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Obv never went to Titp trekking through mud with 24 cans n 2 litre a voddy on her back and it shows.

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It’s a good thing you never went to TITP hen ,you wouldn’t even make it to the campsite.

Cunt imagine her at TITP walking up hills and through horse shit with a fuckin suit case eh drink and a stupid fuckin tent.

Carted 40 odd cans, a rucksack for me tent n clothes n a fucking sports direct bag for life full of shit cos bowman thought it’d be clever to not buy a rucksack then complain about how heavy his bag was for miles at TITP n this cows complaining about going Coachella for free🥴.

Totally true, she wouldnt get passed the car park bit at titp fucking snob, at a festival with amazing weather and that and this what she complains at😂 dosser.

Obv never went to Titp trekking through mud with 24 cans n 2 litre a voddy on her back and it shows.

imagine her at TITP, I woke up to someone having a pish on my tent beside my head.

Hahahah Folk were dragging there wheelie bins full of drink for a oot 2 miles back in the TITP days and she is greeting aboot her sandy nostrils after going to a festival for free..

can u actually imagine what these people would’ve had to say about TITP.

Clearly never had to climb the hill to Purple 3 at TITP hen.

Should try negotiating that hill at TITP wae aboot 90 kg worth a booze.

Loooool should try the TITP walk actual ruins friendships.

Him: worth $12million Gets paid to wear these clothes Gets invited to Coachella You: Spend half your wage on a stone island you refuse to take off Got TITP cancelled #jamescharles.

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Kalo emang keputusannya udah bulat dan yakin dengan apa yg dipilih. Gue cuma bisa ngalah dan titp pesan aja. Kalo bisa emang ya nyampein apa yg ada di dalem hati biar semuanya lega. Ok, paham?.

@JordanAberdeen1 Its like theyve tried to copy UK festivals and done it horrible wrong and Americanised, the folk that go to Coachella wouldnt last the day at TITP nevermind the weekend.

Mohon komentarnya Pak @SBYudhoyono Sekalian titp doa buat ibu Ani ya Pak. Semoga lekas sembuh..

@modices Só as mina responsa cu cinza da zona sorte (kkkkkkkk) titp se apegando :( fadas da noite.

How is titp no a hing anymare wit would u rather be dain.

Plenty more stories if you guys like them. I’ll do some on here when I’ve time, loads more TITP ones lol. Throw the odd one in for those sending me a cheeky gift card 🥰. Need to charge my phone for a bit. I’m draining your balls and you guys are draining my battery lol.

@dennismacdona11 @HopeIThinkIKnow Loved titp back then before it turned into a nedfest 😩.

@mohmahfudmd Jaga kesehatan Prof & titp salam hormat penuh kasih pd eyang Habibie jg pk JK; semoga penjenebgan bertiga sllu sehat dlm lindungan Allah SWT didunia ..aamiin.

Anytime I see photos from coachella a can’t help but compare them to my photos from Titp 😳 shambles 😂.

@John04834681 @BlueArmyFaction It’s class I done similar but it was a tent at TITP many years ago woke up and realised these are cunts I don’t know 🤣.

@MAIAsangJUARA @Winarko_yuli horayyy, napak jelas 02 selalu cihuyy! titp non: #GerakanSubuhAkbarIndonesia.

Salah om coba titp nya sama @habibthink @permadiaktivis Dijamin aman tu duit.

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