MackemLoopyLisa @lisadunn1978 We would have won if there wasn’t a war in Ukraine! The public did a sympathy vote for the Ukraine! Where is the Ukraine going to host the event next year?.

This feels like a reasonable #Eurovision thread - Eurovision results are multi dimensional, sympathy, hardship, war not enough to push a win. But some extra motivation to get people to pick up the phone, or to vote more than usual, helps -.

@stand_for_all It was! It wasn’t as good as their entry last year but their win can’t be described as exclusively a sympathy vote. If they’d submitted something like the shite from Switzerland or Germany then you could make that argument, but the song was actually good!.

this result is pure politics nobody can honestly say that Ukraine deserved to win #Eurovision this year 😒 unless you’re a Hip-Hop performance was ok 🤷🏻‍♂️ but boring nowhere near the best song it’s a morale boost amidst the #UkraineRussianWar, sympathy at a time of crisis.

@regnans @fuq_le Yip. I watched the whole semi finals last night and saw them and was like, nah, they cannot possibly, get a political sympathy win. Woke today to the news. Ridiculous. So laughable..

Running out of sympathy for this seemingly permanently ungrateful woman who appears to blame (an albeit typically loose-lipped) Johnson for her entire detention, rather than the Tehran Islamo-fascist theocratic dictatorship that imprisoned her in the first place..

@0729Eva こちらこそありがとうございましたー! めちゃくちゃ楽しみです✨.

@sho_sympathy 今日はありがとうございました~🤗楽しみで仕方ないですね🤣.

Its a bit embarrassing for ukraine winning the eurovision song contest,, knowing there song was garbage and only won because of sympathy vote,, 🙄🙄.

@sho_sympathy やはり最後のなでちゃんとリンちゃんのシーンは感動しますね😭.

@mgm_pas Holy buckets hon. My deepest deepest sympathy to you and your family. Surrounding you with story and love. 💜💜💜.

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