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No man ever took over a role so brilliantly as @grahnort, Terry Wogan was the God of #Eurovision but Graham picked up his baton and runs with it like a champion, do other countries have this type of commentary?.

It’s song 9, here’s where we all raise a glass to Sir Terry Wogan. 🧡 #Eurovision.

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In the words of the late, great Terry Wogan: “Can they please show us the commercials?” #Eurovision.

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Do you remember watching TV with your parents? One of the safest evenings was #Eurovision with Terry Wogan’s gently sardonic commentary which made you feel grown up when you started to get the jokes..

The UK last won #Eurovision in 1997. Graham Norton is now the age that Terry Wogan was all those years ago, I blame Tony Blair …...

#Eurovision thank God for Terry Wogan and Graham Norton for managing english living rooms all these years 🇮🇪.

There needs to be a law that every Eurovision should be hosted by Måns, Petra, Mika and a hologram of Terry Wogan. #Eurovision #ESC @bbceurovision.

Betty and Estelle in an interview with Terry Wogan (1990) Just Betty basically telling everyone that she is Rose Nylund 😂✨.

Graham Norton - an Irish man - using the word ‘we’ when discussing the UK in the Eurovision is one of the many reasons why I don’t watch it! God bless Terry Wogan (RIP) - his sarcasm poking fun at the show fitted in nicely with actually being a proud Irish man……. Graham!.

İngiliz spiker Polonyalı şarkıcı için Gary Barlow tınısı var, bunu iltifat olarak söylüyorum dedi afşhshf. And I miss Sir Terry Wogan. #Eurovision.

Anyone else miss Terry Wogan? Used to be in hysterics with his cutting humour. #Eurovision.

@BrianWFoster You should have heard the legend that was Terry Wogan when he presented it. After the first bottle of wine, allegedly, 9 or so songs in, he became very honest and it was gold..

#Eurovision isn’t the same without Dear old Sir Terry Wogan… TrulyMissedEuroComedy.

Gram getting properly catty as we enter the Terry Wogan pished stages. Could be fireworks here #Eurovision.

So glad they found someone close to Terry Wogan’s calibre in Graham Norton. Some great one-liners tonight. #Eurovision.

@NursepollyRgn @VonnyR7 You wouldn’t hear Terry Wogan doing that. And him from LimerIck. Norton is cork ysee. They’re all effectively English in cork. Well known fact..

@vii_lauren And Finland’s 1976 is another. It’s funny because the UK coverage has also been done by an Irish man right from the start. There’s only ever been 2 hosts Terry Wogan and Graham Norton..

@DominiqueTaegon It was the first time I watched #Eurovision since Terry Wogan did it. Also I only watched to see Ukraine win. So for UK to come 2nd was a real bonus..


@ParisLondon89 @gmlmonika That would be IRISH humour. Both Terry Wogan and Graham Norton are Irish NOT british.

@Fifi_B90 Agree re Graham Norton, nauseating, but, re Terry Wogan, he was just as bad, possibly worse. The West Britism lives/d large in both..

@Jen_m101 @sooby72 I do miss Terry Wogan getting bottles of wine deep and getting more and more sarcastic as the night goes on..

@Jones4PilkyPark @AndrewSaywell He’s hilarious … miss Sir Terry Wogan but he is just sooo funny 😆.

The UK jury, consisting of Katie Boyle, David Jacobs and Terry Wogan, gave Ukraine 0 points. #Eurovision2022.

@RtSimwon Terry Wogan, the only celeb to charge and take an appearance fee every year for hosting Children in.

@ollyrobot Terry Wogan used to do it before, was also good Damn you guys are good at exporting tv/radio presenters you must be very proud.

As Graham reminds us it’s that time. To Sir Terry Wogan 🥂#Eurovision.

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Song 9, I love you terry wogan #Italy 🇮🇹 #ITA Audience be quiet let him sing Day and night they are Are they gay or European That dad dancing for a sec there This feels like I’m intruding on a moment They should play this when heartstopper reaches “that” scene 7/10.

@Kelsgtfc Tried explaining eurovision to the kids including the commentators, and my kid just said who is terry wogan. In shock i am that old and kids have never heard of terry wogan. 😲.

#Eurovision I miss Terry Wogan getting progressively inebriated as he ploughed through the Baileys ..

@jackkirby Marty Whelan! We also claim Graham and previously Terry Wogan. Yiz have no one to touch us. This is our brilliant Marty..

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