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So absolutely NO ONE is watching this match because we are all on freaking out over the name Viking Experience #RAW.

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“So They Thought The Viking Experience Was The Stupidest Thing I’ll Show Em, I’ll Show Them All! Ahhahahaha!” 😂😂😂 #RAW @WWE.

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Lmao at WWE changing the Viking Experience from their Team Name to their Team finisher 😂😂.

Only 90’s kids will remember The Viking Experience! #WWERaw #WWE @WWE.

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The Viking Experience Undergo Name Change … Again:.

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Blaming all the dopes and losers who whined about THE VIKING EXPERIENCE being such a bad name instead of ironically liking it like the rest of us for the name being changed.

war machine shouldve come to uncle jun who wouldve let them be the viking experience. theyd pronounce it biking experience and then they could perhaps take some velocipedes to the ring with them to show theyre good sports. incur the wrath of suzu suzuki. all this could be theirs.

[email protected] and @TheRochaSays discuss what everyone is talking about after Raw -- The Viking Experience. Watch our full recap show now on YouTube..

Rumour has it the War Raiders had their names changed after Vince overheard Sarah Logan tell Rowe she was gonna give him the Viking experience to celebrate his debut.

Still hate the name The Viking Experience. Also why did they not come out with their belts?! Finally watching so sorry for the delay. #RAW.

Why are people having a go at Road Dogg for “The Viking Experience” thing? Is he writing #RAW now?.

Unfortunately I did not know war raiders but they sound like the team called ‘happy beards’! They loved being vikings and having fun! 500/5 stars! The Viking experience is only possibly by visiting York! But the team reminds me of hot new tag team “angry beards”. 300/5 stars.

This ... is ... The Viking Experience. Welcome. This is The Viking Experience; welcome ... to The Viking Experience. You can do anything at The Viking Experience. Anything at all. The only limit is yourself. Welcome ... to The Viking Experience..

Just recorded an amazing Frank & Gus Show where we the ACTUAL Viking Experience and learn of Bruhdy Mary the contra killer. #bruhdymaryisgonnakeelyou @JoeNumbas.

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still thinking about how it’s even possible that the name they landed on was “The Viking Experience” it’s just so wildly shitty.

If anything this Viking Experience thing shows that Triple H doesn’t go far enough. Vince doesn’t have a clue what names are in NXT, could call them anything. Call Bobby Fish the King Shit of Fuck Mountain again..

Everyone think the Viking Experience is a bad tag team name, but do you remember the CORRE?!.

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@austinwrestlin @SimonMiller316 How else are you going to feel the Viking Experience?.

That face you make when you come up with the name The Viking Experience.

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My Emoji Reaction To #RAW ‘s #SuperstarShakeup : The Miz 😐 Cedric Alexander 😏 Eric Young 🤨 Lacey Evans 😁 👒 EC3 😖 Naomi 🤗 The Usos 😃 Lars Sullivan 🙂 Rey Mysterio 😑 Andrade & Zelina Vega 😁 The Viking Experience 😟😩🤬 Aleister Black 😒 Ricochet 🤑 AJ Styles 😁😁😁 @WWE.

Still thinking about “The Viking Experience” and that the largest wrestling company in the world, with a room full of presumably talented writers, landed on that as the best creative option..

@Hodgamania @WrestleSketcher And I like Rowe and Hanson more than I despise the Viking Experience..

I’m honestly quite worried The Viking Experience will end up handing out information leaflets to audience members since their name sounds like a tourist destination.

Am I the only one that thinks “The Viking Experience” sounds dumb as hell? @wwe #RAW.

Fans watching The Viking Experience debut on #Raw last night 😂.

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So absolutely NO ONE is watching this match because we are all on freaking out over the name Viking Experience #RAW.

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