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Updated: September 26th, 2021 12:48 PM IST

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Tyler lives! Chris Hemsworth just revealed at #TUDUM that he will return for Extraction 2

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partes destacables del concierto de esta noche: -tocaron never take it por primera vez y tyler hizo el solo de la guitarra -tyler se acuesta en un bafle en medio del concierto -el escenario es todo tuyo tyler a josh durante su drum island en Saturday -REDECORATE COMPLETO

¡Tyler vive! Chris Hemsworth acaba de revelar que estará de vuelta en Misión de rescate 2.

Tyler lives! Chris Hemsworth just revealed at #TUDUM that he will return for Extraction 2

COK is like if someone took a bunch of dolls from different brands and put them in one bin… brad is a bratz doll tyler is a barbie doll chad is a monster high doll mark is novi stars doll kevin is an ever after high doll i will not elaborate further :)

Tyler O’Neil leaves Wrigley! The Cardinals might never lose again

1 YEAR AGO TODAY TYLER HERRO scored 37 PTS (14/21 FG) off the bench, including 17 in the 4th 🔥 It was the most Playoff PTS ever by a Heat rookie & the 2nd most PTS in a Playoff game for a player before turning 21. @raf_tyler

「輝くライオンファンタジスタ! 増冊 ケルベロス!」 仮面ライダーブレイズ ケルベロスライオンピーター これはこれで友情フォーム #装動

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Helix Studios Models - Tyler Hill, Landon Veja:

hot take but maybe Tyler and Josh didn’t require masks bc THEY don’t want to? if they feel protected by establishing Covid Vaccine/test rules, don’t worry about them? they are grown men and they can make that call? y’all think they would be in the crowd if they were worried?

Red Wings Steve Yzerman says Tyler Bertuzzi has declined to be vaccinated for COVID-19. Will be at camp, following guidelines, but anticipation is he will not travel to games in Canada.

Have one on me, mate! A very happy birthday to @billiepiper, aka the iconic Rose Tyler 🥳🌹

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buenos dias tyler cantó polarize después de mucho tiempo y lo más importante: dijo DOMINGO EN FUEGO los clikkies hispanos ganamos

@Kirby_Build カビーチカさんはどんな感じに仕上げてましたっけ? すみません失念してしまいまして…

「輝くライオンファンタジスタ! 増冊 フェニックス!」 仮面ライダーブレイズ フェニックスライオンピーター #装動

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타일러 윙클보스(2012년에 비트코인 1000만달러 투자) 미국 정부가 테슬라와 스페이스X의 성과를 무시한다고 화남

@Takida32 если аборт убийство то дрочка геноцид хуле.

Con cu này đủ làm các em sung sướng không nào Link phim full hót nè 1. Tiktoker nổi tiếng lộ clip nhảy cảm 2. Anh Top đẹp trai siêu thị dâm đãng

@jademgaines tyler is laying in his bed now, comfortably tipsy and unable to do any of the assignments but at least i see them ✨

Klopp: “Tyler came on and helped us a lot. He played that position well. He passed the ball in the right spaces, defended in the right spaces.”

Så skulle det altså bli Tyler Morton fansen snakka mest om etter kampen. For ein kamp han spelte i andre omgang.

tyler joseph is currently teary eyed and very emotional due to playing old songs in a small venue

mi vida Tyler seguro estuvo muy comediante hoy porque estaba muy feliz por el show de hoy y ver a nosotros disfrutar de su arte, me hacen mierda

God loves you @88tylerb. God bless you and your family. May the love of Jesus and His beautiful Mother Mary be with you. Saint Philomena, powerful with God, please ask my sweet Jesus to give Tyler purity of heart. Saint Michael, please protect and defend his family from evil.

@MarinerDoido Exato. Pensei o mesmo, Tyler jogando muito, mas não duvido que pedirá uma grana e testar FA. E o Yusei vamos ver o que vai acontecer com ele, está reta final foi muito ruim com poucos lampejos.

a veces me pongo a pensar las horribles etapas q pase en mi vida y pude superarlas gracias a la musica de twenty one pilots siempre voy agradecer la existencia de tyler y josh hasta el dia q me muera porque de verdad ponian curitas en mi dia a dia los amo cn todo mi ser

@KELVlN_FILTER The needle drops were hilariously awful lol. Truly some of the worst ever. I believe I laughed out loud at the “I Am a God” drop and the Tyler one in his bedroom. Miserable lmao

dijo troca en el mismo espacio geográfico que tyler y josh, lindo

everyone screaming homie just sued me and tyler giggling after just fucking slayed me

As a big Superman fan (and also as a father)—it was a real joy following the premiere season of ‘Superman and Lois’ on @TheCW—just love how Tyler Hoechlin & Bitsie Tulloch bring arguably the world’s most iconic couple to life, balancing their own aspirations & jobs as defenders

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The Tyler family have lived in Grizzly Flats for over a century. Then the #CaldorFire came & destroyed nearly everything, including seven homes. Last week ⁦@juliejohnson⁩ and I spent time with the Tylers. Read about it below. ⁦@sfchronicle⁩

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