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The Dow dropped over 800 points today. Yes, it’s Trump’s fault. #TrumpRecession.

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@realDonaldTrump Having your trained monkeys kiss your ass is so ... Hitler-like. The ONLY difference between you and Hitler, was that he actually had the balls to serve in the military for his country. Oh, and he understood economics. #TrumpRecession.

Trump’s solution to ending the #TrumpRecession — blame the media and Democrats. No, really..

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@realDonaldTrump #TrumpRecession #TrumpIsAWhiteSupremacist.

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@realDonaldTrump you have shown the world that you are China’s bitch #TrumpRecession.

@realDonaldTrump oh! Look over there! A parade!. #TrumpRecession ....

the #TrumpRecession has already started. Do your duty to.

@realDonaldTrump You are entirely responsible for the state of the economy. YOU. It’s not good, in fact, it’s very bad. What makes it worse is that there isn’t one person in this Administration that knows how to handle the situation. #TrumpRecession.

@GOP @realDonaldTrump Were about to go into a giant #TrumpRecession. Thanks Trump!.

@realDonaldTrump The yield curve is inverted. The Dow is points down in 30 days. These are great indicators. Not the numbers of a #TrumpRecession.

So Trump really seems rattled by #TrumpRecession ! Seems to me we should keep trending it!😈.

@realDonaldTrump . God please take hate spewing cooked face away. . #TrumpRecession #TrumpResignNow.

Economic miracle, my arse. More like an existential nightmare. #TrumpRecession.

@realDonaldTrump You told Mexico they’d pay for a wall. We are paying for a fence. You told China they’d be paying for the tariffs. We are paying for the tariffs. You told all Americans they would reap the benefits of your tax cuts. We are paying for your tax cuts. This is the #TrumpRecession..

The Dow dropped over 800 points today. Yes, it’s Trump’s fault. #TrumpRecession.

Can we stop saying we don’t have a Dem candidate now. @ewarren is the only one wise enough to have started talking about Trump’s economy disaster. And she had a plan to get us through a #TrumpRecession weeks ago..

For some reason 6 bankruptcies weren’t enough to convince his ‘base’ that he really isn’t a good businessman. #TrumpRecession.

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@realDonaldTrump the only thing is pouring into our life right now is #TrumpRecession..

The democrats are hoping for a Trump recession to separate his supporters but it’s never going to happen. We’ll bankrupt democrats first. #TrumpRecession.

@IngrahamAngle Laura do a story about how the stock market is crashing and we are headed for a #TrumpRecession.

Every time Republicans are in power they cause a recession. When will people learn? #TrumpRecession.

As I noted: -Yield curve inversion -Germany GDP down -Farm bankruptcies ^45% -DJIA volatility (Note: Still up from YTD + way up from election day 2016) -#TrumpTradeWar No #TrumpRecession yet. Just a signal. What investors need to know ab. yield curves:.

Trump came along and deregulated everything, weakening the post-Great Recession laws meant to curb Wall Street abuses, and authorizing a massive tax cut for the wealthiest Americans without paying for a cent of it. #TrumpRecession.

Sell your stocks now cuz the #TrumpRecession is only gonna get worse. This was inevitable and painfully evident..

Dow goes up: #ObamaEconomy Dow goes down: #TrumpRecession Do I have that right?.

For nearly 3 years, Trump has taken credit for the economy. He owns it now. #TrumpRecession.

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