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At Cloudflare, we had long done away with TOTP and replaced it with hardware security keys and Cloudflare Access. This blog details how we did that. #BirthdayWeek🎂.

Freddie Mercury’s Living On My Own: perhaps the only UK number one single to feature the lyric “rumpy pumpy”. #totp.

Très bonne journée avec @StationSimone ! 🎶📻 1er octobre, jour de naissance de Mariska Veres (1947-2006) Shocking Blue - Venus (At BBC, TOTP, février 1970).

Take That in order of get offs: 1. Howard 2. Jason Orange 3. Mark 4. Robbie 5. Simon from The Inbetweeners #totp.

Cilla Black and Meatloaf next week. And they wonder why people stopped watching #TOTP.

Lol. Missed the end of #totp because something plinked the window and after the egging last week I got the biggest dog out and ran round the front in my dressing gown. Probably just a big moth 🤣.

Top Of The Pops returns at next week with a double-bill of the 12 and 19 August 1993 editions, featuring Green Jelly, Bad Boys Inc, Culture Beat, Apache Indian, Yazz & Aswad, The Pogues, Aftershock, Tasmin Archer, The Bee Gees and Sinclair. #TOTP.

Just clocked on the #TOTP charts that Yazz did a collaboration with Aswad. Surely they must have considered going by the name Yazzwad? Feels like a missed opportunity to me..

Coming soon. Cilla Black and Meatloaf. Even back in 1993, the Bbc was shamelessly chasing the youth audience #TOTP.

Living on my own. I always thought Freddie was singing “got to hit some git on the head” #totp.

Did he just say Cilla Black and Meatloaf next week? That’s a duet I need to hear #TOTP.

Love the Black & Decker workmate as a table for the keyboard, did the BBC run out of tables for Phil Collins? #TOTP.

#TOTP Photo,#TOTP Photo by Dariusz Ski,Dariusz Ski on twitter tweets #TOTP Photo

Think they’ve overdone it a bit with the film ageing effect. #totp.

#TOTP Photo,#TOTP Photo by Mark Robe Silver,Mark Robe Silver on twitter tweets #TOTP Photo

People forget but Phil Collins at one point in the 80’s was probably the biggest music star on the planet. His catalogue is immense #TOTP #philcollins.

A Hi-NRG version of I Will Always Love You? What a brilliant idea, said no one ever. #TOTP.

Like a criminal returning to the scene of the crime I will be back for more next week. You know you will be too. 🤣 #TOTP.

Cilla Black??? Well that’s my week going slowly as I count every second to that episode 🤣 #totp.

Phil Collins at the BBC - okay then. In the air tonight is brilliant 👍🏻 #PhilCollinsAtTheBBC #TOTP.

#Totp Billy Joel with his Somnambulist Anthem. In the middle of the I get up and have to peeeee.

*mute* bad enough listening to Whitney singing this shite, never mind an early 90s techno version with a bargain singer #totp.

Ah, come on. The Pogues without Shane is like… well, the Pogues without Shane. #TOTP.

Play Cannonball ffs. Instead of some bloke in a vest doing half-arsed handstands #TOTP.

Monkey Business took a massive hit after this song cane out. Monkeys version of the wall st crash. #TOTP.

I like this Freddie song but the tings in the chorus drive me absolutely batshit #totp.

Only watched the first #TOTP tonight as partner wanted to watch the funny and charming ‘Ghosts’. I put up no resistance having watched the first totp !.

‘Owerd ‘ugs ‘is knees. Mark throws a bit o’ sand. Jason regrets spending so much of his lifespan with these swindlers. #totp.

That’s it for #TOTP for another week then Take a listen to the song wot I wrote will ya?.

@SteveM962 Ha! I’ve enjoyed these old #totp re-runs Steve but my enthusiasm started to wane when we reached the ‘90s. Can’t beat the ABBA years!.


Remember when our sweet atruchan went on a full racist rant on how Nojima was actually implying Tifa was a prostitute in ToTP (all the while in the novel she does everything in her core to fight a society that wants to push her into that system lololololol).

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