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A heart-warming moment ❤️ United fan Tess caught up with @AlessiaRusso7 and Marc Skinner after the full-time whistle today 👕 #MUWomen || #WSL.

My 15 minute speech at the World Council for Health conference in Vienna is now online. Thank you Tess @Lawrie_Dr & @ShabnamPalesaMo & all other organisers for your tireless efforts for humanity.

if the audience is on their feet and there’s no tess daly to point it out, did it even happen? #strictly.

The skipper Tess Madgen leads the “LJ” chant!!! How bloody special. I’m not crying - you are!!!!! 30pts in her last game for the Opals..

Veronica Mata, Tess’s mom, talked through tears about her daughter killed in a Uvalde school. “They were massacred in their classroom. Let me say that again, they were massacred in their classroom!,” she exclaimed as voices of children playing in the background rang through..

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Los de cheesecake de limón y pastel de moka!! 👩‍🍳🎂.

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@LittleTess3 @KelliDa80763885 Shoor tess. Good too see yooz #OTLFP.

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“No Tess, obviously not. I booked a Travel Lodge in Blackpool for Musicals Week, but that’s clearly not happening now, is it? Bet we get stuck with the rumba first as well. Joke. Absolute joke. And if Claudia thinks I’m walking up there, she can do one.” #Strictly.

Tess perving over the male contestants needs to stop. If Bruce had done that to the ladies there would have been hell to pay #Strictly.

Ele fez o Tess abrir uma empresa, lançar 2 filmes, sendo um de sucesso que concorreu em um festival importante E o Tess? Simplesmente deixou ele arruinado e desempregado 🤦🏻‍♀️ #ViceVersaEP11 #ViceVersa.

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Good Morning!!🫠 朝ょー! 喫茶店モーニングいくわょー☕️😆.

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sea is so talented for basically portraying 2 characters in one show bc he had to act as talay then act as tess in talay’s body. my Man!!!.

After a 10 day ordeal for Her Royal Majesty (may she RIP) I am over that Royal Family and certainly not concerned with tantrums from an ill-tempered man. Notice the difference in leadership styles already?.

They have dusted Tess down, given her a good wax and she is ready for the season …..

(IWC) (C4S) (POV clips & pics) (All the behind the scenes filth) (My wishlist).

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well blaim #russia for this entire arabic world gonna recent you eventually : Urgent | Lebanese Environment Minister to Al-Jazeera: The closure of official immigration gates by European countries led to the growth of unofficial routes.

@Naughty_Dog I’d love to play a Last of Us prequel taking place during those 20 years post outbreak. Playing from multiple viewpoints as Joel, Tommy, Tess or others could be very cool :).


@not_tess_ andrew stomps to his car looking like a wet cat and goes to never go near that fountain again.

@_ani_626 WHAHAHHAHAH YES. And then the fountain that has been broken all the time suddenly starts to work again and falls all on his head, just to make matters worse hehhe.

I see it’s that time of the year that Tess, Claudia and the judges have been brought out of hibernation, defrosted, and been covered in fake tan and sequins. Anyway, wow Will Mellor can certainly move can’t he?! 💃😂 #Strictly @bbcstrictly.

@DonE626 Been a blast! Thank you for every stunning boat ride 🥺💙 and your unfailing sunny positivity..

@Mariners Hey Admin can you wish my sister Tess a happy birthday? Here’s us in the early 2000s (I’m on the left, she’s on the right).

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@DrSdeG I really want tess’ jumpsuit from last wk. 😂 Not sure I could pull it off tho. 🤣.

And if this new love ends it will have to go on in me like a mountain behind a town — Tess Gallagher.

@tess_vhsu tessさん、おはようございます🙇‍♂️ 気をつけて((ヾ(・д・。)フリフリ.

E fora que mds como que shippa a bomba do tess com o amor de pessoa que é o tun.

It is clear from the reaction of Russia that the war against Ukraine does not have popular approval in White house or the rest of world give back what is #ukraines.

@TheGalacticos14 @Greysballad I don’t think I’ve ever put Tess above an actually good character.

@tessxedit non ho parole, ho pianto, sul serio, è ❤️‍🩹.

@TheGalacticos14 @Greysballad Yh so since Lelouch is not peak why does it feel like hype if I say Tess is better. That’s not hyping cause Lelouch ain’t all that anyways.

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