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Tyler Morton starts for Blackburn today in their FA Cup Quarter Final vs Sheffield United. #LFC.

After seeing a replay, Tyler Morton has really let the side down. Going down softly looking for a free kick, and staying down when it isn’t given, instead of getting up and tracking back is inexcusable. Yes, he’s young, but that wasn’t a good look at all. #Rovers 🔵⚪️ | #FACup.

Tyler Morton is a Wanker, And Blackburn Rovers, You’ll always be shit ❤️.

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Doyle’s goal should not be awarded. Iliman Ndiaye had clearly clubbed Tyler Morton- disgraceful. Horrible..

Heartbreak for Tyler Morton as Blackburn Rovers lose 3-2 in their FA Cup quarter-final at Sheffield United #LFC.

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Hello @LancsPolice I have evidence of Tyler Morton impersonating a football player the fraud.

Hearts broken 💔😢Tyler Morton 💔 @tylermorton02 pro Neves Give 💪.

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Any Blackburn Taxi firms got any availability for a mate of mine, needs returning to Liverpool ASAP. Names Tyler Morton. #Rovers.


Embarrassing from Tyler Morton that. Went looking for the foul and cost them the match..

If a Blades player had tried to con the referee and it cost us the game I would be absolutely incredulous Tyler Morton should be embarrassed by his theatrics #blackburn #twitterblades.

Tyler Morton I think number 6 for #Rovers is so soft and stupid just lost your team the game faking injury in the 90th minute hahahaha get up and help your team defend you moron.

@LewisBower2021 Tweets that don’t age well …… Tyler Morton cost Blackburn the game by feigning injury and taking himself out of the play for the goal …. Something he’s been taught at @LFC presumably 😫😞.

Sickening from Rovers today. Should have taken our chances, no excuse to not be at Wembley. Tyler Morton’s decision to risk the cup tie for trying to win an inconsequential foul in his own half is absolutely baffling..

Embarrassed for Tyler Morton, doubt his teammates will be quick to forgive him for that..


Tyler Morton is embarrassing lmao. Barely grazed on his face, goes down crying, stays down and his team concedes a 90th minute goal to lose a semi-final spot.

Don’t think the Blackburn manager will be happy with Tyler Morton, you don’t stay down near the end of a FA Cup Quarter Final with the ball in play unless you’re completely incapacitated #bbcfootball.

Absolutely gutted! Lies at JDTs door poor subs! Work ethic from everyone was top drawer! No idea what Tyler Morton was going down for.


@Corballyred @TheAnfieldTalk You just come up on my timeline every single day crying about everything 😭 Imagine being sad enough to cry about Tyler Morton playing in a FA Cup Quarter Final to fuel your agenda…bonkers to me.

I’m not even overreacting, Tyler Morton should never play for this team again. Fucking embarrassing #rovers.

Tyler Morton has twigs for legs. Honestly never seen him win a tackle or make a pass..

@CallumAltimas Tyler Morton giving up procession before goal for minimal contact as.

I still don’t get why in an era with VAR players decide to dive. Tyler Morton has literally costed Blackburn a possible place in a semi final because he dived and tried to buy a foul.

I was ready to praise Tyler Morton too but the way he acted at the end there was absolutely sickening! He’s pure shit him #Rovers.

Y Tyler Morton por el amor de dios, sos lo más blandito que vi en mi vida, volvete caminando al Liverpool pedazo de burro.

Tyler Morton is to get destroyed by Rovers fans for losing the ball leading up to the Sheffields third goal. I thought he was fouled personally..

Great run with some great results but my gos Tyler Morton… you need lynching for that!! 🤦🏻‍♂️ 2 defenders on and we concede straight away… dear me!!.

Not one to single out a player but Tyler Morton is the worst midfielder I’ve seen at Blackburn in 20 years. Like playing with 10 men every week..

Tyler Morton hang your head in shame. 💯 Should have put that out if he was gna play for a foul. What an absolute idiot.

Tyler Morton deciding to have a lie down in the 90th min, what a shithouse he.

@richyevans19 What the fuck was Tyler Morton doing?! Fantastic performance and game though.

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