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Updated: September 15th, 2021 06:42 PM IST

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No confirmation from Leeds United about Pascal Struijk yet but @TheAthleticUK expecting the club to submit an appeal to the FA this afternoon:

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👏| Good luck to the under 18s who play their first FA Youth Cup game tonight. #UTB #JoinTheBoroFamily

@SILVERRED187 praise God sho, there is such a thing as too much for the folks down there

My boyfriend neighbor asked ME can I turn the music down ME: “No. 🙂” PaPa say I can do what I want 😌 sorry fa ya 😌😌

@MalcomRiley22 @_beardownloyal this is the leno conversation we have so many needs that we just cant look the draft and hope we hit every pick; OL money is going through the roof and quality guys at any spot is hard to find in FA. Coward is on an active 53 (steelers) that tells you everything

@andrearadri @PhilHay_ It was us against the FA and the Super League Liverpool and golden boy Klopp - never gonna win - let’s add some more fighting spirit to our game #lufc

It’s a bit like: dropping the player from your squad who was never good enough to play for the first team to begin with, but only after he’s made an error which costs you the league, then made the same mistake to lose the FA Cup Final… #GavinWilliamson #ToryShambles

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¡Feliz Mes de la Herencia Hispana! Join us here all month for highlights from across the district as we celebrate Hispanic Heritage! Also, mark your calendars for Oct. 13 at 6pm as we celebrate our Fine Arts Noche Gigante across the district at three different outdoor sites!

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Never thought I’d be saying this but I beg we draw Grimsby away in the FA Cup.

Herve Renard wants the job, but @ghanafaofficial will need to cough out $100k per month. FA investigations shows he is on $70k and not $100k, but that was still on the high. FA maths showed that, if they are to pay him his due, it will be about $ across contract duration.

‼️RUMORS‼️ just in that Waifu FC is waiting for the greenlight approval of the signing of Ahmad Kaneki Ken from Single FA to manage Waifu FC Our sources told us that the move is already a done deal✅ (@mrworldwiddee) Announcements will be by the boss himself @Ahmad_KanekiKen

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@AlausaIssaSanni No be like that fa, I no wan wahala for my mental The Samsung wey dey my hand, the last time I checked, iPhone users requested that we snap with my android. So subhuana Robika 😂... But if na gift person decide to gift me, I go collect am

@Mo_89_Fa @Arrizabalager cry 😭 more ! we are chelsea ! we are the champions of europe. put some fvcking respect on our name. u better say “sir chelsea” 😂😂

@biatells Cacete isso me lembrou demais um roteiro de fã que fizeram do the office do Michael reagindo a morte do Harambe falando que preferia que mil crianças morressem antes do doce príncipe Harambe

#Bitcoin as expected price is heading to 48k level 👌 carful, if it is a correction then price might end at as wave C then dip or to breakout by a daily close and to continue the rise exceeding 49k level to look for a new ATH I am bullish against level Not FA

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🟡🟢 | Saturday sees us take on Bamber Bridge in the FA Cup second round qualifying and we NEED you all. So its challenge time for you all again, Linnets fans can we beat our record attendance of 729? Tell your friends, family, neighbours, postman or just anyone you know.

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That actually embarrassing from FA man how tf did we finesse the appeal for Son??!!

Leeds united hated again by opposition fans and the Back to normal 😂😂😂⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️

1. FC Köln started virtual partner meetings with Nippon Sports Science University in 2021, the Kyoto FA and Aioi High School to teach coaches and players. Ties were established by Yuka Hirano that played for Japanese women soccer team. 6/6

13 anni fa moriva Richard Wright, storico e sottovalutatissimo tastierista/compositore dei Pink Floyd. Se oggi possiamo godere di certe perle è anche merito suo. Qui The great gig in the sky, uno dei loro brani più famosi, composto interamente da lui

@DarrenArsenal1 @SheWore Mime was years ago York City FA cup 3rd round. Standing knee deep in snow, train home no heating, but the banter was epic

@SkySportsPL Juergen klopps decision in Craig pawsons ear stands then , class from the corrupt @FA once again 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

2 Fa Cup semis, 1 league cup semi, European football, I never realised how lucky I was growing up on Ewood with this guy in charge and the great team we had. Some amazing games 😍

😡 “It’s scandalous, shocking decision.” 🤦‍♂️ “I’m not surprised… It just shows you they [The FA] are bampots.” 😤 “Anyone with any intelligence would see there was no malice in it!” Ally McCoist slams The FA for upholding the red card shown to #LUFC’s Struijk.

Shambolic decision in the first place, but this call right here just about sums up how the ‘FA’ is run by the ‘big 6’ and it’s not even sly. Outrageous that Struijk will now miss 3 games for a tackle we see 5 times every game! #lufc

I fucking hate social democracy so much it’s unreal Alak yala ne mix ya gama3a el free market ma3 immense social regulation, fa enta wala 3andak free market, wala 3andak a strong social state, enta a3ed betetnak fe circular loop until the business tycoons knock on ur door

رقم خیمه نشینان در پارک تفریحی شهرنو در حال افزایش است

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@moneyworks4u_fa Indeed - this kind of move was out of syllabus 😆 Market has the final say! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙏🏻

@Vialconica Not sure what the go is with this stock. Only when the market wants will it go, until then we will see days like today. Frustrating. When other stocks are stonking with no where close to VML s level of FA. Baffled

The fact Elliot thinks it wasn’t a red card but yet still the FA decline his can’t make it up. They should of atleast took into account Harvey Elliot’s statement.

No confirmation from Leeds United about Pascal Struijk yet but @TheAthleticUK expecting the club to submit an appeal to the FA this afternoon:

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