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Updated: November 27th, 2021 01:42 PM IST

BONJOUR! The boys are back and this time they’re going French 🇫🇷

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Josephine Baker, the French-American dancer and singer who fought in the French Resistance and later battled racism, will become the first black woman to enter the Pantheon.

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I so frequently have a stress dream about suddenly remembering that I’m enrolled in an advanced French class when the semester is about to end that the panic sometimes permeates my waking mind hehe

i don’t know how to participate in the conversation on here because you want to talk about some french man du jour’s personal manifestos and i want to slowly allude to my pica

BREAKING: Priti Patel’s meeting in France on Sunday has been cancelled by the French government. A remarkable snub as the French fume over the PM’s letter yesterday setting out a five point plan which placed much of the onus for the migrant crisis in the channel on France.


@YvonneBurdett3 Indeed. The UK government should respect French sovereignty After all, isnt sovereignty EVERYTHING?

Love my @CryptoMories so French taste with the amazing @SuperlativeSS to the Moon! #LEGENDARYTHURSDAY #NFTs

The French Photo,The French Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Brexit Tories astonished to learn fighting with the French makes Immigration Control more difficult.

I don’t want to call myself a market maker… but it is ridiculous how myself and my apes are outperforming the market 🦍 The gems we have called literally all went up. We don’t joke in the money squad 🦍🥊 Gonna bless my wife with another french bitch bag All good tho 🤑🥲

BONJOUR! The boys are back and this time they’re going French 🇫🇷

#INSVela the stealth submarine and Fourth of the Project-75, Commissioned into Indian Navy. A Major milestone in enhancing India’s Naval Capacity and Firepower. INS Vela is built by M/s MDL and is based on the French Scorpene class design.

reading “the second sex” (1949) by french existentialist simone de beauvoir and it’s just like that mitski song omg

The announcement about two German couriers at the beginning of CASABLANCA is delivered by French-born actor Jean Del Val. According to Harlan Lebo, this was the very LAST shot made for the movie, added after preview audiences wanted more clarification. #TCMParty

The French Photo,The French Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

The French Dispatch ✅ Dune ✅ Ahora sí, de vuelta al búnker y los streamings. Nos vemos en la próxima inter-ola, cinito.

The French Photo,The French Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

@StashBro Nice, please only use Distilled water in it or RO, I’ve been using Distilled only in the French press but man I’m so much more of a Cold Drink person in AZ

If you can’t deploy special forces onto French beaches, deploy them halfway and BLOCK THE CHANNEL. @BorisJohnson


PSG weren’t french champions last season Can just tell some of you lot watch 0 football outside of the PL and the CL💀

Just started “The French Connection.” I’ve watched 5,6 times & hadn’t noticed the assassin ripping off a hunk of the dead guy’s long baguette as he steps past him. Fabulously French touch.

@Kjo24201282 @amuse_gueule Whenever Tamil teachers had to get the attendance done, this was the acknowledgment. Greetings were also language specific for Tamil/Hindi/Sanskrit/French according to the subject.

@thegoodsmeller I can just see the three of us—covered with French fried onion bits and bliss! #yum


Who’s gonna tell him Inter are the Italian champions and Lille are the French champions

In tomorrow’s Playbook Full British and French response to the Channel migrant tragedy And Tracey Crouch’s review of football governance is coming tomorrow — some early details in the email

Moments ago on French TV news: vaccination for all (calendar TBD) to be announced tomorrow, from 5mo after the 2nd dose (like in Italy).

Boris Johnson says he has had “difficulty” in getting the French to agree to all of Britain’s offers to crackdown on people smugglers ferrying migrants across the Channel

20 plus illegal immigrants drowned the blame must lie squarely on the French government.

To people saying the death of 20-27 migrants is on the French: 1) they were lawfully in France. The EU let them in 2) being lawfully in 🇫🇷 the French couldn’t lawfully stop them leaving 3) they wouldn’t try to cross if they knew we wouldn’t let them in 4)UK policy encourages them

An appalling tragedy in the #Channel today, but not an unforseen one. The UK government needs to increase cooperation with our French neighbours. And refugee children stranded in the EU, with family in the UK, should be reunited with their loved ones here, safely and swiftly

The tragic loss of many lives in the Channel is desperate news. The hideous traffickers are to blame. Tragically this will not stop until the & French authorities return all the boats to France.

Maryam Rajavi: We call on Europe and France to be firm Message to a conference at the French National Assembly #EUTime4FirmIranPolicy

23 November 1935 | A French Jewish boy, Armand Zlotobreda, was born in Paris. On 17 August 1942 he was deported to #Auschwitz. He was murdered in a gas chamber after the selection.

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