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Those who say Churchill was a villain after his actions in Tonypandy during 1910/11 were right. #Rhondda.

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This Churchill thing really has people divided! Some people hate him because of Tonypandy and the Liverpool Dockers, some people hate him because of the Bengal famine and the slaughters in Kenya. I really think we can meet in the middle and hate him for all these things..

That’s not nuance though, Bengal famine, the Black and Tans, Tonypandy riots, Sending in troops and a gunship to deal with the Liverpool Dockers strike. These aren’t things that can “easily be construed as villainous” they’re “obviously villainous”..

2️⃣ John McDonnell calls Sir Winston Churchill a ‘villain’ for his role in dealing with striking miners in 1910. @TheJeremyVine Show looks at what happened during the Tonypandy riots..

@PoliticsJOE_UK Sending in the British Army to end a strike by the Tonypandy workers who were being screwed over by the Cambrian Cartel who wanted to inflate the cost of coal to Tory villain. But yup he was good at wars..

The *reporting* of them will certainly cause trouble, but what he actually said was specifically about the Tonypandy riots. When even the @Guardian joins in with these misleading headlines I just despair..

@BBCNews Misleading and totally misquoted. He spoke specifically in relation to the Tonypandy riots. He said he was ‘more villain than hero’ in that particular case. BBC news is just mindless sensationalism now..

I do not like McDonnell. At all. I believe him to be more dangerous than Corbyn. But, again, a media outlet has gone for a sensationalist headline here. Read the whole quote, McDonnell said, “Tonypandy - villain”, expressing that he was at fault for one particular aspect.

@DuncanFlynn81 It’s nothing to do with the IRA. McDonnell was clearly relating it to Tonypandy when Churchill sent troops to combat strikes. There’s a long list of issues Churchill wasn’t right on - allowing 3 million people to starve to death in Bengal for.

McDonnell was asked to give a one-word answer on whether Churchill was a hero or villain. He responded: Tonypandy - villain.

Churchill was, at the very least, controversial (but not in fact a villain over Tonypandy, despite his reputation). Great read..

I’ve been a member of the Labour Party since I was 16, of all its shibboleths who knew Tonypandy would be the one to really boil my piss.

Churchill the Overlord of Death. I am strongly in favour of the use of poisoned gas against uncivilised tribes. Responsible for Bengal famine Dardanelles massacre Dresden destroyed and civilians burned alive war crime Tonypandy/Liverpool used troops against his own people..

For the record and avoidance of doubt many know nothing of actions of Churchill’s Government on the striking miners of Tonypandy, but they will never be forgotten by Welsh Mining Communities Workers have right to withdraw labour people have right to protest, in Wales & worldwide.

@KateMaltby ...remember Gallipoli and the Gold Standard and the whole business of poison gas against uncivilised tribes and Tonypandy, of course, and what was the man even doing at Sydney Street?.

@RogueOneIsh A little odd to refer to the Shadow Chancellor as just an MP as if he had no greater role. I’m aware that his justification is Tonypandy - that doesn’t change the absurdity of the opinion..

Good to see there are still a few politicians still telling the truth..


@ToryFibs @IanAustinMP Liverpool and birkenhead 1911 Tonypandy 1912 Gunships on the river tanks on the streets.

@jonnygould Oh there are lots of other terms that are needed to define him also. Many good, many bad. The McDonnell one (“Tonypandy — Villain”) seemed accurate, so surprised people complaining about that. Also churlish to claim ‘revisionism’ when discussing history as that’s what it’s for.

@sariel2005 @BorisJohnson Your own article proves that Churchill didn’t order shootings at Tonypandy, and that none took place..

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Everyone who cites Tonypandy against Churchill should be made to explain what they think happened. That ridiculous myth has lived long enough..

Winston Churchill sent troops *near* striking miners at Tonypandy. Lenin had thousands of striking sailors shot at Kronstadt, but McDonnell is happy to stand next to his image..

McDonnell’s Churchill remark not surprising in the context of Labour history. In 1978, PM Jim Callaghan told Churchill’s grandson (Winston, an MP): “I hope that Mr Churchill will not pursue the vendetta of his family against the miners of Tonypandy for a third generation.”.

Those who say Churchill was a villain after his actions in Tonypandy during 1910/11 were right. #Rhondda.

Churchill deserves huge praise as a WW2 leader but his racism, Gallipoli Tonypandy, Sidney Street siege & Gold Standard madness are a few reasons he’s no god. Discuss, yes. Deify, no.

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