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#TrumpPressConf Was FANTASTIC But like I said yesterday I can’t wait to attend another TRUMP RALLY after we can KICK THE CRAP out of this VIRUS President @realDonaldTrump thank you for everything. You get hate from the media but THE PEOPLE LOVE YOU

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Terrence K. Williams ()

#TrumpPressConf Was FANTASTIC But like I said yesterday I can’t wait to attend another TRUMP RALLY after we can KICK THE CRAP out of this VIRUS President @realDonaldTrump thank you for everything. You get hate from the media but THE PEOPLE LOVE YOU

Swing Left ()

Betsy DeVos, speaking at the #TrumpPressConf, tried to use the coronavirus relief package to stop schools from giving children with disabilities the educations they have a legal right to.

Ali Mumtaz ()

When a reporter asks a hard hitting question the orange asshat cries fake news. #TrumpPressConf

Vague Panda ()

People all over the united states have come together to vomit at the same time #TrumpPressConf happens in a show of solidarity, over how the current administration has handled #COVIDー19.

NightmareHolic ()

#TrumpPressConf People do realize that a USA USA USA Heath care system overload would be detrimental, right? Stop arguing and implement practical steps, instead of wanting to open up he economy. The medical capacity isn’t infinite.

PrezPussyGrabber ()

Donald Trump’s greatest flaw has always been, that his father prepared him to be rich, but he didn’t prepare him for leadership. #TrumpPressConf

Palmer Report ()

Donald Trump, struggling to breathe and sounding half dead, walks out on his own press conference again #TrumpPressConf

Tobias Echt 🌎 ()

Yo [email protected] I’m not at home “relaxing” - I’ve been working 10 hours a day remotely to maintain business continuity and to ensure my staff have work and well-being. #COVIDIDIOT #TrumpPressConf

Bambi Koslen ()

#TrumpPressConf HE TAKES NO ACTION TO SAVE LIVES OR PREVENT MED STAFF DEATHS ✔️Shortage of test kits/availability limited ✔️Severe shortages of PPE,protects med personnel treating/testing pts ✔️Hospitals competing for desperately needed respirators ✔️Low on beds/isolation areas

Gracie Gato ()

How the hell are trump supporters still supporting this subhuman piece of human waste? #TrumpPressConf

Jinxie Clark (RESISTANCE) ()

#TrumpPressConf Trump FALSELY claims cases are only in isolated areas. how the FUCK does he think it got here from China, but cannot get to Nebraska from Colorado? he is dangerously stupid.

John Pavlovitz ()

To hell with your phony patriotism, your ignorant ramblings, your fake religion, your fear-peddling, your gaslighting, your divisiveness, your arrogance, your recklessness, your supremacy, your stupidity. To hell with you and your hatred. #TrumpPressConf

SAM6 ()

#TrumpPressConf would make more sense if he’d just come out and address us like this.

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Mark hutchison ()

#TrumpPressConf Do you notice how Trump never mentions people who have been affected or killed by CV? I think Trump lacks any empathy at all.

Dave ()

Trump has been practicing intellectual distancing for 73 years. #TrumpPressConf #TrumpPressConference

🌸 Pink Lady 🌸 (TEXT TRUMP to 88022) ()

#TrumpPressConf This has to hurt, right haters? Trump’s Handling of Coronavirus Approved by 60% in Gallup Poll

Danielle Harr ()

Annnnnnd, as expected from this selfish, inhumane narcissist, he touted the stock market. #TrumpPressConf

Shaughn_A ()

I wonder if the #MSM’s first question will ”Can U comment about the elderly couple that U harmed by having them drink fish tank secondly, will U definitively tell the American ppl U were wrong & they should no longer do so as U prescribed”. #TrumpPressConf

MJR jnr ()

Dr Fauci seems to be pouring cold water on this Easter soft opening BS #TrumpPressConf

Andy George ()

#TrumpPressConf What I would pay for Drs. Fauci or Birx to take the microphone after IMPOTUS calls them Tony or Deborah and the first thing they say to him at the dais it’s Doctor to you bitch.

VinoBob ()

I’m eating my dinner right now and can’t pay attention to the prfssionals. Put #DrTrump back on because I don’t pay attention to his mumbling and droning, and when I’m done with my dinner put the pros back on #TrumpPressConf

Red Flipper ()

Didn’t realise it was a competition on who could do the most Covid 19 tests @FoxNews #USAvSouthKorea #TrumpPressConf

Cathy D ()

Woo hoo! Many bailed on the #TrumpPressConf! Even they have had enough of Trump and not getting enough Fauci. #COVID19

Phantom of the Grand Ole Opry ()

Somebody needs to do the math on how much time 45 spends talking economics versus time he spends talking health during the press briefings the past week. If it’s less than 70/30 I‘ll walk to California barefoot on barbwired fence. #TrumpPressConf

MJR jnr ()

They’re making 100’s of face shields and they’re making 100’s of #TrumpPressConf

Matt Lakemacher ()

I don’t know if going it alone and extreme nationalism is the best response to a global pandemic. #TrumpPressConf #COVID19

Carla Tomino ()

@realDonaldTrump You are stupid, venal and incompetent. You are a lying buffoon. I wish we had a good president during this crisis. Hillary would have done a better job. I wish Obama was president. I wish you would shut up and go away. #TrumpPressConf #coronavirus

Steve 🌊🌊 ()

@FrakerMonica I decided to take a shot every time he lied or bragged. I am smashed #TrumpPressConf

Lynn Hall, Ph.D. ()

Hey, Fauci is there! Yay! Now if trumpy will just shut up. I have him on mute anyway. #InFauciWeTrust #TrumpPressConf

Maureen ()

The differences between Andrew Cuomo and his words for this country and President Trump’s at his daily briefing today are so glaring as to be dizzying. One offers encouragement, plans and words of comfort. The other bashes media with whom he disagrees.#coronavirus #TrumpPressConf

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