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If you ran a barcode reader over those teeth it would come up as a set of saucepans #tippingpoint.

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@benshephard I just watched the episode with that woody guy who took the trade when jackpot counter was riding and not even close to the edge, surely you must of thought what is this guy doing aswell 🙈🤣 #tippingpoint.

So glad I started watching #tippingpoint @TippingPointITV yesterday cause now I’m hooked, Georgie winning £2350 in the first round is amazing 😂👍🏻 #serieslinked.

@nature_org PLANTINGNATURE! MoreTrees= MoreWater+MoreStable Climate. @nature_org hasALaudablePlan to‘PlantABillionTrees’, butWeDontHave20Yrs forThemToGrow. StoptheKillingOfMatureTrees! NoMatterHowManySaplings arePlanted! WeMust StopTheBleeding..

@benshephard Thanks Ben. You’ve just made my mum’s day! Cheers! #tippingpoint.

“I know Madame Butterfly doesn’t sound Japanese” Saigon being in #TippingPoint.

did man just say lamb after Ben asked what bird 😂 the pressure loooool #TippingPoint.

Georgie is a family friend of mine and seeing people’s reactions on Twitter goes to show how cruel people can be #tippingpoint.

... and there was me thinking that shite adverts like that one for Key Equity Release has been made illegal under The Geneva Convention … 😱😱😱 #TippingPoint #TheChase.

Hey @benshephard my mum loves watching #tippingpoint but most of all loves watching you! Please say a quick hello to my 84 year old mum, Annette! Cheers Ben! This is mum at her 80th Birthday with her kids, my siblings!.

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@amc192 If her late counter drops were anything to go by, she probably delayed CPR until it was too late for the patient. #tippingpoint.

“You’ve got a nice smile on your ” Ben to Georgie, just then. You’re a bad man, @BenShephard. #TippingPoint #OneForTheGuysInTheGallery.

This woman is as thick as mince and she just won over 3K. If you want to win money forget The Chase and Pointless and get on #tippingpoint with the thickos..

Well, I wanted Georgie to win the just to annoy all you horrid twitter trolls!! #tippingpoint.

#tippingpoint Why do they put a bragging tone on when they admit they have absolutely no clue about any element of a question? 😬.

The sights to be seen at the studios slipping into a sexy nurse outfit for Ben, Mark doing donuts on his electric #TippingPoint.

I agree ... one of the best comedy shows ever #tippingpoint.

Her timing is doing my head in! How can you be so stupid in the final round? #tippingpoint.

Poor Georgie. She wants to smile, but is so conscious of her teeth, she closes her mouth before the smile has concluded. #tippingpoint.

She’s an ex nurse, that explains a lot, Magnet Man loved his bed bath and subsequent prostate exam 👍👍 #tippingpoint.

This woman is so frustrating. You’d think she would work out how to time a button press before entering this 🙄 #tippingpoint.

Georgia is to busy staring lovingly at Ben to play the game properly. Her concentration is wrecked. #tippingpoint.

If you ran a barcode reader over those teeth it would come up as a set of saucepans #tippingpoint.

Pissing myself here, every time she comes on I keep seeing Hitler !! Stop it ya fuckers !!!! #tippingpoint.

Fashionably late to the party. The frigging chompers on this one!! #tippingpoint.

And that was a guess. Love, waking up in the morning is a guess for you. #tippingpoint.

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