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I thought they kept the lying, law breaking, duplicitous, disrespectful, dishonourable, fridge-hiding, Boris Johnson because he was a vote winner I don’t think the good people of #TivertonandHoniton or #Wakefield think that & if they don’t, then nowhere does.

An ‘interesting’ take on the strikes, given services ran from TVP perfectly well this am. I know this because I was waiting for a train (you can see me in the background of the video). Natalie also didn’t use the train: she turned up in a Land Rover. #TivertonandHoniton.

Best of luck to the Conservatives in the by-elections, voters should never forget the betrayal from Labour and the Lib Dems. Whatever happens in #Wakefield and #TivertonandHoniton, the Conservatives will carry on with the job of government and helping the people of this country..

Tiverton and Honiton: Despite call to arms from local Tory chairman, not a single Conservative supporter shows up for 5am push for votes, but Lib Dem activists are up bright and early. @theipaper #TivertonandHoniton #TivertonandHonitonByElection.

In Wakefield vote Labour. In #TivertonandHoniton vote @LibDems @RichardFoordLD. Love from Kyiv.

🔶Landed in Devon, ready to take to the streets and camapign for @RichardFoordLD @LibDems in tomorrow’s #TivertonAndHoniton by-election! 🙏Thanks to my generous host, Elaine, and station-shuttler Les for helping me get here! 💪Let’s do this.

#TivertonandHoniton Photo,#TivertonandHoniton Photo by Josh Babarinde OBE,Josh Babarinde OBE on twitter tweets #TivertonandHoniton Photo

Collected supplies at the Tiverton and Honiton @LibDems HQ and then went off to Uffculme for the afternoon. Once again plenty of goodwill for @RichardFoordLD. I won one election by 219 and lost one by 104. Still time to help! 💪🔶 #TivertonandHoniton.

#TivertonandHoniton Photo,#TivertonandHoniton Photo by Mark Williams,Mark Williams on twitter tweets #TivertonandHoniton Photo

A flagcracker day talking public safety in #TivertonandHoniton with #HelenHurford our energetic Action underway: 👊Tiv front counter reopens in Nov 👊over 220 cops more coming 👊 Big focus on county lines…and much more @AlisonHernandez @TivHonTories.

#TivertonandHoniton Photo,#TivertonandHoniton Photo by Kit Malthouse MP,Kit Malthouse MP on twitter tweets #TivertonandHoniton Photo

BY-ELECTION DISPATCH: Tory’s Helen Hurford hides from voters as Tiverton and Honiton by-election looms. Conservative HQ enforcers usher their candidate out of sight before kicking me out. @theipaper #TivertonandHonitonByElection #TivertonandHoniton.

Another small step in ‘taking back control’ from the kakistocracy that has engulfed the UK in recent years is possible today. Vote well, #TivertonandHoniton, vote well #Wakefield..

A message for voters in the #TivertonandHoniton by-election . . ..

Why do candidates stand as Tories when they’re ashamed of their party? They daren’t mention Johnson at all! How can anyone trust them? #VoteLibDems in #TivertonandHoniton.

So Dowden has fallen on his sword saying that someone has to take responsibility. Obviously that someone, as usual, is not Johnson. #TivertonandHoniton #byelections.

It all gets a bit snippy at a #TivertonAndHoniton hustings 👇 Any more deets?.

I keep scrolling and reading about #TivertonandHoniton and #Wakefieldbyelection because it’s just making me grin so much. Thanks voters..

Waking up to the incredible news that the Tories LOST 2 by-elections!!! Many congratulations to @UKLabour and the @LibDems #TivertonandHoniton #Wakefield.

Wait wasn’t the Tory majority over 24,000 going into this by election? #TivertonandHoniton And still people are going to stand by @BorisJohnson? @Jacob_Rees_Mogg is shitting himself..

@rosa_38_10 @UKLabour Surprise surprise as Cilla would say #TivertonandHoniton #wakeyelections.

Oliver Dowden pictured leaving Tory HQ. #TivertonandHoniton #byelection2022.

#TivertonandHoniton Photo,#TivertonandHoniton Photo by Ross Gaines,Ross Gaines on twitter tweets #TivertonandHoniton Photo

Enough of Tory lies & corruption Please don’t vote for the Tories #TivertonandHoniton #Wakefieldbyelection.

#TivertonandHoniton Photo,#TivertonandHoniton Photo by La Camrey,La Camrey on twitter tweets #TivertonandHoniton Photo

Good morning to everyone except those who plan on voting Conservative in #Wakefield & #TivertonandHoniton. Unless you change your mind, then good morning to you too!.

Got all my fingers and toes crossed for @RichardFoordLD in #TivertonandHoniton today. Hopefully the local people will send a strong message to Boris that his unethical government is not what this country wants or needs..

#TivertonandHoniton Photo,#TivertonandHoniton Photo by Sharon Slinger,Sharon Slinger on twitter tweets #TivertonandHoniton Photo

If you live in #Wakefield or #TivertonandHoniton today is your chance to show this Government that Honesty, Decency and Integrity matter..

Out in Sampford Peverell, winning over Green voters with our animal welfare policies. #tivertonandhoniton #VoteForBritain.

#TivertonandHoniton Photo,#TivertonandHoniton Photo by Frankie Rufolo,Frankie Rufolo on twitter tweets #TivertonandHoniton Photo

Tivvy, a Libdem vote is your money shot. Wakefield, Labour is yours. Please do the right thing and help remove these rightwing Etonian toerags from government. #TivertonandHoniton #Wakefield.

Brexit is making us poorer – and Rishi Sunak agrees - New Statesman Even Tories admit #Brexit has failed. Vote them out in #TivertonandHoniton.

Today’s #DoubleTroubleByElectionBonanza Lib Dem slogan for #TivertonandHoniton: ‘Bang Your Vote Out Early’.

@BorisJohnson Tick tock Johnson, tick #TivertonandHoniton #Wakefield.

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO LENT THEIR VOTE. 👏👏👏 #properjob #TivertonandHoniton.

#TivertonandHoniton Photo,#TivertonandHoniton Photo by jamie, #EU. Johnson..going, going…..,jamie, #EU. Johnson..going, going….. on twitter tweets #TivertonandHoniton Photo

If you can hear something a bit odd it is the collective sound of Tory MPs popping themselves across swathes of Britain 💩 #Wakefield #TivertonandHoniton.

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