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Harry Maguire has now been relegated 5 times in his career. The most in Football history Goat for a reason 🐐 #ThreeLions #ITAENG.

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Wasn’t around to watch the game tonight, but it sounds like we were absolutely dismal. No benefit in sacking Southgate just before a major tournament with no obvious successor, but this form is worrying heading into the WC. #ThreeLions #England.

A few weeks of this lot and we’ll be LONGING for Palace attempting to defend set pieces, an in-game switch to three at the back and Jordan Ayew starting over Michael Olise! 🙄 #ThreeLions #CPFC.

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Allez terminé pour les #ThreeLions. Rien à espérer, relégation en Ligue B, 5e match de suite sans victoire. Prestation très compliquée, à par les 2 tirs consécutifs de HK, très soporifique. Le score aurait pu être + lourd. Gareth, va falloir se poser les vraies questions. #ITAENG.

Maguire🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 game by numbers vs Germany ⤵️ 90’Minutes Played 55 Touches 69% Pass Accuracy 1 Conceded Penalty 2 Errors leading to goal 3 Fouls Committed ‘Reason Southgate trusts him.’ @StatmanDave 🙄 #ENGGER #ThreeLions.

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England finally got the goals they had been waiting for. But mistakes at the back meant they had to settle for a draw with Germany. ✍️ @henrywinter #ENGGER #ThreeLions.

Scotland hopefully go up to group A with England now in B. Even if we stay in B we can then pump your crap team. We’ve not been #relegated unlike the #ThreeLions.

Relegation from League A means Euro 2024 Qualifying just got a lot harder. #ENG #ThreeLions.

If Southgate isn’t down job centre first thing tomorrow then it’s not coming home, #ThreeLions.

#ThreeLions Mistress Abbi is disappointed and will now focus her attention on the Lionesses..

Not scored a goal from open play for 5 games and he’ll still persist with not picking James Maddison 🤦🏼‍♂️ #ITAENG #ThreeLions.

@England Fantastic performance again from the #threelions. After 5 games we have fewer points than the Faroe Islands. Methinks either they are not taking this competition seriously or we really are that bad..

How many times do I have to say it: Gareth Southgate gets by on being a nice person. #ThreeLions #England.

Καλά πήγε κι αυτό για τον Ράμσντεϊλ... #ThreeLions #ITAENG.

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England just not brave enough 😔 #C4Football | #ThreeLions.

@_DeclanRice and Jude Bellingham were for me the stand out players for England tonight. Maybe if the rest of the squad got played more in their home clubs we would stand a chance! #england #ThreeLions 🦁🦁🦁⚽️⚒️❤️.

@gilabola_ina @erfinsyam Mendingan Abanda Herman gw mah da drpd si pelawak. Sbg fans ThreeLions garis keras, gw mah udh frustasi bgt 😭.

Inject it! #ThreeLions ⚽️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🦁.

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