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Followed a tractor towing a truck all the way from Pocklington to York - truck piled high with manure which it gradually shed on the road as it trundled along with me keeping a safe distance!! Wonder why I kept thinking of the #ToryIncompetence #showerofshit

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steve watts
Steve watts ()

Isn,t Boris due another holiday ? 2nd wave coming just enough time to piss off again and leave the other incompetant twats to wallow around in another slogan led defence #ToryIncompetence

Geraldine Howarth #3.5%
Geraldine Howarth #3.5% ()

I wonder what those preparations involve? Packing a case maybe. #ToryIncompetence #ToryShambles

Marina Purkiss
Marina Purkiss ()

Imagine any role where you could spend £400m in a year and not have any performances metrics to show for it #ToryIncompetence

Mike J-C 🏳️‍🌈
Mike J-C 🏳️‍🌈 ()

Tell that to the care homes, tell that to the 40,000+ grieving families. How about the thousands of people that can’t get tests? You’re doing your best?! The only thing you’re getting right is the spin you’re told to repeat #ToryIncompetence

Mr Eton Oldboys MP
Mr Eton Oldboys MP ()

What has this country done to deserve such an Idiot ? #ToryIncompetence

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Mike J-C 🏳️‍🌈
Mike J-C 🏳️‍🌈 ()

This is astonishing. There hasn’t been a Cobra meeting since May?!? #ToryIncompetence

Elspeth 🗣 #Resist & #HoldThemToAccount
Elspeth 🗣 #Resist & #HoldThemToAccount ()

Matt Hancock and Dido Harding are lying to us. To cover their #ToryIncompetence . @lbc @mrjamesob

Sue#NHSLove ()

#ToryIncompetence Its not just tories inability to manage the #COVID19 pandemic that is making bad, very much worse. Its the fact that they are a danger to the UK citizens. The decisions they are taking are putting all of us in danger They are jepardising all our

European Unity #FBPE 🇪🇺💶⭐️
European Unity #FBPE 🇪🇺💶⭐️ ()

Scientists warned the government at the end of May that the test and trace system had to be fully functioning before lockdown measures could be eased #ToryIncompetence

StrongerStabler ()

Government laboratories, overseen by Tory shill Dido Harding, use cumbersome techniques, are running out of staff & have faield to automate in time for a 2nd wave. Utter #ToryIncompetence. Where is the accountability? When will political heads roll? #ToryShambles

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Eoghan MacIain Elmasson 🕷️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Eoghan MacIain Elmasson 🕷️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 ()

👀 After a departure from form with new restrictions announced in the commons, normal service is resumed. Leak proposed measure to @bbclaurak➡️ guage response ➡️ implement if plays well to target demographic. We even get the new slogan trialed here too. 🤮📡🇬🇧 #ToryIncompetence

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StrongerStabler ()

People testing positive for Covid19 in England has risen sharply in the last wk. Is it any surprise after kids were sent back to schools, people encouraged into pubs & restaurants and back into the office? All without functional track & trace OR testing schemes! #ToryIncompetence

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#WeAreMany 😷🌹
#WeAreMany 😷🌹 ()

Who’s brilliant idea was it to let people go on holiday only to bring coronavirus back into our schools? The numbers were going down, right down. Now becoming out of control again. #ToryIncompetence #bbcqt

The Written Word
The Written Word ()

@Douglas4Moray @CBI_Scotland #ToryIncompetence #ToryLawBreakers

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Not-So-Priti-Patel ()

You have zero credibility @MattHancock. No one believes you, no one trusts you and no one ever will after your totally incompetent handling of this crisis. No doubt this will be yet another corrupt, ill spent £500m for zero benefit. #ToryIncompetence 😏

Not-So-Priti-Patel ()

#JohnsonMustGo @BorisJohnson has no idea, no credibility, no morals and bumbles his way through #ToryIncompetence 😏

Chris Hoar
Chris Hoar ()

Dominic Cummings was supposed to be a Machiavellian omnipotent political guru. Truth is hes really shit, like bodger Dave with a sledgehammer claiming to be Michelangelo because he can smash up a bit of marble. #dominiccummngs #ToryIncompetence

Steel Dalek
Steel Dalek ()

Jesus wept. More #ToryIncompetence. Who would have thought it?

Tracy ()

Wow, the peasants need to ‘stop carping’ the @Jacob_Rees_Mogg #ToryIncompetence #ToryLawBreakers

Solidarity Sue , #StrongerTogether #UBI Socialist
Solidarity Sue , #StrongerTogether #UBI Socialist ()

#ToryIncompetence #SercoTestAndTrace failure pays: Serco’s initial fee for running tracing was £108m. Accenture pocketed more than £850,000 for 10 weeks’ work on the contact-tracing app ­– the one that still hasn’t been launched.

Adam ()

Back into lockdown due to Tory incompetence, but yeah, good to be trending, yeah? Fucking moron. #ToryIncompetence

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Cllr Bill Williams
Cllr Bill Williams ()

New figures show that turnaround times to get coronavirus test results back are getting longer in England. #ToryIncompetence

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Benjiboo_Version2 ()

@mrjamesob Saying harsh things on radio, but by GOD he’s right! Gammons haven’t found a way to blame all of this on brown people, so they’re going after #ChrisWhitty”. Truth hurts! #ToryIncompetence

james vance#EUROPEAN
James vance#EUROPEAN ()

When #Brexit was put to the electorate, NI along with so many other issues was never disclosed as a possible problem in voting to discussions, debates or info. It was a straight IN or OUT. This was a Cameron train crash waiting to #ToryIncompetence

Stamford Labour
Stamford Labour ()

@EmmaKennedy But is any one who warned that this Tory Party were unscrupulous, surprised? #ToryIncompetence #ToryLiars

i mac
I mac ()

Dido Harding is too busy with her racehorses to bother with her Tory gifted Sinecure #ToryIncompetence

MrsAngryOfYorks in a limited & specific way #FBPE
MrsAngryOfYorks in a limited & specific way #FBPE ()

Followed a tractor towing a truck all the way from Pocklington to York - truck piled high with manure which it gradually shed on the road as it trundled along with me keeping a safe distance!! Wonder why I kept thinking of the #ToryIncompetence #showerofshit

☘️Colleen☘️🇪🇺🌈😷DitchTories-SaveLives ()

😂😂😂😂 Raabsplaining #raabsplaining #ToryIncompetence

claire savage 🇪🇺 #FBPE #Rejoin #3.5
Claire savage 🇪🇺 #FBPE #Rejoin #3.5 ()

@VeeCee30 I really thought this must be a joke, in what universe would this fool be considered capable of any role involving ports, corruption in plain sight. #ToryIncompetence

Francesca 🇪🇺
Francesca 🇪🇺 ()

How @MattHancock still has a job is beyond me. How any of them incompetent and negligent clowns do is beyond me. I curse them and who put them there. #ToryIncompetence

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