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Breaking: David Warburton is under investigation by the parliamentary commissioner for standards Suspended Tory MP lobbied FCA to deem a controversial Russian banker “fit and proper” - after taking an undisclosed £150,000 off-shore loan from him.

Just remembered this story from around a month ago. The MP was never.

One Red Wall 2019 Tory MP texts: The big fear is that Boris will call it to nullify the Privileges Committee and prevent it reporting.

I find myself weeping at last nights #byelection2022 results. That’s how much the last 12 years have affected me! Well done to all those voters who voted those Tory MP’s out. #HopefornextGE.

@thelef0ne @ChristineConsi3 A Tory MP who cannot understand the letter she is reading out, claiming that Network Rail’s statement ‘We would ‘prefer’ to do it ( make redundancies) with the agreement of RMT’ as a guarantee of no compulsory redundancies. We have idiots and liars in charge..

How many nails does the coffin need? ⁦ @BorisJohnson⁩ ⁦@Conservatives⁩ #borisout Chris Pincher suspended as Tory MP after groping allegation.

Since the current Parliament began in December 2019 - Five Labour MPs and Five Tory MPs have either been suspended or have resigned Some remain in Parliament and continue to receive full benefits as an independent MP So should suspension automatically trigger a byelection?.

@Sillyshib Such a big swing has to be celebrated though. LibDems had an excellent candidate and have made huge inroads into a tory safe seat to win convincingly. With that kind of result my complacent tory MP must be feeling a chill of apprehension..

So every Tory MP with a majority of 20,000 or less is at risk of losing their seat. And this is all that matters to them. How many of the 211 regret their vote this morning?.


Can the bbc stop saying that boris Johnson had Wakefield and lost it?? Yes it was a tory mp that has now lost the area. This is one of the problem with modern politics..

Any Tory MP who resigns after these by-election results is simply going to a bunker and lying low until the next *leader* appears..

@Jo_WhiteheadUK Quite possibly Somerton and Frome at some point soon.

Tory MP’s in Dorset beware. Get rid of Johnson the very least to even think of getting your seat in the next GE. This was not a blip, the voters are angry and learning to vote tactically. Johnson must go, he is losing you votes daily. @Simon4NDorset.

@Femi_Sorry There isn’t a Tory MP in this world who can understand plain English!!! They live in a world of spin & lies!!! Mick Lynch for PM!!!!!.

Another sodding greedy, Tory MP exploiting his power. And #gamblingcostslives. As if he cares. ☹️.

BBC Radio 4 “One of the men appointed by Boris Johnson to keep Tory MP’s in line has resigned” Not a Govt Whip Cant remember this form of words before .. What do you think Twitters ?.

Chris Pincher loses Tory whip over misconduct allegations [@Guardian].

Chris Pincher suspended as Tory MP after complaint made following claims he drunkenly groped men.

Tory MP Photo,Tory MP Photo by Woody,Woody on twitter tweets Tory MP Photo

@afneil At last an MP is featuring from a different political party to the Tory’s. Hopefully an SNP showing soon too..

Chris Pincher: English Tory MP has whip etc withdrawn during investigation over groping claims - inews 🇪🇺.

The Guardian: Tory party suspends Chris Pincher over misconduct allegations. #ToriesUnfitToGovern #ToriesDevoidOfShame via @GoogleNews.


@garydunion Not just a tory MP, but one who explicitly said on live TV after making the switch, has not changed his politics - AT ALL..

Boris’s sexual licence seems to be infectious. But when did untoward advances by a drunk & elderly groper ( called Pincher too!) could not be summarily punished by a sharp knee in the groin by a pair of presumably younger & stronger men?.

I’m so slow, It has has only just occurred to me, but if you are a #Tory MP with a penchant for groping people you couldn’t have a better name than #ChrisPincher..

Chris Pincher suspended as Tory MP after groping allegation #TorySleaze #JohnsonOut.

(Mail Online):#Chris Pincher suspended as Tory #MP after complaint made following claims he drunkenly groped men : The 52-year-old, who quit his role in charge of party discipline yesterday, has faced allegations of sordid ...

Why does there have to be outrage before @Conservatives do the right time! #ToryPerverts BBC News - Chris Pincher suspended as Tory MP.

🚨🔵 BREAKING: Tamworth MP Chris Pincher has been suspended as a Tory MP over alleged groping. Only took all day. He will now sit as an independent MP. He resigned as a government whip earlier today..

Another day, another Tory fired for sexual misconduct 🤷‍♀️ Chris Pincher loses Tory whip over misconduct allegations.

@Douglas4Moray @ScotTories You don’t seem to mention the number of voters in Moray that just want you to go, it’s just embarrassing having a Tory MP and having to wait so long to vote you out….

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