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Knockout edition of #TOTP next friday at on @BBCFOUR hosted by Steve Wright and Caron keating. Acieeeeeeed!!!!.

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Did you know? Bono has made more money from his initial investment into Facebook than he has from his entire musical career to date. #TOTP.

#Totp Cue loads of ppl going on like this Erasure track is like the best thing ever. MEH! I say! MEH! Dreadful voice, toytown synths. 3rd Division PSB. BAH!.

I was never a huge fan of Erasure but A Little Respect is a tremendous song #totp.

Richard Skinner came to tonights show straight from his Status Quo tribute band gig. #totp.

Bit distracted in that Pasadenas performance by the telly behind them going kaput #totp.

My friend and fellow #TOTP fan @TequilaPixie died today. Anne Fallon 🙁 xx.

Great to see Leslie Grantham playing keyboards for Kim Wilde #totp.

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Hazell Dean with Turn It Into Love on a Friday night YES PLEASE #totp.

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Watching TOTP wow the music was utterly shite wasn’t it followers. We thought we were so cool back then. 😂.

Knockout edition of #TOTP next friday at on @BBCFOUR hosted by Steve Wright and Caron keating. Acieeeeeeed!!!!.

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Come on only less than two months before 1989 starts just had enough of 1988.#totp #totp88.

Dear Christ, October 1988 was a horrendous graveyard for pop music #TOTP #TOTP88.

All said the 1988 Olympics weren’t my favourite - mainly due to the time difference. Team GB 🇬🇧 managed six gold medals, I believe, and none in the athletics. Contrast to our gold medal count these days #TOTP.

This is shit isn’t it. I mean, not just shit, but really really shit. If Absolute Radio was going back then, even they wouldn’t play this. #totp.

If I was Carole Decker’s dad I would have made her middle name ‘Double’ #totp.

@jopijedd We call her ‘ukip Liz’, but ‘Brexit Liz’ is just as funny! #totp.

Carols dress got any shorter she’d be flashing her ‘secret garden’ 😳 #totp.

You might not know that “T’pau” get their name from Chewbacca’s Mum in Star Treks #totp.

“Secret Garden with T pau!”?! Has Bruno Brookes been taking drugs in the middle of the night again? #totp.

Secret Garden was when T’Pau started to be less popular for the Pop Kids.#totp #totp88.

Apologies to my neighbours for the loud telly #totp but some idiots in #Sheffield are STILL letting off stupidly loud booming fireworks. The dog is shaking 😠.

1399 majority over Labour. 31st target seat needing a swing. #totp.

@roastbeefjohnny Sabrina & Kim Wilde are on 9pm totp. Someone up there likes you RBJ!.

My dad always said Kim Wilde had a terrible voice and sounded like she had a permanent cold ... sorry but I agree. Her songs were good though and she looked fab. #TOTP.

Think I’ll give the next one a miss - only tuned in for Duran. 88 is quite dire. #TOTP.

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