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Penultimate ep of #TheBay tonight @9pm @ITV You will kick yourself so hard if you miss this 👀💩👊❌.

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#TheBay viewers loved this Tracy Beaker star cameo - did you spot it?.

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#TheBay can’t actually believe they wasted a full hour on that? No further on than the last episode. This series is doing my head in it’s so fucking slow. But will I stop watching? Will a shite :).

Just caught up on with the latest episode, so many twists tonight, can’t wait for next weeks but gutted it’s the last one #thebay.

Vincent and Holly met after her dad started doing drug deals with him, they had an affair and he is father of baby. Dylan found out about baby and there was an arguement which Vincent overheard. Vincent killed Dylan. Side note: he is recruiting Abbey for a new dealer #thebay.

Ahh so ready for the last episode of #TheBay ! Definitely thinking that the random female copper that keeps cropping up in every episode has something to do with it!!.

Texts between my mum and I while we’re watching #TheBay @ITV 🤣🤣.

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#TheBay im pretty sure of the male cast 🤷🏻‍♀️😂 not a clue lol.

Am absolutely loving #thebay I hate having to wait a week to find out what’s going to happen. Morven Christie has been fantastically brilliant 👏🏼👏🏼.

@ITV @_DanielRyan ...and just how good are the younger actors in this show? Really impressed with them, will definitely be watching for what they do next after #TheBay 😊.

@ITV I am loving #TheBay but why couldn’t it of been aired on consecutive nights 😫.

#thebay the councillor, councillors son, uncle real dad or youth club owner ? I’ll go youth club owner but only because it’s always someone random 🤷🏼‍♀️.

I’ve watched #thebay and #thewidow and whilst enjoyable as dramas go, the characters annoy me intensely 😳.

Baring in mind Morven Christie is originally Scottish, born in Dumbartonshire. She used her naturally “Scottish” accent in BBC’s The Replacement” & doing an incredible job sounding more Lancashire than anyone who’s actually from Lancashire. Awesome work! Great actress! #TheBay.

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That was a really gripping episode of #TheBay - excited to see how it all unfolds next week!.

That Councillor was a bit pushy for information. A bit too eager for my liking. Keep me up to date. Yeah right mate. #theBay.

Glad Lisa was finally found out but surely the Police officer on front desk would not allow a civilian to walk unaccompanied through a police station and exit out staff entrance? #TheBay.

How is Holly’s hair looking so clean so soon after being found? Mine would be a grim mess after being held captive for so long #TheBay.

The councillor just doesn’t fit into the story yet, his character is so irrelevant! my money is on him #thebay.

God sake, they’ve really dragged this out and there’s not even that much to it in the end. Watch the black hoodie guy be Med #TheBay.

Can’t say I’ve been in one but I’m pretty sure memebers of public can’t wander through and leave via staff exists 🧐🧐 #TheBay #TheBall💩.

Why are people moaning that it’s slow. They need to add suspense somehow. Jesus how impatient are people. It’s a SERIES guys. You knew what you were signing up for 🤣 #TheBay.

As if a police officer would just send the mother out to Lisa, she would’ve been asked to wait until she came back in? They wouldn’t be that friendly or familiar with the mother like that? #thebay.

Started ok this but is now ridiculous #TheBay - how would Jess have been allowed out the back? Why was Holly locked up if there was no baddy/reason? Who cares if Lisa is sacked? How come the stepdad turns out to be a mega drug dealer yet he’s piss poor? 5 hours of my life.

A shocking confession sheds new light on the The penultimate episode of #TheBay Tonight 9pm @ITV.

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Penultimate ep of #TheBay tonight @9pm @ITV You will kick yourself so hard if you miss this 👀💩👊❌.

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