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No Ivan Toney in the squad for this. Because you never know when you’ll need to bring on two goalkeepers from the bench..


“What’s the point in calling him up?!” 😡 “We know what Harry Kane can do. Put Ivan Toney on the pitch! It’s madness!” Andy Goldstein can’t believe that Ivan Toney isn’t in England’s squad v Italy. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿.

🚨🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 | England have revealed their 23-man squad to face Italy this evening ❌ Ivan Toney ❌ Marc Guéhi ❌ Ben Chilwell ❌ Jordan Henderson ❌ John Stones.

Troy Aikman is going to let the entire Gnats roster cream pie him tonight, even Toney..

Michael Owen has told Manchester United why they should target Ivan Toney transfer #MUFC.

Ps: Maguire needs to be taken out of the firing line for his own well being. Toney should explore playing for Jamaica after his zero minutes. Ramsdale when fit is the biggest threat to Pickford, sadly not Pope. I’ll never be convinced England don’t have the players. #tactics.

@NYGDaily Giants need Wandale and Toney back so badly. Shepard and Golladay have cost them this game.

Meskipun Ivan Toney belum berhasil melakukan debut perdananya bareng Inggris semalem, konsistensi Toney bersama Brentford harusnya sudah menjadi cukup modal buat Toney untuk mengisi posisi striker untuk Timnas Inggris di masa depan. Southgate harus bawa ke Piala Dunia, sih..

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For MNF: WR Michael Gallup and TE Dalton Schultz are INACTIVE for Cowboys WR Kadarius Toney INACTIVE for Giants.


BREAKING: Young Joka, professionally known as Kadarius Toney, to headline the 2023 Super Bowl Halftime Show: Report.

A franquia que pagou um absurdo para um WR e gastou escolhas de PRIMEIRA e SEGUNDA rodada nós dois últimos anos na posição precisa de um WR1 nessa altura do campeonato. Robinson não dá pra avaliar, Toney tem talento mas não fica saudável, Golladay é o Golladay..

Kenny Golladay is getting paid 20 million a year for the Giants just to have 543 yards in 16 games. While Toney has 420 in limited play. They should be nowhere near the same snaps like they were a week ago..

Ivan Toney got called up to the England squad for the first time, to not even play a single minute😭😭😭.

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@SebWassell @LetsTalk_FPL I just don’t know why anyone would waste a forward spot on Solanke when we have Kane, Haaland, Mitro, Toney and Jesus.

💛なにわ男子1stLove大阪 城ホ9/23 レポ 長尾くんまさかのパーマ当ててて登場した瞬間沸き散らかした😭😭し、リフター前スタンド前列引けて確定ファンサ貰えたりねぇ今もだよガチャも長尾くんでとにかく神すぎました(;_;)(;_;) 今回のチケットお守りにする…(;_;)✨ #長尾謙杜 #なにわ男子デビュー魂.

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We all already know Kane is world class. He’s starting every game if he’s fit, so why waste the last chance to see how Tammy Abraham & Ivan Toney would have slotted into the side? Makes absolutely no sense to take them & give them a combined zero minutes. Shambles..

Toney is out, golladay plays like Shep is just there. Where are the tight ends??.

Wait, Toney’s not in the squad? Why would you call him up, with a late chance to see if he can break into the WC squad, and then not name him among the subs (two CBs and three FBs on the bench)? 🤷‍♂️.

What is Southgate playing at with Toney? Never played for England before, last camp before a World Cup. Leaves him in the stand for first game, and on the bench for second. Literally the only sane point of picking him is to see him and give him a chance #ENGGER.


Southgate actually just called Toney up to collect the bibs and cones. God I fucking hate him.

Not scored a goal in about 600 minutes from open play. Maybe that could be a twig that we have a look at a different striker for 25 mins Southgate? It’s a little sign we might need another one for the WC you big spanner. Get Toney on FFS #ENGGER.

Did Ivan Toney even get the chance to warm up at least? He was buzzing to be called up, only to end up not playing a single second!! 🥺.

With Toney and Wandale Robinson officially OUT, Kenny Golladay is due for an increased role MNF is as good as anytime to get your first Giants TD…. right?🤷‍♂️.

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I know this is and was a hot take but I wish kadarius Toney spent his offseason in an nfl weight room and not in his cousins studio.

Kadarius Toney, Kayvon Thibodeaux, and Evan Neal, all first round picks that did negative to zilch tonight on a team with no cap… not gonna work.

Ivan Toney & Tammy Abraham must be absolutely fuming this morning. Both unused subs in 2x glorified friendlies where your team are behind in both and need goals 👎🏼 Neither are great imo but what’s the point in them being there ?!.

Keravnos BC vs SL Benfica 1 - Aaron Broussard 6 - José Barbosa 12 - Makram Ben Romdhane 13 - Diogo Gameiro 15 - João Gomes 21 - Tomás Barroso [C] 23 - Toney Douglas 27 - Sérgio Silva 32 - Terrell Carter 33 - Maik Zirbes 34 - James Ellisor 96 - Ivan Almeida.

Gareth Southgate will you please piss off……..what’s the point taking dropping Toney out of the squad if your calling him up ?.

So England have just been does anybody still think we can win the world cup? No but two reserve keepers No natural but Rico Henry, one of the best right back in the Prem sat at home. No flair, no goals, apparently boring style again. Southgate OUT.

@SkySportsNews Knowing we needed to win this game and didn’t have a clue how to change it mid game, especially when went down. Germany game should go straight 4-4-2 with Toney and Bowen up front. Give them a chance and see how they do especially since it’s a nothing game now.

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