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WE REALLY ARE AT THE END OF DAYS! I agree with EVERY word that Theresa May says here. 😮

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Theresa ()

Não mais eu tenho um namorado perfeito @wtesthamburguer 💕❤️

Curie ()

If they wanna change mother to birthing person, how will we call MOTHER THERESA? Asking for all the MOTHERS and nuns

Paul James
Paul James ()

@Avi_Kaplan Such wonderful news Avi,they could not have a better ambassador 👏😊. I too adore trees 🌳. Love you back loads 🥰❤. Love Theresa xxx

Richard Tice
Richard Tice ()

We live in extraordinary times when I agree with everything Theresa May says against the one of her clearest most passionate speeches ever

Striking13 ()

I’m in agreement with Theresa May. Yep, you read that right…

Regan Howlett
Regan Howlett ()

@Theresa_Chapple @MRogersRN I love her. Always good for a little lifting of the spirit!

Joy Will Do!
Joy Will Do! ()

@TBoisseauATX Yep, inside my head, the theme song from Cheers plays 24/7, Theresa! (although sometimes Carla does get on my nerves) 😂

Anton Nicholas
Anton Nicholas ()

@Antiochean Finally some words of wisdom coming forth from @theresa_may . If only she spoke in this manner when she was PM instead of taking the road to #wokeism.


@mybmc took Covaxin jab on 1st June at Villa Theresa (Jaslok Centre). Certificate delayed. After regular follow ups, certificate received today with Jab date 11th June (today). This is a big blunder. Kindly look into this. #jaslokhospital

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India Covid Vaccine Availability ()

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Aronium ()

Thank you @theresa_may 🙏🏼 How about coming to the US and giving us a dose of the truth? 💉

🌻ᏒᏂᎧᏰ🌻 ()

@OfficialTravlad @inu_cash I like this project theresa a future in ShibaInuCash👍🏻🔥🚀

Josh ()

she really reminds me of Theresa from Berseria, just in different color palette!

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~Just Fully Vaccinated !! RI me...🇺🇸✌️😷
~Just Fully Vaccinated !! RI me...🇺🇸✌️😷 ()

@TBoisseauATX Good Morning Theresa… ❤️❤️❤️❤️ this one (as usual) ..Welcome Friday ❤️💃🏽❤️

Zack Ward
Zack Ward ()

Tina Charles and Ariel Atkins are 1st and 11th in #WNBA scoring, respectively.

Graham A. Jarvis
Graham A. Jarvis ()

@theresa_may talking more sense than the British government about #COVID19 restrictions, travel, etc. 10th June 2021 via @YouTube

Gregory Pastabake 🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
Gregory Pastabake 🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 ()

@KingBobIIV Where was THIS Theresa May when we needed her to do her job as PM? Bang on the money… but having said that… what she’s saying is just common fckng sense!

自重しないトリムネ ()

@Yatu_Theresa カップ焼きそばじゃなくて良かったな? あいつらニュルニュル出てくるから… ( ・∋・)

Karma ()

Theresa May is off again. Continually sniping at every opportunity and for no good reason This thorn in the side needs removing, sooner, rather than later😡 May slams ‘incomprehensible’ travel restrictions on UK despite vaccine success - Evening Standard

Marley Bronson
Marley Bronson ()

You know the country has gone to shit when Theresa May is talking sense! People die unfortunately of viral infections every year, we will just have to live with it, harsh reality, keep saying we need lockdowns we will be in a lockdown forever and life won’t be worth living

Evening Standard
Evening Standard ()

Theresa May says that global Britain “looks shut for business” with a “chaotic” traffic light system ()

Theresa May wraca w znakomitej formie i ATAKUJE premiera Borisa Johnsona! ‘Przez działania rządu ludzie nie będą latać zagranicę JUŻ NIGDY’! ►

Theresa keefe
Theresa keefe ()

@carsueb Interesting…. Perhaps a song that was popular then too might trigger it… I guess any “ sign of that time”…. I wish you could just block it all but interestingly I think therapy for PTSD actually makes you confront it… not sure

Lowell XC / T&F
Lowell XC / T&F ()

We close out the week celebrating our last senior and 2021 MVP Theresa Judd! A determined young lady who will continue to make magic happen in both classroom and track. Aquinas College is getting a keeper. #iownit #bedifferent

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Bees Wax
Bees Wax ()

@MarkHiggie1 Theresa May joins the ranks of ex PMs who still want to think they are important

Chris ()

@NoToPaperTigers @PerthshireMags Thank you. This pandemic has really made my actually listen to some politicians I had written off a long time ago. Even Theresa May this week too!

Darren Grimes
Darren Grimes ()

WE REALLY ARE AT THE END OF DAYS! I agree with EVERY word that Theresa May says here. 😮

Richard Tice
Richard Tice ()

RARELY do I agree with Theresa May but on this she is right: Global Britain is closed for business as we fail to take advantage of our vaccine success due to Govt deliberately moving goalposts.

Sky News
Sky News ()

Boris Johnson needs to level with the public about what the future of travel will look like, Theresa May has said

Paul Bernal
Paul Bernal ()

Your equally occasional reminder that the NI protocol was only necessary because *Boris Johnson* needed to demonise the backstop so he could oust Theresa May and become Prime Minister. This is all on him. Personally.

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