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◉ The youngest manager to win a Premier League title ◉ The only manager to win the Treble with an Italian side ◉ The first manager to earn 100 points in a top-five European league season Now, José Mourinho is in a Stormzy music video. (@GRMDAILY).

Giacomo Raspadori is the most brilliantly Italian sounding name. His parents should be proud..

Federico Dimarco, the Sarah Jessica Parker of Italian football. I just don’t get what he offers.

A half full San Siro, a depleted Italian side and the cautious Southgate plays 3 centre backs. The same Southgate that cost us the Euro’s… get at the cunts and have a go man you big nosed horse. 🤯 #ITAENG #NationsLeague.

@LeilaTavibird The Italian translation of Tiramisu is “Cheer Me Up” - sounds everyone’s a winner !.

Italy’s former PM commented on why Moscow launched its military campaign in Ukraine Russian President Vladimir Putin was pushed to launch the military campaign in Ukraine by his supporters and wanted to replace the government in Kiev with “decent people,” former Italian Pri….

The Italian Photo,The Italian Photo by Gideon Chrisostomo,Gideon Chrisostomo on twitter tweets The Italian Photo

Was me or was the English anthem not sung the best? When she sung the Italian one she seemed to do better? Im guessing because she is Italian?.

@AnthonySabatini Anthony is too young to remember how Italian immigrants were treated here in the late 1800s early 1900s. And it.

@ABerman333 Pretty sure that was a play on the Italian satellites that were supposed to be altering votes conspiracy. Ancient history now. Europe is still hot as hell unfortunately..

Chef Barry Sun opened the restaurant in Blackrock in Dublin after a highly successful stint in the kitchen at Etto on Merrion Row.

Apparently Desantis lineage is Italian. He likes the Roman Catholic illegals streaming into America. They can’t fool me..

@hhariri @seebrock3r I think the correct term is dimensionally-challenged Italian. #cancelled.

@ericswalwell After all the Disastrous policies, out of control inflation, a Crashing Stock Market, a Prolonged Rescission, interest rates raising, open borders, violent crime and murder, Critical Race Brainwashing & elimination of Italian Heritage no way in Hell..

@stephan_nyc I recommend this documentary on September 11th, made by Massimo Mazzucco (Italian director, screenwriter and blogger). the documentary is divided into three parts and explains well all the inconsistencies of that damned day. Good vision 👍.

Currently sparing a thought for someone I know that’s flown to Italy for the match… but is sat on the Italian side 🥲.

Anyone that thinks this is the weakest ever Italian side really needs to look up the 2016 Euro roster.

@a_spampi same it’s embarrassing she will have no clue who i am and i just hope she recognizes my name because of the stupid italian meaning💀.


@paul_wetherall It’s defo a nostalgia thing from watching Italian football in the 90’s..

@easolisloya And a ton of Italian too! All those fleeing Europe in WW1 and WW2 that couldn’t get into the US ended up in Mexico and throughout South America. When you see just how mixed our genes all are it makes racism seem truly idiotic doesn’t it?.

I am still stuck on how fractals help measure coastlines. How big is the Italian coastline, vs the British Isles?.

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