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#timstwitterlisteningparties seven days to long , stokers drumming , petes bass is good on this , that with a great vocal from kev it lifts the intensity and of coarse pete wingfields piano brass is good to

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Winston Marshall ()

Chaucer, Shakespeare, Skinner #TimsTwitterListeningParty #timstwitterlisteningparties

Chris Turner ()

This ain’t your typical garage joint #timstwitterlisteningparties #TimsTwitterListeningParty

Carl Loben ()

@mikeskinnerltd Original Pirate Material was such a breath of fresh air when it came out. A real word-of-mouth thing amongst my extended fam, it felt street-real & so fresh. Missing link between Happy Mondays & Sleaford Mods #TimsTwitterListeningParty #timstwitterlisteningparties

MsP ()

#lockdownyouraerial reminds me of good times living at the other end of the country, running, and the longest summers 🙌🙌 #timstwitterlisteningparties

RewiredRadio ()

When the classic #timstwitterlisteningparties is over remember we keep the tunes going!

Scott Duncan ()

Do you understand? Or do you need an interpreter? #originalpiratematerial #timstwitterlisteningparties

Simon Denham ()

Was so gutted at Reading 2004. Pre rolled 6 joints and then the band before got booed off and missed half the set ☹️. @mikeskinnerltd #timstwitterlisteningparties

Elaine jennings ()

@DexysOfficial #TimsTwitterListeningParty #timstwitterlisteningparties can’t spell but love the tunes 👍❤️


One of the best opening tracks & sets the tone to an unbelievable album & one of my favourite releases in the last 20 years #OriginalPirateMaterial #timstwitterlisteningparties

Richard Shepherd ()

Nearly time to press play #timstwitterlisteningparties #originalpiratematerial

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Paul DE ()

@DexysOfficial Arguably the best last song on ANY album? I would think @Tim_Burgess #timstwitterlisteningparties #theretheremydear

Paul B ()

@DexysOfficial Very special! Such a good album. Thanks for throwing such a good party - we must do it again some time! #timstwitterlisteningparties

Sheryl ()

Best thing about #timstwitterlisteningparties is the post gig analysis 😂 Pile back to the pub and chew it all over!

Arthur ()

Thank you #timstwitterlisteningparties @Aoife_N_Frances @Tim_Burgess and not forgetting the postie. New arrival today 😎🙏🏽

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Maureen Dunlop ()

@DexysOfficial Thank you! Brilliant to listen to it with everyone #timstwitterlisteningparties

Martin Alarik ()

Patch found but I should have one with more colours as well. #timstwitterlisteningparties

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Stay positive ()

‘There, There My Dear’ - coming home on the bus with the 7”, read & re-read the credits 100’s of times. Bus takes ages & finally get home , b4 jacket is off its on the turntable and those horns practically blow me across front-room! @DexysOfficial #timstwitterlisteningparties

Sean Olaoire ()

Damnnn !! Had forgotten how much I love @DexysOfficial Thanks .. #timstwitterlisteningparties #DexysMidnightRunners

Scottmccready ()

Missed seeing Dexys, split by time I got wise. Got ticket to the RFH 2003 show with mate. Quite freaked him out with full throttle standing on chair screaming love have for this band. Not cool. Fuck it, was amazing amazing. #timstwitterlisteningparties #DexysMidnightRunners

David f ross ()

Brilliant, brilliant record. @DexysOfficial That was brilliant @Tim_Burgess #timstwitterlisteningparties

Wilburforce Moose ()

@DexysOfficial You weren’t Good Kev. You were exceptional Heart, Soul, Passion & Emotion I have over 20,000 Albums and NOTHING holds a candle to this magnum opus Thank you .. All of you . I owe you so much #timstwitterlisteningparties

John Nash ()

Thank you, Tim! I have lots in your archive to dig back #timstwitterlisteningparties

Colin Lambie ()

@mikeskinnerltd @Tim_Burgess been looking forward to this is an understatement #timstwitterlisteningparties #minesakronenburgmate

Frode Nygaard ()

@Tim_Burgess The best #timstwitterlisteningparties so far. And now I just need a repeat of Tell me when My light turns 😍

Kev Adams ()

Still makes me smile when I remember the first time I saw Dexys at the Barrel Organ. Such an impact, like you would not believe in a pub. Storming out and Anyone who thinks Irish jokes are funny, Big Jimmy, Yeah, For Gods Sake Burn it Down #timstwitterlisteningparties

Dave Surman ()

The Dexys listening party was amazing. I’m sweating from dancing! Thank you ❤️ @Tim_Burgess @DexysOfficial #timstwitterlisteningparties

Jason groom ()

That was Ace! Went far too quick #timstwitterlisteningparties

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Kevin Archer ()

#timstwitterlisteningparties seven days to long , stokers drumming , petes bass is good on this , that with a great vocal from kev it lifts the intensity and of coarse pete wingfields piano brass is good to

Lee Trewhela 〓〓 ()

@Tim_Burgess If this album was released next month it would still sound thrilling and new. Absolutely timeless songs, lyrics and production #DexysMidnightRunners #timstwitterlisteningparties @DexysOfficial

Liam Daish ()

Been waiting for that ! Just a brilliant album from a great band ! @DexysOfficial #timstwitterlisteningparties ✊

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