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“Betty” Live from the 2020 Academy of Country Music Awards is out now 💫

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Tom Fitton
Tom Fitton ()

This is an irresponsible falsehood. No police officer murdered Ms. Taylor.

Yamiche Alcindor
Yamiche Alcindor ()

Breonna Taylor’s mother’s statement: I was reassured Wednesday of why I have no faith in the legal system. The police and law were not made to protect us black and brown women. I knew Daniel Cameron would never do his job. The system as a whole has failed Breonna.

Stephen McCalden
Stephen McCalden ()

Taylor and Freeman have both been stand out this game. Good additions to the squad this summer. #NFFC

New York Times World
New York Times World ()

Do you know the countries that signed agreements with Israel on Tuesday? Take our news quiz.

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Rose ()

when you got dressed in a second to run and get a signed taylor album ... but your dad makes you have a photo shoot

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𝐝⸆⸉ ()

taylor swift could’ve easily said “i want a private life with my lover” instead of “i want auroras and sad prose i want to watch wisteria grow beneath my feet cuz i haven’t moved in years and i want you right here” and somehow that was everything

⁷Sophie⁵𖧵 ¹/ʜᴏᴛ₁₀₀🍀IA
⁷Sophie⁵𖧵 ¹/ʜᴏᴛ₁₀₀🍀IA ()

Omfg wait Taylor released fearless in 2008 JJK1 FEAT TAYLOR SWIFT IS COMING

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Alex Goldschmidt
Alex Goldschmidt ()

Sorry, can’t hear you. Too busy imagining what Taylor Swift’s re-recorded albums will sound like.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift ()

“Betty” Live from the 2020 Academy of Country Music Awards is out now 💫

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Bianca⸆⸉ ()

twitter abbreviations y’all must know: OOMF - one of my followers NGL - not gonna lie WDYM - what do you mean IRL - in real life OOTW - taylor’s best music video

RedRedWhine ()

@brettamtpa Yep, Clough and Taylor. 2 Euro Cups (Champions League) titles, back to back, won the League, league cups, etc. Then, after they Clough retired Forest got 3rd in the Prem as recently as 1995. Oh how it all went wrong from there.

mirza ☭
Mirza ☭ ()

taylor has done a lot of embarassing things but dating calvin Harris and treating him like he is the only man in the world tops the list

Taylor Nation
Taylor Nation ()

Our favorite kind of party 🥳 is one where taylor sings #betty on acoustic!!!! Now you can listen to her 2020 #ACMawards performance on your favorite music platform!!! ♥️✨ Find it here:

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John Bauer
John Bauer ()

I try not to be too controversial and never want to offend that said, and hear me if both Tua AND Burrow both end up being fantastic QBs and CEH AND Taylor are both fantasy monsters?! Sorry to get too political.

*gero* he/him
*gero* he/him ()

para escribir el fic escucho a Z y a Ashe para escribir el au escucho a Billie para dormir escucho a todos juntos con Taylor mi vida es la musica literal

there it is, ruahn! 💫 heaven and hell
There it is, ruahn! 💫 heaven and hell ()

@ts13folk love story poderia ser #1, twaf, ikywt, me, yntcd, idwlf, a taylor teve tanta música com potencial de #1

🎃Matt Summospiria🎃
🎃Matt Summospiria🎃 ()

@marclombardi I quote Taylor Negron’s “you think you’re so fuckin’ cooool, don’t you?” line from last boyscout a lot

Taylor Hensler
Taylor Hensler ()

@nixon1019 I think teachers should use Twitter to share ideas with other teachers and keep parents/guardians up to date. #StLCCTech4Teach

Caitlin ()

thinking about how much taylor wanted to sing fuck on national tv last night and the smirk she did girlie knew we are also desperate to see that

Taytay🇭🇹🥁 ()

Je sais pas qui a mixé QALF mais la qualité de son seigneur dieu bénisse l’ingénieur 😮

Taylor Swift News
Taylor Swift News ()

💬 | “The Big Red Machine is quite far along — Taylor has been amazing [at giving feedback]. [On if she appears on the album] *Laughs* I can’t really say, so I guess I’ll say neither yes nor no.” — @aaron_dessner on if Taylor appears on his album The Big Red Machine [@billboard]

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liz₃₇₃ BLM
Liz₃₇₃ BLM ()

@breathinlovatic omg thank u sm i stg ima become way more of a demi stan i’m literally just learning all of taylor’s music rn lmao but she’s next on my list

💎 (flop era)
💎 (flop era) ()

i used to have a taylor swift notebook back when i was a kid but everyone in my class bullied me 💔

ɯɐs ()

like literally I wasn’t comfortable by making an updates account while my English is so weak and facing a lot of pressure i’m still supporting taylor AND YALL WANT ME TO HATE TAYSPOTIFY AGAIN

Chris 🇺🇸
Chris 🇺🇸 ()

Taylor Swift stalker sentenced to prison for sending threatening letters via @foxnews

˗ˏˋellie⁷ˎˊ˗ ()

why was every video the internet has of taylor swift performing betty filmed on a microwave

Taylor Nation
Taylor Nation ()

taylor led us to the garden at the #ACMawards tonight 🌸🌼🤠🌸🌼 and we can’t 👏 get 👏 #betty 👏 out of our heads!!!!!! @taylorswift13 @ACMawards

Twitter Music
Twitter Music ()

Taylor Swift is performing country music like it’s 2007 again

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Ye ()

Bono can I get a retweet Love you Paul can I get a retweet love you Drake Kendrick even Taylor We need you right noooooow ⛷

The Undefeated
The Undefeated ()

Cam Newton, Teddy Bridgewater, Dwayne Haskins, Lamar Jackson, Patrick Mahomes, Kyler Murray, Dak Prescott, Tyrod Taylor, Deshaun Watson, Russell Wilson 10 Black starting QBs in Week 1 -- the most in a season opener in NFL history 🙌🏾

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☚ Eagles Coady ☛
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