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@SteveRogers1943 uh cool sheid? Sheid? Siri how do I spell shied? The metal thing taskmaster Carry’s.

With the announcement of @taskmaster series 14 cast. I feel like it’s time to bring this back 😂😂😂.

I kinda love how Taskmaster doesn’t really have a standard “my word is my bond” merc code. Sure, he’ll most likely do the job if you pay him, but if the heroes pay him more, or if it’s just suicidal and not worth his time, he’ll gladly ditch a contract..

#Taskmaster Photo,#Taskmaster Photo by Gunner Dobbins ( Everything Everywhere era),Gunner Dobbins ( Everything Everywhere era) on twitter tweets #Taskmaster Photo

Thankfully is not the real Taskmaster which we would probably get the real Taskmaster in Deadpool 3..

can’t believe i just got ed on taskmaster again. i will never complain about anything ever again. my crops have been watered my skin has been cleared..

We also have our second Scottish contestant at last! @FernBrady you absolute legend #Taskmaster.

@EdGambleComedy and the duck/pipe disaster is me every day at work right now #Taskmaster.

Here are all the people I saw live at an episode recording. All of them are funny… except one..

I was literally thinking the other day how much i’d like to see @SarahMillican75 on @taskmaster and there she is! 😁.

i do have to say that i loved @Herring1967 grape task. love a good Pinot Gregio 🤣 #Taskmaster.

Another awesome lineup, it’s gonna be torture waiting for episode 1. Oh well, rewatches of earlier series it is then!.

*watches #Taskmaster series 14 cast reveal* Dammit. Still no Bill Bailey. @AlexHorne.

Fantastic #ChampionofChampions @taskmaster. Loads of belly laughs. Really excited for the next lineup too- y’all are doing amazing 😍.


im so excited for fern brady on taskmaster i feel like she has the perfect vibe for it.

I would never play poker against @Herring1967 I am SURE he lost taskmaster probably to @EdGambleComedy but he TROUNCED HIM!.

@taskmaster Has this been filmed already? Would love to be in the audience, so how do we find out when it is being filmed?.

Great to see the lineup for the next series of Taskmaster. I was just thinking the other day that Dara O’Briain should do it..

#Taskmaster Photo,#Taskmaster Photo by Adam Knight,Adam Knight on twitter tweets #Taskmaster Photo

i missed love island, anna on who do u think u are, AND taskmaster tonight cos i touched some grass that’s so sad for me actually.


@EdGambleComedy @taskmaster who would have been the guest if you won i’d like to know please.

@timster88 @taskmaster well sorry i just got off of my carer job and jumped online, not knowing TM was on while my tv recorded it for me to watch on Saturday when i finally have time.

Yes!!! And please make it available for us to watch in Australia please!.

@Andrew_M_G @taskmaster well sorry i just got off of my carer job and jumped online, not knowing TM was on while my tv recorded it for me to watch on Saturday when i finally have time.

@taskmaster Bloody hell. Taskmaster is not a show you can catch up on later, is it? Cheers for this..

@taskmaster I think this series was the funniest one ever!!! SO SO SO looking forward to the next one!.

@taskmaster The Champs of Champs need to have a mini series, not just one episode. How about an episode for the lowest scorers from each series to redeem themselves?.

@HashtagMyself @taskmaster Yea seen this unsure of 3 of the people but Dara will definitely be good.

@taskmaster Argh! Need to remember to unfollow Taskmaster before the end of the next final🤦 Still excited to watch this though!.

@SarahMillican75 @taskmaster I have been hoping for this since the very start! So glad you’ve gone for it, hope you’ve had/are having fun with it 😊.

@taskmaster @KerryAGodliman Am I the only one pedantic enough to notice Kerry was not behind the rope when releasing the duck..

@taskmaster When will you do a champion of losers version….. or… or…. Hear me@out on this…… Loser of losers!!!!!!!!.

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