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Royal Mint reveals new King Charles design for the pound coin. #PoundSterling #torychaos.

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Tory MPs question Kwarteng’s future as market turmoil continues #torychaos One former cabinet minister told the Financial Times: “I think he’s dead but in the Tory party death can take many forms. It can take a long time. There’s a political vacuum.”.

#torychaos - and a very good question. As with missing cats, perhaps everyone should check their sheds and fridges? #NoWayToRunACountry.

1. Yes, #torychaos but let’s not forget there other gift to us: “The financial system of lending, borrowing, investing, speculating & making money from money – is a construction cobbled together by Wall St/The City. It’s largely bereft of democratic oversight or intervention”.

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@StevePeers This corrupt regime claims 100% of the credit for anything perceived as good news and but takes 0% of the responsibility for anything perceived as bad news. #PoundSterling #torychaos.

A few weeks ago we were wondering whether our money would stretch to cover the bills now we just worry a £5 note might only be worth £ when we wake up in the morning. #torychaos.

Oops, forgot d) anything woke e) lefties Any other culprits? Am sure @Conservatives can come up with some more. #ToryRecession #torychaos.

Negligent? Criminal? Wreckless? Selfish? Deluded? Entitled? #ToryChaos #TrussUnfitToGovern.

So given that Kami-Kwasi and Thick Lizzie are toast, what is the worst PM+Cx combo the Tories have left? I’ll go with Redwood PM and Baker as Cx, as he once used an abacus 🧮 in reception. Your views? #torychaos.

#torychaos How mad is this… Now a tense stand-off between the Bank of England and the Treasury, policymakers determined to try and bring down inflation by dampening down demand, while Tories are focused intently on trying to boost demand and promote their growth agenda..

BREAKING: The pound has dropped so low, people have been seen picking them up off the pavement… #torychaos.

@BBCNews This incompetent Tory government have produced a run on the pound in its first month #PoundSterling #torychaos Crisis what crisis. Winter of discontent. Back to the 70s in so many ways..

Brexit ? I’m laughing but …. Investors seem inclined to regard the UK Conservative Party as a doomsday cult, according to Paul Donovan, chief economist of UBS Global Wealth Management. #torychaos.

@FbpeSmike I keep going on about this but the laws of treason must be changed so they cover deliberate damage to the country & its people & not just The Crown. And make it a capital offence once more. That would give the Truss-Kwartengs of the govt pause for reflection. #torychaos.

@felicit75099581 The govt are currently using the 95% to fund the coffers of the 5% and stripping this country bare. But sure get angry about people spending a few quid on burgers rather than crisps because you think that’s the problem. Unbelievable #torychaos #ShortingThePound.

What a total muppet. Ask him if he knows the difference between his arse and his elbow #torychaos.

@LBC Andrew Marr sums up today’s total chaos nicely - the Govt are “as mad as cheese” 🧀🧀🧀 #torychaos.

The are sinking fast and taking us all with them….unless we kick them out now #torychaos.

🎶 den, den, den ... another one bites the dust .. 🎶 #ToryChaos.

With this budget, it’s more likely the country will be repossessed! #ToryCostOfGreedCrisis #torychaos.

Been saying it since Johnson. This government is a clear & present danger to the economic security of the United Kingdom. #torychaos.

@Mike_Fabricant She is absolutely right. Your far right mates are lining their pockets before you head for the political wilderness #torychaos #GeneralElectionNow.

The government can and will do whatever they like, because the voters put them in that position #torychaos.

Whoever gets rid of Truss will have to win whilst campaigning to raise taxes and probably cutting public spending. No easy task. #torychaos.

@Trenchman1418 The fiver would only be worth £ in the land of #torychaos by the time you finished the plate. 😉.

@trussliz @KwasiKwarteng Give it up. You need locking up for the criminal damage your incompetence has caused. #torychaos #GeneralElectionNow.

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Has anyone checked the Tory fridge, that’s where Boris hid away from hard questions. Questions like why have the Bank of England had to step in safe guard pensions, whilst Tory MPs and their mates make millions from betting on shorting the pound… #torychaos #ToryCriminals.

@LesterPulsford luz Truss was only possible because of Boris Johnson #ToryCrimeSyndicate #torychaos.

@LBC You supported Brexit @IainDale. These people now steering the Government are its proponents. These measures are the end game of their twisted right wing ideology, what they always wanted to do. #torychaos.

The Guardian: Tory MPs expressed disbelief at how sterling had slumped after the mini-budget sparked market turbulence, compounded by the chancellor’s subsequent remarks, when households across the country were already struggling with the cost of living. Here Here. #torychaos.

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