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So #takeushome2, no idea how it would be as a ‘neutral’ but it’s a very emotional watch as an #lufc fan. The subtitles for Bielsa’s speeches at the end were hard to read through the tears, what an impressive group of humans they are.

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Dan 80s
Dan 80s ()

I Is it possible to watch #takeushome2 without posting on Twitter and telling everyone you cried? 🤔 #lufc

LUFCMatchwornShirts ()

🏠 #TakeUsHome2 wow!! 👏 What. A. Season. ♥️ Only the three matchworns from this season added to the collection however, they’re all fantastic. 🇨🇭 Gaetano Berardi 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Super Duper Liam Cooper 🇪🇸 Pablo ‘El Mago’ Hernandez 🧙‍♂️ #LUFC

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Nick ()

#takeushome2 has me crying my eyes out. So so proud of this football club, but then I always have been. Still get the same feeling when I walk up the steps and see the Elland Road pitch as I did 1st time I went. What an unforgettable season last season, made my life 💙💛 #lufc

Graham ()

#takeushome2 is absolutely fantastic viewing. You’d honestly be in tears watching it. Victor Orta & @andrearadri, not to mention Bielsa are #lufc hero’s. I honestly wish there was more to watch. Season 3 maybe, @PrimeVideo?

NW ()

The second episode is absolutely amazing. The Friday night was one of the best nights of my life and to have it encapsulated in film is amazing #takeushome2

Emma Levin
Emma Levin ()

The moment when the players first appeared at the window and we all ran towards them will never be beaten #TakeUsHome2

Trevor Carey
Trevor Carey ()

#TakeUsHome2 #LUFC @TheSquareBall @PhilHay_ - Marcelo Bielsa. 🤍💙💛

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Claire ()

Wow. Just finished watching #takeushome2 I have no words. And yes, I cried like a baby. Amazing 💙💙💙

Keith ()

I can confirm I actually properly love Kelvin Phillips, his nan, Victor Orta, Radz,Bill Ayling,and more but mostly Marcelo What an Unbelievable human being that man is. Unforgettable Marcelo unforgettable #takeushome2 ❤️

Marcus Day
Marcus Day ()

What I’d give for them promotion parties again, Bielsa speech at end pulling on heartstrings, he just gets what it means to be Leeds United #lufc #takeushome2

Jennifer ()

One of the single biggest regrets of my life not going down to ER as we were crowned champions. #TakeUsHome2

Jennifer ()

So many stunning moments in it, the drone shots of a desserted city were up there. #TakeUsHome2

Jennifer ()

Well, hats off to @thecitytalking for a superb production, stunning cinematography. #TakeUsHome2 Every emotion watching that.

Barney V2 PREM 🏆
Barney V2 PREM 🏆 ()

After watching #takeushome2 the biggest regret I will ever have is not going to Leeds to celebrate with everyone else. It bloody hurts me seeing those scenes, a chance of a lifetime fuck you Covid you almighty bastard

Tom Dockerty
Tom Dockerty ()

#takeushome2 had me in tears of happiness again. What a club. What a group of management. What a coach. What a set of players. I fucking love this club beyond words. #LUFC 💛💙

Ralph Ineson
Ralph Ineson ()

So #takeushome2, no idea how it would be as a ‘neutral’ but it’s a very emotional watch as an #lufc fan. The subtitles for Bielsa’s speeches at the end were hard to read through the tears, what an impressive group of humans they are.

Danny De La Montañas 🇦🇷
Danny De La Montañas 🇦🇷 ()

Kalvin’s nan appreciation tweet. We all love her, she is ace 🥰 #takeushome2 #lufc

Ash Harvey
Ash Harvey ()

Forget Bielsa, Andrea, Orta or any player. Star of the new documentary and the real reason we won the Kalvin Phillips gran! She wasn’t letting KP leave Leeds for anywhere last summer #LUFC #takeushome2

Alfie Kemp
Alfie Kemp ()

Me and @ReeceLloyd139 making a brief appearance in #takeushome2 🤩

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Scott ()

Both episodes of #takeushome2 watched already this morning - would love to experience all that again!! Unbelievable

The City Talking
The City Talking ()

Take Us Home, Season 2 🎥 We hope you enjoy the ending to a beautiful story 🙏 #lufc #takeushome2

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LUFC Lewis
LUFC Lewis ()

I can safely say that @lukeayling_8 has a career in presenting/punditry after he retires😂👏🏻 #TakeUsHome2 #LUFC

BeNwIlkO16🌪👁‍🗨 ()

Just watched take us home just wow absolutely amazing crying now thanks💙💛 i fukin love this club @LUFC #lufc #takeushome2

Ash🧡 ()

Finished Take Us Home 2 and it was OUTSTANDING again but with a far better ending this time🏆 Basically cried and had goosebumps all the way through the final episode Still doesn’t feel real!! What a club, what a team, MY CLUB 💙💛 #takeushome2 @LUFC #lufc

Vikki Jane Firth
Vikki Jane Firth ()

- I never ever wanna hear any #lufc fan slag Radz off ever again. Watch the damn documentary #takeushome2

LUFC Lewis
LUFC Lewis ()

Segment with Norman is beautiful and emotional, tearing up here😢 #TakeUsHome2 #LUFC

LUFC Lewis
LUFC Lewis ()

On reflection our summer window ahead of last season was actually solid given the circumstances. #TakeUsHome2 #LUFC

All Leeds TV
All Leeds TV ()

🍿 📺 #takeushome2 #lufc I’ve got a feeling this is going to be good 😉

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Joe wainman 🏆
Joe wainman 🏆 ()

Does this documentary land at 12 anyone? Am up see and thought I might stick it on! #Lufc #takeushome2

Rebecca Chapman
Rebecca Chapman ()

I can finally talk about the fact I worked on this incredible Amazon Prime series Take Us Home: Leeds United! It was such an honour to work on and grade the winning shots 💙💛 MOT #takeushome2

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