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Salah is due a HUGE #FPL #ThingsPeopleSayThatAnnoyMe.

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#ThingsPeopleSayThatAnnoyMe You look tired (you look 💩) I don’t know how you do it( he’s my son) All ready for Xmas, Easter etc?.

Upon telling people I was in care: “Why? What did you do?” When people hear I’m estranged from my family: “Oh, you should make up. You only get one mum and dad”. On social anxiety: “You should try getting out ” 🤦🏻‍♂️🤔 #ThingsPeopleSayThatAnnoyMe.

#ThingsPeopleSayThatAnnoyMe Basically everything spoken by @mrjamesob collected here. (Credit to rebartic).

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Salah is due a HUGE #FPL #ThingsPeopleSayThatAnnoyMe.

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@pearlylondon #ThingsPeopleSayThatAnnoyMe To server; can I GET a coffee? No you cannot. You can have a coffee though..

Strictly within a Twitter bio: # Influencer, entrepreneur, maven, marketing, solutions, us/our, we , buy my shit, subscribe to my shit, nice guy, single, shy, and turn on my painfully repetitive notifications..

#ThingsPeopleSayThatAnnoyMe Did I tell you I am a #vegan (for the 4 millionth time!).

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#ThingsPeopleSayThatAnnoyMe really this is something I do - saying ‘’ when something isn’t obvious to anyone but me and then immediately apologising for saying it in the same sentence. I do this constantly.

Me: “I’m cold”. Them: “Don’t be daft it’s roasting in here!” How the hell can you tell me how I feel?! #ThingsPeopleSayThatAnnoyMe.

Pacific instead of Specific Expresso instead of Espresso 😤😤😤😂😂😂 #ThingsPeopleSayThatAnnoyMe.

At a non self service counter, “can I get”. Wish someone would turn around and “say sure help yourself, knock yourself out” #ThingsPeopleSayThatAnnoyMe.

Good morning! #ThingsPeopleSayThatAnnoyMe 1. Using like continually when, like, conversing 2. So, starting every sentence with so 3. Using literally incorrectly AND literally in every sentence 4. Mis-pronouncing specific & nuclear 5. Saying free instead of three.

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#ThingsPeopleSayThatAnnoyMe “Lol” this is texting language not speaking language 🤦‍♀️.

‘Smile - it may never happen’. It already did ta. #ThingsPeopleSayThatAnnoyMe.

#ThingsPeopleSayThatAnnoyMe brexit means brexit, leave means leave, just get on with it, we knew exactly what we were voting for, the will of the people, etc etc etc.

Have you punched in yet? Can you do this right away? #ThingsPeopleSayThatAnnoyMe.

“Could be worse” yeah no shit. But right now Im not doin so good! #ThingsPeopleSayThatAnnoyMe.

#ThingsPeopleSayThatAnnoyMe “I can’t hear myself snoring so I don’t care.” You will when I smoother you though.

#ThingsPeopleSayThatAnnoyMe “is everything okay with your food?” Whilst I’m eating it..

#ThingsPeopleSayThatAnnoyMe Are you ok?.When I’m in a #Pub sober and everyone is boozing!!.

“I could care less.” 🧐🤨😕 COULD you? #ThingsPeopleSayThatAnnoyMe.

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When you want them to give 100% and they say 150% trust #ThingsPeopleSayThatAnnoyMe.

Would it kill you to smile? IT JUST FUCKING MIGHT. #ThingsPeopleSayThatAnnoyMe.

Literally Brought instead of bought Gifted/gifting Calm down 😠 Are you still single? lol Have you tried relaxation like yoga or meditation. #ThingsPeopleSayThatAnnoyMe.

Are we there yet? Mom. Mom. Mommy. Are we almost there? #ThingsPeopleSayThatAnnoyMe.

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