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Acclaimed Connemara writer Tim Robinson dies at 85 from coronavirus, a fortnight after his wife Mairead. RIP via @IrishTimesBooks

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RIP Tim Robinson (cartographer) @TheTweetOfGod #TragicDeaths 💔💐 #TimRobinson(cartographer) add some flowers to their gravestone at

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Tim Robinson was a scholar who ... sought to draw attention to the incalculable value of the natural world and the threats that exist to our linguistic, cultural and physical heritage. Statement by President Higgins on the death of Tim Robinson:

Tim Robinson author and cartographer dies from coronavirus, I have his maps of the Aran Islands framed in my living room RIP

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Author and cartographer Tim Robinson dies from coronavirus via @rte

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Back here briefly to say how awfully sad I am to hear of the death of Tim Robinson, two weeks after his wife Mairéad. Discovering his work (via @TheDublinReview) changed everything.

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Acclaimed Connemara writer Tim Robinson dies at 85 from coronavirus

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TIM ROBINSON 1935-2020 - an sárscríbhneoir agus saoi a chuir Conamara ar an mapa tar éis bháis

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Introducing I THINK YOU SHOULD STAY HOME, A Tim Robinson sketch bracket. 32 entries, consisting of every* sketch from ITYSL and The Characters

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@DeeMcQuillan that is so sad about Tim Robinson and his wife xxxx such an amazing couple xxxx heartbreaking

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Sad news on the death of the writer and extraordinary cartographer Tim Robinson who mapped an ABC of the west of Ireland: Aran, Burren, Connemara

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President Michael D. Higgins has penned a heartfelt tribute to the late Tim Robinson, best known for his detailed writing about Connemara and the Aran Islands, who died today.

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Sad news about Tim Robinson. I had the pleasure of interviewing him once when his book The Last Pool of Darkness came out. He was a gentleman and a wonderful writer.

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No mention of Tim Robinson on @rtenews Six One? Or did I miss it? Bill Withers mentioned.

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RIP Tim Robinson. A great writer and cartographer. Here’s a map of the Aran islands he created that was blown up for the exhibition ‘Coast-Lines’ @IMMAIreland a few years back

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Tá an-bhrón orm a chloisteáil faoi bhás Tim Robinson. Tá oidhreacht shaibhir saothair fágtha ina dhiaidh aige. Suaimhneas síoraí dó.

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Acclaimed Connemara writer Tim Robinson dies at 85 from coronavirus, a fortnight after his wife Mairead. RIP via @IrishTimesBooks

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I wore the network of tender little fields and bleak rocky shores of Aran into my skin until I could have printed off a map of them by rolling on a sheet of paper. RIP Tim Robinson. His Aran islands & Connemara books are some of the best nature writing.

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