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Tweet247 | Updated: Wed, 18 Apr 2018, 00:08 AM IST

The Smiths Top Tweets On Twitter

  • Morrissey was never in The Smiths, say fans.

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  • I always thought yer man from the smiths was a prick..

  • @crysomemore i like one smiths song and it is that one song that gets played. that meme perfectly encapsulates me trying to enjoy the smashing pumpkins.

  • @Lookforthewoman I lost The Smiths during a break-up with my 10th grade boyfriend and I am SO grateful about that now..

  • i’m not even that into the smiths but Wow.

  • @TheWrap What years I thought the Smiths were depressing now I realize Morisy is just sad and pathetic.

  • goddamnit morissey just shut up and let me listen to the smiths.

  • @TwitterMoments I have no Idea who the Smiths are and bug shock another racist ass hole.

  • proper feel like i canny like the smiths anymore bcos Morrissey is a divvy.

  • @bombsfall @HitlerPuncher And even this is debatable because I never got on with the Smiths..

  • The smiths: Panic Haven knows um miserable now Asleep.

  • @almurray Johnny Marr was the only talented member of the smiths tbh.

  • Okay, just another naive idea of my youth to be disposed. Not longing for The Smiths to reunite any longer..

  • Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want (a massive brain aneurism that wipes my mind of everything Morrissey did or said since The Smiths).

  • The Smiths - This Charming Man.

  • @1Hanmdd Yep. Smiths records will be put to the bottom of the pile..

  • @FionaKenny1 I just saw what he has been saying, yeh no Smiths reunion there, ruining his legacy with the BS that he is churning out of his gob ..smh.

  • Odd role reversal being that him from The Smiths is now doing Bernard Manning.

  • Growing up is realizing the girl in “Mixtape” probably criticized the Smiths and Morrissey for good reason and that Jesse Lacey was probably just acting like a petulant man child..

  • The Smiths - Girlfriend In A Coma (Official Music Video) via @YouTube #80smusic #80s.

  • According to Morrissey acid attacks in London are all non-white. For someone who claims to know so much about this subject, Moz clearly has no idea who Arthur Collins is or the fact that Collins is currently doing time for one of those.

  • Posiblemente la mejor canción de las menos conocidas del grupo mancuniano Half A Person - 2011 Remastered Version de The Smiths.

  • @SoSofieFatale @officialmoz Sad, though. The Smiths were amazing and changed music as we knew it. WTF happened to him?.

  • Morrissey. That a Thundercunt. The Smiths. Great band. Can hold both views simultaneously..

  • @cultauthor TBH anyone who championed The Cheeky Girls over The Smiths is feeling pretty smug now..

  • agora deu vontade de ter um namoradinho indie que vende miçangas na praia, usa camisetas de bandinhas indies e series e é apaixonado por the smiths e the neighbourhood será que existe?.

  • I haven’t enjoyed the smiths since 2012 all bc of that punk ass racist ass bitch Morrissey. Fuck the guy!!!.

  • @a_leesha1 Be careful of how much my generation (80s) adored the Smiths! But the vast majority of us are embarrassed by his views - but don’t think no-one knows who he is;).

  • Bandas preferidas ? — gorillaz unknown mortal orchestra mild high club the smiths e the doors sao as q eu mais to.

  • While in The Smiths, #Morrissey was a racist xenophobic pretentious bore. Now in the 21st Century, Morrissey is still a racist xenophobic Islamophobic pretentious bore..

  • @elinlowri @stellacreasy The response are just the best - love love the smiths - Saw them in queen is dead tour - but came into their own being played again and again in my teenage bedroom.

  • @uersfeld Ich habe auch keinen Spaß mehr, wenn es ertönt. Selbst bei The Smiths schüttelt es mich. Seitdem mehr The.