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A team of #IAF Air Warriors landed in Egypt on 22 Jun 2022 to participate in a bilateral Tactical Leadership Programme with Egyptian Air Force. Participating with the Su-30 MkI aircraft, the aim of the exercise is to understand and assimilate the best practices..

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Adam Best
Adam Best

The “team blue can do no wrong” attitude is enabling this BTW. I get how horrific Republicans are. I get the institutional disadvantages. But nobody should be able to say with a straight face that Democrats have fought as hard as they could or made the wisest tactical decisions..

The security assistance to Ukraine continues. 🇺🇦 Today, @POTUS announced $450m in Presidential Drawdown Authority. Included in this package are 4x more HiMARS, ammunition, tactical vehicles, and more..

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Scale of the tactical voting in Tiverton and Honiton means it’s looking like Labour are going to lose their deposit..

North Korea is probably moving toward deploying tactical nuclear weapons to frontline artillery units. 🧵.

Johnson says he needs to listen to what people are saying, and it’s quite clear that people are saying fuck off. Tactical voting works and it’s how we will win the next general election..

Quite notable that each of Labour and the Lib Dems won one race, but lost their deposits in the other. Pretty evident tactical voting simply to unseat their Conservative by whatever means necessary, which is hardly a great sign for a PM under fire.

Some move to use my RDR Red Dog Reversal tactic. Especially with a big name u know. $meta was textbook yesterday with nice follow Thru this morning. That’s how u can make tactical cash flow in a bear market. Anyone like this tactic?.

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@DPJHodges There’s no formal pact. But there’s plenty of tactical voting. And there will be even more come the general election if Johnson is still there..

70th MAG OUT NOW Our UEFA Women’s EURO 2022 Preview is here!!! @karimshahine walks us through a full Tactical Analysis of England’s squad! Don’t wait! Get it here for €: OR become a member here:.

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@JonBergdahl I think they had pretty much given up on Wakefield but Tiverton was the shocker. The level of tactical voting simply to get the Tories out will terrify backbenchers..

Brilliant news on the efficacy of Tactical Voting for Democracy in the UK! #byelection2022.

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@EuropeanPowell Trouble is too many will still vote for them and not be concerned by that, all that supposedly matters is GTTO but I really can’t see what labour would do for me, had considered tactical for them but this and many other reasons puts me off that, labour and the Tories have nothing.

#FollowBackFriday waking up to wonderful by election results, and thinking its time tactical voting to remove this government became the norm.

@HackedOffHugh @SimonTurkas Tactical voting - Australia showed you how! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻.

Clipper Race: Sprint from Bermuda Race 13 results - A tactical battle to navigate the light patches to New York - @clipperrace #ClipperRace.

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We should spare a second this morning to think about Neil Parish, as he mounts his tractor, and Helen Hurford, in tearful hiding. What must they be thinking? Who cares, tactical voting has shown us the way to remove a disgusting excuse for a government. Onwards and #NotMovingOn.

LOOK: DILG Secretary Eduardo Año visited the exhibit booth of the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC) and the Office of Civil Defense (OCD) yesterday as he graced the opening of the Tactical, Survival, ....

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@MartynMcClure @admcollingwood It’s hard to judge but South Wirral and South East Staffordshire were the last two opposition gains before the Conservative collapse in 1997 and represented small progressive vote increases, what looked like tactical voting and low Con turnout both new MPs were re-elected in 97..

@lewis_goodall This (tactical voting) is the way forward. The mass mobilisation via social media will only grow as long as Johnson leads the Tory Party. The desire to get rid of him far outweighs party loyalty for most of the electorate now..

@DPJHodges tactical voting won the day , but labour lost its deposit in Tiverton and the Lib dems lost its deposit in wakefield . the next general election will be much different..

Anti-Tory tactical voting cost John Major 30 seats in 1997. Could it hit the Tories even harder in.

@davidjwbailey @RussInCheshire Tactical voting and a CAST IRON PROMISE to deliver PR in the first session, first business. I am on board! In my constituency, Worthing West, that means voting Labour!.

@IanDunt Proper tactical voting in every seat at the GE and I mean every seat & they can be obliterated. Not one MP is safe. Out of power is the only way for them to change….Loving it #byelection2022.

Well it would seem that the tactical voting proof of concept was a resounding success. Many tory seats, even those considered safe are in danger now. If they have any sense their self preservation instinct should overule their misguided loyalty to Johnson. I guess we will see.

@clocktoys Even the most cursory glance suggests every Red Wall Tory seat in the NE will return to Labour - Oppenheim and Trevelyan can be removed via tactical voting - that’s 6 seats just in our region.

North Korea held the Central Military Commission meeting to move towards introducing tactical nuclear weapons to front-line artillery-based units..

@MattSingh_ “Industrial scale” The turnout in Wakefield was less than 40%. It was no such thing. It suggests the majority are indifferent - despite a cost of living crisis - and the tactical voting of a committee few could easily be overturned..

@UKFilmTVCritic @GMB Vasey grasping at straws, face it the tories are done, the country is fed up with the 12 years of crap tory government, tactical voting will consign your party to the wilderness where you belong. So take your 350 pounds a day expenses and shove it 👍.

@tblacker7 People slowly waking up to tactical voting. Tories don’t like it because there’s no one to tactically vote for. Wouldn’t need to do it if we got rid of FPTP..

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