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Daniel R ()

The pace slows down now for “If You Don’t Know Me By Now” by Simply Red - not a massive fan of this one but Mick’s live vocal is pretty decent #totp

Alan murphy ()

@lacellabella The Mandolin. Every me back to 1971. TOTP. Rod the Mod &The Faces performing Maggie May, with John Peel playing his Mandolin. Perfect!

Noel Gallagher Bot ()


Dawn 📱+🚘=❌ ()

Mud - Tiger Feet (Live TOTP 1974) via @YouTube totally brilliant

Miss Clarice and Nellie Le Chat ()

Once again Andy Crane making reference to another lady on TOTP when Madonna went to number one. Problem?

Oleg Bozhenko ()

@webKnjaZ @Anatoliivna на мою думку коди, отримані в смс, як єдиний фактор це досить погане рішення. чим мій випадковий 20-ти символьний пароль гірший? смс коди лише як другий фактор — можливо, але я надаю перевагу TOTP або U2F бо не довіряю мобільному оператору.

SNPstopfaffing ()

@everywoman61 @RobertMiggins My da played in a club band. He played whatever was on TOTP on the Thursday, the next two Every week.

David Vance ()

Peak glam. Great song. I always thought he was singing “See my baby drive” 😂 Wizzard - See My Baby Jive (TOTP 1973)

Cameron Yarde Jnr ()

I thought that then and still think it now! Pat & Mick did have two good singles. Mick Brown was the star of those singles on vocals, no disrespect to Pat Sharp. #TOTP

North. ()

@lovelylisaj @austinkleon .Did you watch #LifeDrawingLive, a few weeks back? #totp

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N A Burton ()

Nighty-night, #TOTP Tweeples! Thank you for your company and merriment. Take care and happy weekend!

Jonathan Dyke ()

Bloody hell TOTP 1989 Holly Johnson, Brother Beyond, Kon kan one after the other shocking music even worse I remember watching this episode on a Thursday night

NewImprovedWeeLinz ()

Hated this back in the day and hate it just as much now. #TOTP

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Mr Celtic 🇪🇺🎮👽🏳️‍🌈 #CitizensRights ()

#totp Do you remember that late 80s phase with the chinos, the brylcreem, the army buzzcuts it almost coincided with the fad for Tweed Jackets

North. ()

In the 80s, I thought Holly Johnson would go on forever. I also thought this about 5-Star, Thompson Twins, Level 42 #TOTP

Ben Baker EARL OBE ()

Remember when Oreos were a novel foreign foodstuff and not just something instantly in your trolley when you go within a 3 metre radius of them? #totp

Mark Gillies ()

Holly got away with naming brands because nobody in their right mind drinks Pepsi or eats Oreos. #TOTP

Jason Carty ()

Pop-Holly on #TOTP is a totally different proposition to scary-stare-into-your-telly-Holly doing Two Tribes just five years earlier.

North. ()

*If I was Phil Collins and a gorilla, and animated, and the adopted mother of Tarzan, what would I sing?* #TOTP

Stephen Douglas ()

@SteveHef I haven’t listened to anything of theirs since David Coverdale did his TOTP appearances . I think that I was too traumatised 😂

Citizén Paulié ❄️🇪🇺 ()

Good I miss light entertainment on tv Lulu Cilla Dusty etc 🙄 wasn’t the other women in ‘To Sir with love’ with her #totp

Lee ()

Completely forgot about that Kon Kan - I Beg Your Pardon track, this is why love watching #TOTP’s on Friday’s, music never stops giving and it never asks for anything back.

Benedict ()

#totp totp twitter handle going to be used for the show inbetween the two episodes. Stick them at Thursday 7pm. After all we all have the BBC News Channel so anyone who wanna watch Beyond 100 Days can just switch over

Richard M ()

Right, back to the portfolio (prepping for something big on Monday), back in an hour for more #TOTP #TOTP89

Mystery Steamboat 🃏 ()

Just saw these on TotP on BBC4 and thought of you @NJGidds (btw I met them back in the day)

Shaun ()

@lardychap The one on totp that was in the synth was the oldest. 22 or something. I think another one was her sister. She had red hair. I liked her the best.

🌆🌃🌉 🇪🇺 heather 🌝🌞 ()

#totp The question is - are Kon Kan a better New Order tribute act than the Paris Angels?

𝘾lifford ()

#TOTP Kon Kan reworked this Spagna track with a few other (some obvious)

Douglas Bell ()

#totp89 #TOTP This Kon Kan tune sounds like a New Order outtake with the original unconvincingly shoehorned on to it.

NVK ()

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