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Andromeda💫 ()

@SEA_yt_ greetings from where we’re moving back to Tier at the end of

Brandon ()

@CPFelger55 B, unless a top tier pass rusher is available. LT and secondary can be had in the 2/3 rounds.

Martin H🤓
Martin H🤓 ()

So we may end up coming out of lockdown roughly the same time as rUK. However it is the negativity in the delivery of it. Moving to Tier 3 is still lockdown and no information was supplied for what happens next. Does it get reviewed weekly, 2 weekly etc🤷‍♂️

Lobbanafc ()

@Reaps11 Isnt the whole of Scotland tier 4? So the whole of Scotland will only be tier 3 in 8 weeks time even though the numbers now here would have us tier 2, makes perfect sense 🤦🏻‍♂️

QueenoftheUnderworld ()

@Smallgingergirl Look what’s at the end of the 2m as well. Everyone has forgotten what tier 3 is. Hospitality closed at 6, no alcohol, still can’t visit someone’s house. In MAY. Summer. With a vaccine.

Jay ()

@Glasgow_Times What’s the point in lifting stay at home restrictions on April 5th when tier 4 will still be in place which means you can’t leave your council area? In fact even in level 3 you can’t leave your council area.

Rona Strawbridge
Rona Strawbridge ()

Two months until we might go into tier 3, which we still cant go anywhere for a hike.

June Hurst 🐈🦊🌷🌻🌾
June Hurst 🐈🦊🌷🌻🌾 ()

@WgsCmc I adopted him in August. I had a few outings. In September & October. Then we went into 2nd lockdown & when we came out of that we were in Tier 3. Then Lockdown 3. So he just thinks I stay home with him. 😹

N par
N par ()

@stewartfisher @Reaps11 We (Grampian and all areas lower) should be in tier 3 from when the schools are down to go back March 15th in my opinion! Too cautious! She will have lost a lot of people today again!

☠️ᴡɪᴄᴋᴇᴅ☠️ ()

@TheFlopKhiladi_ Sir jis din me chakkian se milunga us din me twitter quit karunga aur Rajiv jhantiya ko tier 3 star consider karunga

PJR ()

Another @NicolaSturgeon press conference where I come away feeling deflated and frustrated, back to flawed tier system with no clear route to normality. Tone is been set to keep the central belt in tier 3 for the summer!

J.D. BBTG ()

@Sean_BBTG “EVE” was in my tier 3 house, she acted like the biggest brat when she got evicted.

Rawr ()

i have my own ranking this introduction performance, drop ko d2 1. tbz - overall solid 2. skz - arrangement 😭 3. ikon - kinikilig ako 4. ateez - di masyado napakita vocals 5. btob - god tier vocals pero wala dance e 6. sf9 - kulang pa sa prac. pero love ko pa din +++++

Bekkaaaa ()

All over 50s will be vaccinated but we’ll still “hopefully” just be going into tier 3 😂🥴 shes at it

Paul Woodthorpe
Paul Woodthorpe ()

Another example: Every area to go into Tier 3. But some regions were in Tier 1 pre-Xmas and were put into Lockdown, and now facing Tier 3 even though case numbers are LOWER than when in Tier 1. So what criteria will allow them to drop down Tiers if they are already met?

Colin Paterson
Colin Paterson ()

@SMTID Agreed although you funsters in areas like D&G might drop to Tier 2 at that point. South Lan will be Tier 3 as we still have stubbornly high daily case rates. So yeah, longer for the likes of us.

Amir Piya
Amir Piya ()

Come hangout with me > PK TIER on #BIGOLIVE

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Chris ()

@jasonleitch Funny all the rules that were in place now getting binned. Positve tests lower than 5%, hospital numbers falling and occupancy nowhere near peak. NHS is protected with vaccines. Glasgow should be in Tier 2 right now by your own rules. Not tier 3 in 9 weeks.

Iamtheeggman ()

@RadioClydeNews 9 weeks till tier 3 is put back in place, gyms can open but pubs and restaurants cant sell alcohol.

Louise 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Louise 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 ()

So all we have to look forward to is Possibly going into tier 3 at the end of woopy doo 🙄 #fedup #nevergoingtoend

Jenny Bruce
Jenny Bruce ()

We need the tier system reintroduced now. The majority of Scotland needs to move to tier 3 now or there will be no businesses left by April

Tier 3 Photo,Tier 3 Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Unlike healthy people, cancer patients need to know much more than just the assigned priority tier before getting the vaccine shots, since many of them may have weakened immune systems caused either by cancer or the treatment received. Read More :

David ()

I don’t know why anyone is surprised by the end of April date, she will do anything to remain on that TV. Tier 3 at the end of April, watch that date get pushed back too. I only hope she is forced to resign before then.

David A
David A ()

Did I read the government announcements correctly. England will be in beer gardens from the 12 April and Scotland will be under toughest restrictions till 26 April and then move into Tier 3 which has pubs and restaurants closed.

Billy Macdonald
Billy Macdonald ()

@HumzaYousaf Take it the Scottish elections will now be postponed, we can’t go into tier 3 on 29th April and go to a polling station on the 6th May

Craig ()

So the whole of England are told they may potentially be without any restrictions by June, Scotland meanwhile in a couple of months may enter back into the chaotic tier system at tier 3 with no clear date indicated for when normality may resume. What a shower of shite.

Davie1988 ()

@ScotTories An actual opposition to her would be Absolute disgrace extending lockdown till end of April, then going into tier 3 which is just a continuation of lockdown

Janeen ()

Was all excited for lockdown easing to then get hit with we will hopefully go from tier 4 to tier 3 end of April. FUCK SAKE.

Ayush sharma
Ayush sharma ()

Keep your scam plans in your bag & listen this voice clearly ◆Release SSC CGL 19 marks within 3 days. ◆Put a clarification on Normalised Marks issue CGL tier 2 immediately. शहीद भगतसिंह जी ने कहा था बहरों को सुनाने के लिए धमाके की जरूरत होती हैं। #cgl19marks वही धमाका हैं।

Prasanna Viswanathan
Prasanna Viswanathan ()

Various type of metro systems and average cost. Conventional overhead metro system: Rs 300 crore per km. Underground metro costs: Rs 500 crore per km. Metro Lite: Rs 120-140 crore per km Metro Neo: 60 to Rs 80 crore per km Tier-2/Tier-3 cities will get Metro lite, neo

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