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Updated: July 23rd, 2021 01:43 AM IST

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Dawn Butler thrown out of Commons for PM lie accusation. Hopefully she won’t be allowed back…

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Well done @DawnButlerBrent. The PM is a liar, has lied repeatedly to the public and Parliament, and it needs calling out. Doing so should not get an MP thrown out of the Commons.

@DawnButlerBrent Thank you for voicing the truth earlier today; there are millions of us who respect you for doing so. Being thrown out of Parliament by the speaker is supposed to be a humiliation, but in your case, insisting on telling the truth in such pressurised circumstances was a triumph.

‘Errm, sensuous, evil, umm, a mood of mystery and strangeness, and also a little bit of, err, religion thrown in there too.’

@don_xhaka @JoanaRamiroUK this isnt how this yall adopted a term from a literal not even mentioning i havent heard anyone getting called a nazi outside of strawman argument like this since like, at least 2018. i do still hear fascist thrown around though, which is more fitting

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ok i didn’t know this abt danny, tbh the show either should’ve never let him on or he should’ve been thrown out like other contestants have before for shit they’ve done…

This dynamic duo was a LOT of fun to watch this week, and I can’t say enough how incredibly proud I am of each and every one of our athletes. They all continue to rise to the occasion with every challenge thrown at them. @Gregg_flynn you would’ve been thrilled!

@tomhfh One idiot thrown out of parliament for calling another idiot a liar. Big news day.

That moment when you realize you are the not quite right pillow that will be used in a pinch but thrown to the floor once the perfect pillow is rediscovered.

Dawn Butler thrown out of Commons for PM lie accusation. Hopefully she won’t be allowed back…

@DawnButlerBrent Keep going, no one else seems to be bothered. Comes to something when the one telling the truth gets thrown out.

@therealdre_jack Don’t you know bro Mahomes hasn’t thrown an INT or incomplete pass in two years lmfao

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