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Top signing - like the thought of him and Tarkowski at the back for Everton.

Everton showed some positive signs in Chelsea loss - James Tarkowski was outstanding - but the failure to sign a striker was a huge error & must be rectified immediately otherwise they will have other days like this & they cannot afford them..

Conor Coady é bom zagueiro e se junta aos outros reforços para o sistema defensivo de Frank Lampard. Tarkowski, Rúben Vinagre e Amadou Onana. O Everton agora precisa de nomes para o ataque. Vendeu o Richarlison e ainda não chegou ninguém que possa causar impacto no setor..

Lampard’s perfect central defender - aggressive, tenacious, good distribution, experienced, leader, tactically astute, loves defending and a “thou shall not pass” attitude. Tarkowski and Coady are very similar players for this ideology. Almost like there’s a plan in place!.

Tarkowski and Coady, both leaders, very experienced and can play from the back. Clear change for Lampard this season as he wants the ability to build from the back, push his other players on. Likes of Keane not good at this. Very pleasing..

Tarkowski & Coady 丈夫なのは身体だけじゃない。 チームとDFLINEを支え引っ張れる気持ちと統率力に加え代表経験。 Jagsが去り無くしていた心の強さや粘り強さをこの2人が再び与えてくれる気がしてる。 現役時代をディフェンダーとしてプレーした僕はワクワクとニヤニヤが止まらない。 頼んだ🙏.

Tarkowski Photo,Tarkowski Photo by ⓣⓚⓜ◈ⓙⓟ❶,ⓣⓚⓜ◈ⓙⓟ❶ on twitter tweets Tarkowski Photo

I will feel a lot better this season on match day knowing Tarkowski and Coady are in defence.

Llevarse de una tacada en este mercado a Coady y Tarkowski supone elevar la jerarquía de tu defensa bastante. El Everton va a tener una buena oportunidad de no solo combinar jugadores atrás, sino dar forma a un equipo que necesita solidez en esa línea (sea con dos o tres)..

3 months on Godfrey surprisingly a positive, word about was 7 months this morning/last night. Also, personally buzzing with the Coady signing. Seems like a player with similar values to Tarkowski and had a superb interview today. 2 CMs + a striker and we’ve got a serious lineup.

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿| James Tarkowski ✅ 🇵🇹| Rúben Vinagre ✅ 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿| Dwight McNeil ✅ 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿| Conor Coady ✅ 🇧🇪| Amadou Onana 🔜⏳ 🇸🇳| Idrissa Gueye 🔜⏳ What would you rate the transfer window so far out of 10 blues? #Everton #EFC.


✅ Tarkowski ✅ McNeil ✅ Vinagre (loan) ✅ Coady (loan) 🎟 Onana (soon) 🎟 Gueye (soonish) 🏗 BMD going up fast Just need strikers (plural) Everton & a couple of big wages out and you’ll have had a better summer than I ever expected.

Coady and Tarkowski are signings that don’t necessarily get people excited but they’re so important. We haven’t had enough of these players. Honest, leaders, will never not give everything during a game. Made up getting the pair of them in..

What Tarkowski and Coady give us is stability and leaders at the back along with consistency in playing. Missed less than 10 league games between the the past 3 seasons which is what we’ve lacked with our CB partnerships.

Tarkowski McNeil Vinagre Gueye Onana Coady Broja We have the best transfer window for an English club 😍😍😍..

@FPLProp Yes, Frank switched to 3 ATB at the back end of last season. They only played 4 ATB once in preseason & got hammered 4-0 by Minnesota Utd 😂 Coady is a huge signing IMO, master of playing CCB in 3 ATB & a leader figure (alongside Tarkowski)..


@JohnTerry26 @Tarky19 Tarkowski / Coady / Pickford is a good solid trio, communication will be sound for a start, get a good defence and go from there.

Coady and Tarkowski’s leadership will prove far more valuable than their stats this season. #EFC.

@Adam_Jones94 Extremely impressed by his interview, him and tarkowski natural leaders. Everton type center backs..

I’m not Holgate’s biggest fan, but he’s deffo improved under Lampard. Now we’ve got Tarkowski & Coady, hopefully we see the best of Holgate now he’s not playing with Mina & Keane the big, dosy yard dogs!.

There is only 1 club genius enough in the entire Premier League, to sign CBs James Tarkowski n Conor Coady (loan) this summer window, after just avoiding relegation last year n then selling their top scorer n losing the other to a short-term injury!!.

@jordyxcollins @RBMersey Coady is also a genuinely good defender. He’s not fancy and doesn’t win the ball much or build out play, but he doesn’t make many errors and has great positioning. Him and Tarkowski will be a good pair in a 4atb and 3atb..

lampard actually would have signed him and tarkowski for chelsea that’s crazy.

Coady me gusta menos que a la mayoría, pero tener a él y a Tarkowski debe ser sinónimo de permanencia, aunque hay que trabajarlo. Si quieres bloque bajo, es una dupla ideal. En año de Mundial y con la llegada de Collins en los Wolves, salir es lo mejor que ha podido hacer..

@lcfchurstyyy Tbf Tarkowski I can understand and we actually did want him and bid for him before.

Pickford Patterson Tarkowski Coady LCB McNeil Iwobi Doucoure Gordon DCL Gray That can easily challenge for mid table. Everton just need to channel the Dyche-Burnley competitive spirit. Simple, direct football. Bank of 5 bank of 4. Make Goodison a nightmare for teams to go to.

@LeeSilk81 @Carra23 Everyone you listen to speaks well about him, him and Tarkowski have massively improved the defence instantly just by what theyll add by organisation and communication..

@Toffeegirl13 Is the story true about Gerrard going to see Tarkowski and Tarkowski still choosing Lampard.

Tarkowski, Coady, Gueye, Onana, McNeil, Vinagre & maybe Terrier that’s mad business for Lamps Everton 🔥 No chance they going down imo.

@lindop_ryan Supposedly good at 3 at the back but im sure hes accomplished at 2 and with another solid cb in tarkowski and gueye in front theres more than enough to cover a more attacking line up when we have a striker somewhere around the club.

Solid signing. Should have good partnership with Minna. With Tarkowski and Godfrey on both wings, they should have a stable defence..

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